Facebook Is Not the Same

Here is proof that 2.8 million people left Facebook last year

So why are people leaving Facebook, and why I am debating about leaving. Is because it really isn’t the same place it was a couple of years ago. These days and mind you this is totally based upon my own experiences it is almost impossible to not get clickbait, hardcore political opinions, bots, and bullies. The worst thing is Facebook only listen to Facebook glorious leader Mark Zuckerberg I think on purpose made himself look like a money grubbing bastard when he was question by congress recently. Which he is, frankly I feel Mr. Zuckerberg only cares about his bank balance, here they go promising to get rid of the clickbait, and what do I see. Clickbait, I don’t know about other members but the amount of clickbait I seen NEVER went down. In the last few days it actually went up, and when I tried to report them, my account was temporarily suspended. Meaning which I got a message saying my account is under review and when I clicked on there link it was working again.

And when I adware scanned my PC over 1,000 pieces of adware and including over 400 tracking adware. I got in the habit now of scanning my PC for adware everytime I go on Facebook.

As for the haters and bullies I am actually banned from every local fur group on Facebook. They actually punished me for stuff I said on Google Plus, and my blog even though I did not mention them by name.

I have my account set for friends only, and I still get friend requests from bots.

Now there are rumors that Facebook maybe become a paid site, if they did I know I would leave.