Is The Chicago Furry Community in Crisis?

With MFF being around the corner and obviously the biggest furry gathering in the region. It seems specifically the Chicago Furry Community has gone into crisis. First, the facts what were usually 2 of the biggest regular gatherings namely the Downtown Chicago Furwalk and a bowling gather recently got so desperate for people to attend they were actually offering prizes for anyone who just comes. The on and off Downtown Furmeet which takes place at a Panera recently changed back from this one anime to a furmeet simply because no one was coming. Even then from reports, less than 6 are even coming now, from a record of 43.

The biggest news I actually found out today, the biggest zoo in the area namely The Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL is going to have Boo at The Zoo the last 3 weekends in October. Usually, it is the largest gathering of furries and especially fursuiters pre MFF. There have been as many as 200 fursuiters, something I can say I saw firsthand. But this year there is not a single mention of any such gathering anywhere. The only reason I know the date is going to Oct 20th for the meet that a friend saw an event post for the gathering on Facebook. but interesting enough that event has been taken down, and before that, no one had responded to the post.

I know for a fact that there were some issues at the event last year. I wasn’t there but I heard that from another. But still, I find it strange that this once huge event is being so blatantly ignored.

I for one will be at the Brookfield Zoo that day and will give you a report later on what I have seen. Follow me on Twitter for LIVE posts @Dr_Timefox