Luther: The Final Season Review (No Spoilers)

I have been a fan of both Idris Elba and Luther ever since I first caught the series on Netflix. Each of the seasons brought something new to the characters and always had such interesting plot twists and turns always leaving me wanting more. In fact when I heard this was going to be Luther’s Final Season. I was imagining all sorts of plots and twists for each of the series main characters.

Definitely not what I got, I am well aware the this final season will not be coming to Netflix until the end of the year at the earliest. In fact I was only able to watch these final 4 episodes was through a LIVE TV streaming service.

What I actually got horrified me, those 4 episodes played out like an extended horror film. The body count and gore only added with every episode. There were times I had to turn away from the screen or I would have gotten sick on my own PC. I want to make it very clear I normally don’t watch horror as there is too much of that on the news lately.

They said before the last episode aired that there would be either a Luther Movie (which is what I really hoped for) or this would of ended Luther forever. I think we got our answer and it was one I didn’t want.

No Spoilers: In short what we got was beloved and yes MAIN characters killed, Alice attempting to kill Luther at gunpoint and what happened to her I just don’t want to say. Like what happens to Luther…in short it isn’t good.

If there was anyway the creator and writer of Luther, Neil Cross. Could have gone out of his way to kill off the series…he did it…Gloriously. I should really say gorily, total blood bath, these last 4 episodes were far worse gore wise than any American Detective series I have ever seen. I think Nightmare on Elm Street had less gore.

I leave this one up to you, if you want to see this blood bath. But be aware that the final episode will leave you very disappointed and maybe feeling a bit nauseated as well.

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