Tumblr’s Secret Revealed

If you have been following me for a while, you know I reblog my posts equally on various sites. Namely Twitter and G+ and yes Tumblr and I am also aware of how has put a halt to adult theme posts. If you wonder how they are doing this look no further as I recently discovered the answer.

They are using software to track adult posts down on their site. The software isn’t far from accurate. The truth is it’s quite faulty, although I will admit it did track down some adult posts I did make. Others were beyond explanation, for example why were some YouTube videos Flagged? Especially those from the Gateway FurMeet. I am not joking every single one of those videos I posted were flagged, and no nothing adult could be even found on those videos or YouTube would of Flagged them. Also some comic ones admit are from the Bizarro comic which I sometimes post.

In short I could of appealed but I didn’t. Reason why is simple my main posts are here and safe and if anyone on Tumblr sees this be sure to check out my main site for anything more adult.