A Night at The Undergrowth By SwampRat

Mahamara stood at attention. Not even the new stripe on his sleeve cheered him. The commander was dead… The new one was a boozing, greedy bastard unfit to lead a flock of birds. His head thumped as he too drank to excess, but not because he loved a drink. No, indeed, he Hated the stuff. But, it was either drink or go mad! At last. The procession was over. And the lion-man felt even worse than before.

‘What a travesty..’ He headed into the local town as soon as he possibly could. Letting his feet wander where they would, the being shook his head again. Why was fate so cruel? The more he thought about the coronation, the more he decided to do himself in with a drink… What’s this? He stood in front of a bar he had never seen before. It was near the SpacePort, on
the Wrong side of town. What the hell… Nothing in there could kill him. And even if they did, he would probably be better off… Mahamara became the center of attention as he entered. All the beings were male… How strange.

They looked at him like.. Meat. He didn’t care… As long as the bar served him, he could care less what the locals thought. Or what they looked like… The lion-man walked to the stool and sat on it. The tender came over, dressed like nothing he had ever seen before.

“What is the strangest thing you have?” A hand pressed itself against his
thigh. He followed it up to a pair of blue eyes… “Sapwort..” The entire bar inhaled sharply, and the tender stared at the man. Mahamara ignored the hand…As long as it didn’t go higher. “Very well then… Sapwort.” The man pushed his glass forward. “The same..” It came in a metal mug, foamed like an eddy, and smelled like a dirty sock. However, the taste was of nothing… He chugged the entire contents down. The human beside him grinned and lifted his mug, saluted the male, downing his own concoction. “Another round, ‘Keep..” The next one was sipped on, as something was interfering with his coordination. Perhaps it was that hand between his legs. Between?! Fingers were stroking his balls…

Damn, but the Females in this bar were forward… And strange-looking. However, he wasn’t above giving as good as he got. He reached over to his right, and grabbed a handful of butt, squeezing it. It’s owner squealed, wriggling in his grasp. He chuckled… “Care to go into the back room?” Well… Right to the point.

He finished the second drink and found his tab paid.. Hands grabbed him
and led him to a door marked “Private”. He had never been to an orgy before,
but he was also a Lion-man, afraid of nothing! The door was opened and he was
half-dragged inside… Sex was all around him. The sharp tang of sweat was
mingled with the muskiness of male bodies, and the sweet scent of ejaculate.
Moans and grunts all but drowned out the speakers droning some song or another. His guides found a spot on a padded bench and dropped him onto it. Hands peeled his clothes off and placed them neatly in a pile. Hands stroked
his furry body, as somebody nipped at his chest. He growled, pulling ahead up to kiss the rouged lips. Then groaned as a mouth found his erection. Damn! Human females knew how to take care of a male! They didn’t stop at just licking on it either.

Warmth engulfed him.. Then gulped as the nuts somebody was fondling exploded…Too much drink… Somebody laughed and he felt anger… For a moment. Then found it was hard to feel much of anything… Except for the hands on his butt. Something was poking him under his tail… A finger? It was an awfully thick finger… But the female seemed to know what she was doing, for as it opened his ass up, his cock stirred again. A dick found it’s way into his hand. He felt it, stroking the man-meat. After all, it Was an orgy. Somebody wriggled a fat butt into his lap. His other hand went to caress the body, as the creature impaled itself on him.. Wow! This one was tight…Perhaps human females were small. His senses were dulled to the point that he found himself lapping on a butt that had a cock deep in it. Then nibbling on a pair of hairy nuts… It didn’t matter anymore. The flesh was pressed on his body in various places. When liquid entered his mouth, he drank it. When his testicles lurched in hand or mouth, he groaned and hunched. Finally, somebody took his hand and led him out into the dark.

A stray sunbeam came through the shutter and hit a tawny eyelid. Its owner rolled over.. And awoke to a muzzy hangover. Had he tied one on last night!
Someone stirred beside him. Oho… So, he had gotten lucky as well. A hand
stroked his chest, toying with the golden mane. His eyes went wide as his hand encountered a cock. Impossible! The male gave him another kiss, sliding up his leg. Before he could say anything, the human flung a leg over his thighs and straddled him. The erect penis slid between the muscular butt-cheeks and dribbled pre-cum on them. The youth giggled. “You are my first Lionman..” ‘This is not happen.. Yipe‘ With a shudder the male impaled himself on the jutting pole, slowly sliding down to the root. Mahama was stunned. He was buggering a human… A Male Human… And Enjoying it!
This was too much. He flopped back on the bed and allowed the man to ride him. “

You were a Big hit at the Undergrowth last night… Everybody wanted to ride the lion.” Mahamara groaned, feeling aches and pains in very unfamiliar places. His mouth tasted like a boot leather.. The man continued to slide on his cock. He growled as his nuts sent shivers of pleasure up his spine and he hunched. “Mmmm, Yes! Fuck me..”

The youth bent down and kissed the leonine. Who found he liked the lip-press.
He snarled and dug his hands into the smooth butt-flesh. Then howled, surging
up to bury every last inch in the hot ass and spurt his cum deep into it.
Flopping back, he lay, basking in the afterglow, as the male worked himself around the still pulsating pole. “Wow…What a butt-filler… Love it!” He uncorked himself, and with another kiss, went to the bathroom. Mahamara lay in the bed, not sure what to think. As was the way of a warrior,
he had not lain with any of the females in his homeworld, nor had he taken advantage of anyone here… And in one night, he had lost his virginity. In more ways than one, if the ache under his tail told the truth… And he found himself not caring in the least. The male appeared at the door. “Care to take a shower? You can scrub my back..” The lion-man leaped off the bed and swept the male up in his arms. “You bet I’ll scrub your back!” he growled, kissing his lover.

                         * * *

The next free time found Mahamara again at the Undergrowth. This time he drank beer and watched the performances as males courted other males. Many who went into the back room came out alone… To return with another mate. Some, bedraggled and smelling of sex drifted out the door. Others left hand in hand, to join in other rendezvous. But, no matter how many hands stroked his mane (or other places), he would smile and pat a cheek, or stroke a smooth butt. But he was waiting. “Sapwort, Please..” The lion-man was off his stool and converging towards the voice in a heartbeat. Many bodies intercepted him as they found he had an erection, with a piece of flimsy material hiding it. From the view, but not from hands and thighs… “You..” he snarled. The man turned…Blue eyes stared into his. Spacer eyes… They took his frame in, showed interest in the bulge at his crotch, and returned to question him. “is this stool taken?” A shake of the dark head. The leonine grinned and sat on the stool with sensuous grace. And more than a little lust. “Come here often?” A groan arose at That old chestnut.

“Whenever I am onplanet..” Definitely Spacer. He leaned over and growled low.
“What the hell did you do to me last rotation?” A grin. “I opened your eyes…You Didn’t Have to take the path. It was there, and you followed it… Of course, if you no longer like the scenery, You are free to take another.” He handed the lion-man a card.

“Temple Of Pan – Who?” A grin… “Beings who believe mating is fun, No matter
the race or sex of the participants. I myself am bi… I enjoy males and
females.” Mahamara’s head spun… The human grinned and tilting his head back, swallowed the mug’s contents in a long swallow. Then dropped a bill on the bar and stood. “Wait!” The man leaned forward. “Give me a call sometime, Soldier..” Another groan as that line made its rounds. Then he kissed the muzzle with a passion that curled the tufted tail, turned and walked out… A half-dozen offers to retire to the Back Room, and even a hand on his cock was ignored. He shook himself and stood. Followed the arm up to a painted male, who slid his purple tongue out and licked scaly lips. He shook his head, then grasped the wrist. “Leave it there… At least until we get to the Back.” Bi, eh? He tucked the card into his pouch, then grabbed a scaled ass. And so clasped, the pair went into the Back Room.

The End