Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th

The Verge recently did an article on how in 10 short days Tumblr will be banning all adult content. The article can be found here

So as a blogger I thought I throw in my thoughts about this. Even though I don’t post that much adult content, I can say that at least somewhere around 70% of all blogs are adult content sites. In search of material for this blog, I have seen just about everything and I include things that you will not find on Porn Hub and I am serious about this. Banning such content and making those posts private will either kill or cause about 70% of the blogs on Tumblr to move. The ones that aren’t being updated regularly will simply shut down.

If you think I am over exaggerating, just search the internet on your favorite search engine and type in adult blogs then look at the number of hits you get. The number is truly staggering, like any of my posts I ask you to check them out and see if I am right. This will just about kill Tumblr in my opinion.

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