Anthrocon 2018 Con Video

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  1. Hi, so I realize this is late ( like really late), but I just found your comment on Star trek and it’s lack of furs. Well in a couple movies there are caitians in the background, and in the expanded universe there is a war like race of genetically altered earth canines that were made in secret by a Rogue human scientist. These creatures are described as bipedal “wolf men”, with a tail, digitigrade legs, clawed humanoid hand/paws, and canid heads. He wanted to create a race that could act as super soldiers for the Federation… But he and his team put too much emphasis in their aggressive territorial instincts and well, in short they turned on them, killed all he scientists and stole several ships. Wound up becoming pirates I believe. Also.. There’s the horn, they have screen time in tos, tas, tng, and (I think though I’m not 100% certain) ds9.

    In sto there are the ferasans( a genetically altered caitian that’s allied with he Klingon Empire).

    That’s all I can think of off the top of my head.. Anyways, sorry for the correction. Have a furtastic day hun!

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