The Disney Movie That Outright Promoted Bestiality

Cracked recently had this article that says and I kid you knot. That the Disney Animated film Brother Bear 2 actually promotes Bestiality.

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and to quote the article

Nita kept the amulet all these years, and it turns out the thing has spiritually linked her to Kenai. Apparently, childhood friendship + amulet = unbreakable eternal bond, so unseen spirits begin working to destroy her current relationship with an actual human who never became a bear. At one point they attack her with a cock-blocking earthquake, and she has to consult with a shaman to learn more. So to recap, ghosts have mistaken an amulet for a lifetime sex contract, and are tearing the very Earth apart to make sure this engaged woman leaves her fiance to let a bear’s bone-filled penis enter her tender human parts.