How Starbucks Has Changed

We all heard about the issues Starbucks has had recently with both that needs problems with the police, nor that murder that took place near me. Starbucks’ bosses said they were going to implement changes for the better which were supposed to include sensitivity training.

The net result at this one Starbucks they did this Mercado conversion, which meant getting rid of all the tables and chairs, not to forget the wifi. So they could have one long counter which the same foods they had previously to the conversion. They also reduced the staff from 4 – 5 down to 1-2.

At another they stopped talking to the customers, they also stopped getting names so everyone gets the right drink they ordered. The last time I was there I grabbed someone else’s drink by mistake. The staff there too has been reduced from 5 to just 3, and they now look at you funny if you didn’t order from their app.

Everything we are used to when we go to any Starbucks is slowly going away. Does this mean the end of Starbucks we have to wait and see?