My Bowling Meet Was Hijacked

Yesterday I found out that my bowling meet was outright stolen from me.

What happened was this I have been battling a severe illness for the previous 3 weeks. So I could not attend the January meet. Which turned out to be a disaster after handing over to two regulars “CM” and “PL”. It seems the bowling alley was rented out to this charity as a fund raiser and nobody bothered to check. I just want to make a point here that I make it a point to call the bowling alley before the event to make sure it hadn’t been booked.

Really after that I heard nothing expect from “EA”, there was talk about getting a staff to help me with my event. It seems “EA’s” partner in crime “NM” took that tentative okay. They then took that okay to basically shut down my event with one of their own. This time charging admission and higher costs to bowl $8 vs. $17 and it just want to stand around $3 all under the new leadership. They are also going to charge for a Dealers Area in a public bowling alley. They claim they are going to donate to PAWS a local animal charity, but it will be interesting to see how much money actually goes to charity.

Keep in mind I had no idea what was going on, “EA” was still convincing this was going to be a group effort.

That is when I got the Friend Request from “NM” and the shit hit the fan. Literally people are taking sides, those who support the NEW Management are blasting me, while others are blasting them. So here I am in the middle pissed off that 4 members of the my old group have basically stabbed me in the back.

Mind you all this happened on Facebook which I am really getting sick of. The way I look at it is this, it was a cash grab, as I was doing this for fun, even going so far as to pay for bowling for some, and even giving one of the members $10 so they could get something to eat. My meet was for fun, this new meet is strictly for the money.

I think I will never host an event again, call it fear that someone else will steal it.