Mary Poppins Returns

I am not surprised Mary Poppins Return has done so well, appealing as it does to kids. But you might of noticed this is a commentary, and not a review. The reasons why are personal and I feel they need to be shared.

I am not young, I in fact call myself a Greymuzzle. Another fact the original Mary Poppins was one of the very first films I saw as a child, and it was the very last film I saw in the theater with my own mother before she died. So any mention of Mary Poppins is real personal and catch me in the right mood and I might start crying about it. So as you can see Mary Poppins is a very personal thing to me. Enough so when I saw “Saving Mr. Banks” a few years ago, I cried through most of the film, and the truth is their are certain scenes that continue to make me cry.

Naturally I was excited to see a Poppins sequel, and even though I had some strong doubts I went to see the film yesterday. I sat through 34 minutes of the film before I waked out of the theater. It’s not that the new is terrible, it was just me. That scene of the kids taking a bath that suddenly turns into an underwater animated swimming scene with giant sand shovels and buckets and even a gigantic beach umbrella was just too much for me. So I left and I know I was not the only one. In fact I saw 3 others leave, I assume for the same reason.

So if you hear from someone that they left the new Poppins film, you now know why. It just hit them on a personal level like it did me. I wish things could be different but I doubt it. But either way once this hits the streaming services I am going to try and watch it again. But then I can skip through scenes that are too much for me.

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