Huffington Post Rudolph the Racist Reindeer (& heteronormative cisgender bigot) – Ben Shapiro Reacts

As time goes on more and more I consider myself a liberal and yes conservatives can be just as nutty as liberals. Like the one that wants to bring back public hanging and slavery for illegals. I am not making this up as this is far to easy to double check. I have watched Rudolph since I was a kid. I look at the story that he is rejected because he is different. Nothing more than in that other animated special, The Sissy Duckling. Rudolph is tame compared to others I could name. Look up A Wish for Wings That Work and tell me different. The world is crazy, and I know I am not the only one who believes this. Look we have a President who gave massive tax cuts to business and people are losing jobs, plus I am worried about my own healthcare. Tell an insurance company that you have a pre-existing condition, and watch them hang up the phone on you. Puerto Rico is part of the US and it gets ignored by Washington. I am a Liberal who believes everyone even illegals should be treated fairly. Also, that immigration in this country has been broken for decades and no elected official has the guts to fix this mess. Wherein Legals do get deported, usually without a good reason or warning. Also taking power away from an elected official only because your candidate lost is just plain wrong no matter which side of the aisle your on.

Bush Memorial Day

All I did yesterday was go off to my Volunteer job at the local VA hospital and it turns into one of the nuttiest days in my entire life. Let us start with this, Did you know yesterday was, in fact, a Federal Holiday. It was in honor of the Late Pres. Bush which our even nuttier president put the order through on Sunday and almost no one had ever heard about. Not the doctors or the patients at the VA hospital and also go for about 80% of the staff there. Some of which as soon as they found that their dept was closed just turned around and went home. At least the director there decided to keep some depts open instead of closing for the day like Trump wanted. Yes, Trump wanted the VA hospitals to be closed as well. Which would of left 100s of Vets making a wasted trip, many of whom have to watch their pennies. I know I was not the only volunteer who showed up there. I don’t even know the untold number who just had to go home again. Here we are out of the kindness of our hearts helping out Vets in need just to turn around and go home. I am one of the also untold number who stayed and finally went home at 3 PM. Earlier than my usual time, thanks trump.