How NOT To Run A Stolen Meet

I have talked about the bowling meet I use to host a couple of times that took place at Waveland Bowl here in Chicago. Yesterday I finally decided to return to Waveland Bowl and face any problems head-on. But what I found after speaking with both the staff and the manager had me both smiling and laughing and I knew instantly this would make a great piece for my blog.

In short, this is what happened I was very ill in January, I was hoping to be well to run enough to this regular bowling meet I had been hosting for over a year. But my health did not get better, in fact, it got worse so I asked someone I thought I could trust to run my meet for me until my health, fully recovered. But what happened instead was they conspired to steal my meet and turn it into some sort of mini-con with badges and dealers area.

I really didn’t know how far this conspiracy went until I got banned by the local fur group on Facebook, my own meet, every Chicago Fur Group after proclaiming that my meet was stolen.

Now for the real facts IE what really happened in the meets they ran from January to August when it died.

Based upon all accounts of events this is what I pieced together.

Yes, there was confusion at the January Meet. But that was because of the furries themselves none of the staff of Waveland Bowl was apart of this confusion. In fact, the complaints from the manager these conspirators were telling me, turned out to be a complete and total lie. This was when they began telling some I was dead.

Like I said the meets were turned into a mini-con with bowling. They had zero problems with the staff, the main problem was…


These conspirators assumed that everyone who heard of the meet was only from Facebook. Let me tell you they assumed wrongly.

Like any good promotor I talked about my bowling meet everywhere and it turned out that 25 to 30% of all who came heard about the meet through word of mouth. So naturally, by the time, February’s Meet came around there was even more DRAMA. This was when they started both banning people who simply refused to get a badge and pay that stupid admission. They claimed the money would be used to rent a space where they could both gather and relax. Something that the Management at Waveland Bowl insisted that they do and any leftover cash would be donated to a local animal charity. Not even close to the truth, the Management only suggested that they rent the space so they could have some privacy and nothing else. As far as I know, the conspirators have refused to prove any proof of any donation to the animal charity that they named.

By the next meet, the crowd was down. We average 40 in the fall of 2017. I did see one photo from either May or June’s Meet there was only 17. See a pattern, more and more simply refused to pay, so they were banned. Not from Waveland Bowl…but from the Meet itself. People did not come.

I almost forgot the Dealers Area, the last time they had it was by March’s Meet, nobody was buying anything.

According to this one staff member at Waveland Bowl during one of the Summer Meets this drama grew so intense that if I came and was handed the controls of the Meet they would have bought pizza and soda for the entire group.

Speaking of which the last Meet in August was labeled as a birthday party for the son of one of the conspirators. According to the manager, they don’t recall seeing anyone there.

It seems imposing both dictatorial rules and to claim I was dead, drove away so many it literally killed the meet.

I was asked recently would I start another meet? The answer is sadly no, I am just burned out especially after what happened.