Are Handhelds Still Worth It?

I want to make it clear from the start I am pro handheld

2 Gameboy Color
Sega Nomad
Nintendo DS Japanese model

Quite a list and I know you would be bored at seeing a list of the games I actually do own. But the one good thing about having so many handhelds is that you see something that isn’t horribly expensive that holds your interest you can play it. I know some are going to say downloads and emulators are the real way to go. But I have to ask them 1 question. How many of those downloaded games that you actually play? My guess is not really that many, but owning as many games as I do I got to try out more games than I ever thought I try.

I will fully admit I also ran across some truly horrible titles such as Napoleon Dynamite the game to some truly amazing ones like Toy Story 3 PSP and that the version of the same game on the DS sometimes can be downright terrible. Games I regularly play, but I also discovered that I absolutely hate both the Mario Party and Animal Crossing games. I have only recently discovered the Professor Layton games and they are damn good. Professor Layton & Diabolical Box has one of the greatest mysteries that I have ever read, and Layton’s Mystery Journey has been good, but not great.

If you have a handheld somewhere give it a try