in an article by Josh Quittner on

The author tells their own story about there time in Furry Muck, which is to say a unique one.

To quote the article:

I had heard vague tales about a “MOO rape” that occurred on Lambda. I knew that a New York University student who used the name Mr_Bungle was the perpetrator. Using something known as a voodoo doll, he had figured out a way to make it appear as if two well-known MOOers, Legba and Starsinger, were performing explicit sexual acts in a public place (other MOOers were there at the time). The real people behind the characters of Legba and Starsinger were helpless and horrified as Mr_Bungle played out his fantasies. I didn’t know much more about it than that – except that Pavel Curtis had described the incident as one of the most important in Lambda’s short history.