All I Wanted…

My recent problems with my PC simply began when I wanted to use my new/ used PS3 controller on my PC. I swear to you except for a bugging issue of my WiFi driver not working occasionally. I had zero issues on my PC.

All I did is what anyone in my position would do. I checked out YouTube, all the videos recommend the exact same software and drivers. So that is what I installed, although the Bluetooth option did not work it did work through USB. That very evening after the software updated itself my PC started to randomly freeze. In fact, it only got worse as time went on it would freeze after only being on for just 20 minutes.

That was when I contacted a friend who is a PC Tech and after more scans, than I knew was out there. All of them had the same result, there was nothing wrong with everything…except for Windows.

Okay, I know that software is open source. But really I am scared about trying this again. It has taken me 5 days to get back to where I was before all of this started.