Fur Con Code of Moral Conduct

From the title you might think I want to lay down a set of rules every good furry should follow. But why create one, when one already exists. It was created by the hotel that is hosting the con.

Look we all know fun has its limits, Rainfurrest taught us that much. Also we don’t want to piss off the hotel, for without them there would not be a con. Look I am not saying we shouldn’t have fun, but leave the adult stuff behind closed doors. Fur Cons are a place to have fun, and if you happen to wear a fursuit. Go ahead act like a kid again, nobody will tell you no you can’t…let alone me.

But honestly do you really want to piss off the hotel by doing something really stupid like sex on the lobby, or running around in nothing but a diaper…and a dirty one at that.

Believe me if I was there at FWA and I saw that act. I would of dumped a cup of ice cold water on them, and I really mean that. Because I look at that act as something someone who wants to kill the con would do, and not freak off everyone as some social media reports are now saying.

Fur Cons are very special places, in fact it is the only place where we can have fun, by acting silly and there is not a single person there that will tell you no.

Now go ahead and have fun, but if your uncertain of something ask the staff of the hotel or the con to make sure.