Unfair Censorship Online

Believe me when I say I have seen all sorts of videos on YouTube talk about their unfair censorship, Article 13 in the EU and so on. Me I am just a straight guy who likes looking at naked people occasionally. Why lie about that, when the truth is simpler and will explain some points of this article easier.

The other day I went to see how through the censorship was on some sites. In other words I went looking for porn, but since certain sexual acts actually makes me nauseous. I generally look for my porn in search engines. Why is simple I get to see what I want and avoid stuff frankly I don’t want to see.

So I started with YouTube, yes YouTube and here is why, I know like Dailymotion they have been cracking down on bare skin. I use to watch the Naked News on Dailymotion before sadly it was taken down for being too adult. I think the tits and seeing genitals of both sexes was too much for some. But it was a good newscast and I give them high marks for their coverage or lack of it depending on your view.

But getting back to YouTube did you know it is possible to find naked people? It sure is and it’s quite easy “If you know what your looking for”. It seems naked bodies are allowed in educational videos or those labeled as educational.

Like the following

See I am not joking naked people, and it gets better.

Yes even a Game Show where Nudity is apart of it also on YouTube

No funny links, no links to a site that have you know what streaming from them 100% YouTube and there is quite a bit I did not cover and can be easily found.

Now to what can not be found and like I said previously I use search engines. It seems Google and this is with Safesearch turned off, won’t allow adult sites and images to be shown. The same can be said of ixquick now Start Page dot Com.

On the other hand Bing and Yahoo those sites and images do cum up in such searches.

Why is this important when so many want to keep the internet clean. It also tells you which site will lead you to things that are currently borderline illegal, such as ROMS, videos of hard to find TV shows and films, even furry images which feature characters from projects such as Zootopia can be found.

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