MFF Friday Nov 30, 2018 My Plans

Going to MFF today and like back at my very 1st back in 2013 I really don’t know what to expect. The main reason so much has been moved since the last con. There is one panel I want to see and I am not quite certain where Rosemont A is located, I think it’s next to the Con Suite but I’ll have to ask when I get there. Still, plan on taking a ton of photos and a couple of videos. I know some expect me to do interviews, but really I don’t come to MFF to work…I at least try and have fun. I am bringing my 3DS hope to do a little Spot Passing, don’t laugh at Anime Midwest my 3DS shook hands with 24 others. Hope to drop a lot of ads for my blog today, once these are gone I got a new design I really want to use for the next batch, and these will include my Twitter and Instagram accounts