Trying to Do The Right Thing

If anyone says I don’t try to get permission to post old comics doesn’t know what I go through.

This whole story began on Twitter where you can find me as Dr_Timefox. When I was contacted recently by one of my readers about an artist’s portfolio they had been looking for. The artist John Barret for his character Roxikat which he created back in 1995.

Really this is the only page of that portfolio I found

In pure desperation after checking out all the usual sources but failed to find this John Barret and his portfolio. I made a post on Facebook and I not only found the artist but someone with a copy. Like usual no one got back to me, this is despite multiple messages.

Really the only comment John Barret made was this

Since he seems reluctant, I am going to throw caution to the wind and now giving him official notice on here and by a Facebook message that I have plans to post a collection of Roxikat Myah (the short 8 issue?) Roxikat comic he ever made. If he doesn’t contact me by Aug 1st, 2018.

I see no hard in posting the cover now

Will let you know what happens.

Animal Antics by Dexter Cockburn #4

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You can find Animal Antics Here