How Not to Make A YouTube Video

Before MFF I was encouraged to make video reports that would be posted to YouTube. I was told that they would be a great way to not only promote my blog but also myself.

You got to understand something I have seen 1,000s of videos. Quality ranging from high production value to absolutely crappy. That is how I see my own videos, sometimes my thoughts weren’t clear and don’t get me started about the video I made from my phone. I severally underestimated the sound pickup on my cell phone. Posting live video shots of the crowd and describing what I have seen and did would have made a great video. But to be honest I did not even think of it at the time.

I know me with my amateur skills the videos could have been way better. I am not trying to excuse myself but I am going through a lot of personal issues of late, that I rather not get into right now that left me distracted. You can see how much by the spotty coverage of MFF 2018 on this blog. Even the videos I made from my home, could have been way better. Everything from using a backdrop to a far better USB microphone, rather than one built-in to my laptop, not to forget the camera. Maybe I am being over critical but between now and when I post another video I am going to practice, practice, practice. I really want to make them something I am proud of rather than something I just did.

Only If You Know The Venture Bros

When I first discovered this I ran out of both paper and ink for my printer handing these out to all my enemies