Professor Layton Video Game Series

Today I thought I try out something that I have been thinking about doing for some time, that is cover video games that I truly love and pass along what I think.

Today we start with Professor Layton which premiered on the DS with Professor Layton and The Curious Village back in 2007 and last appeared on the 3DS with Layton’s Mystery Journey in 2017. Although I have heard of one for the Switch is in development.

To me, this all started with a trip to GameStop. I collect 3DS and PS Vita games and except for online there really isn’t a lot of stores that sell used copies. I was delighted to find this location had them. It was when I went looking through a case I spotted Professor Layton & Diabolical Box DS. Not knowing much about the series, other than it was a puzzle game I decided give it a try and to my surprise, it really is an amazing game. Maybe not puzzle wise, more overall story arc, featuring unique characters, a really good mystery, and an ending frankly I never saw coming. I know that says a lot about a game. It also makes great use of all the features of DS/ 3DS.

Which lead me to buy Layton’s Mystery Journey 3DS, although not as good mystery and plot-wise as the previous game it makes up for it in the number of puzzles available to solve.

185 puzzles scatter through 12 cases
15 special puzzles you get when you either buy the DLC or get when you use a found Fashion Farthing and buy the main character Kat a new outfit.
2 Bonus puzzles
8 Ideal Meal Puzzles
383 Daily Puzzles, even though they stopped posting new puzzles they are still a free download.
5 Kat’s Conundrums which you only get once you complete Hound By The Pound and Ideal Meals
10 Hound by The Pound Puzzles
10 Passes By Puzzles

That means there are 618 puzzles available

Okay, I admit I get stuck on the puzzles, but they are more than enough guides out there to help you.

Anyway, the story is pleasant and it’s a good way to kill some time. I am already 14 hours + into the game and I still have 4 cases to go.

It wasn’t until seriously that I actually purchased Professor Layton and The Curious Village that I learned what the Picarats or point system was actually used for. Unlock bonus content, as it seems every game has that feature. It also seems the DS version has something really interesting cross game passwords. Which means you get a code from one game and input it in another to unlock even more bonus content. No DLC here, unless you talking physical games. Even if your thinking emulator you have to do the same thing as each code is device pacific, and you can’t get or enter a new code unless the game has been completed.

Even though I still only have 3 physical copies, I am planning on buying the remaining games including Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright which I heard is an amazing game, if the trailer is as good as the game. We will have to see.

That’s it for now, I hope to do more of these as for now, Mario Kart will be next.