Stolen Meet: The Revenge of The Thieves

A couple of interesting things has happened since I discovered my meet was stolen. First of all up until I refused to meet with “EA”, one of the thieves. They still wanted to meet up with me, and to top this all off “EA” actually accused me of harassment. Apparently “EA” knows nothing about either lawyers and how expensive they are or the actual law. Technically we only spoke over 4 days not even close to the statute.

Another thing that came up is I was from someone I honestly forgot about, one “TF”. Who after running my meet for nearly an entire year suddenly accused of stealing their meet. Then a former friend posted when was “TF’s” last meet was that the same bowling alley. March of 2016 a full year before I started my own meet, and clearly abandoned. I think this was another effort to bash me.

Like the 4 bot attacks on my Facebook.

In addition it seems “EA” and “NM” are trying to destroy my reputation, by claiming in obviously fake message supposedly by me. The reason is simple I admit I have bad grammar. But these messages of hate had perfect grammar. A friend who knows me well knew it was a fake instantly.

Even my friend could not figure out why “EA” wanted to show to these fake messages to my friend.

The more this continues the more I know I don’t want anything to do with these thieves.