Bowling Meet Stolen – Takes a Nasty Turn

Let’s see in the last couple of weeks I had no choice but to block 15 people on Facebook for blatant harassment. It seems I have been under constant attack since my bowling meet was STOLEN on Feb 9…when I was severely ill. Lets see one of the admins of the thieves which stole my meet has been contacting my Facebook friends trying to convince them I am the most evil man alive. All the while they still claim the evidence they have against me is legit. Even though it has perfect grammar and I fully admit my grammar is bad.

Then things took a really nasty turn when I was threaten with arrest if I even show up at where the meet takes place, as well as have anything to do with the thieves. This has happened a total of 4 times. I think this shows how nasty they really are.

Not one to take chances I have been blocking anyone who has anything to do with this stolen meet.

Meanwhile I am still recovering after being seriously ill for 2 months.