Ask Papa Bear Editorial: Nirvana of Love, and Acceptance or a Cesspool of Perverts.

Very seldom do I come across something that fairy looks at the Furry Fandom for what it is. Ask Papa Bear’s editorial is perhaps the best of these, and it only came about due to this very video.

And it seems Grubs Grizzly went deeper than what this video even talks about. That sometimes we are too accepting, or don’t even look into someone that we admire would could be toxic themselves.

To quote the editorial:

So, if the fandom is so toxic and shameful, you might wonder why there are droves of furries padding about in it with an “oWo” here and an “uWu” there. Well, the other side of the coin are the furries extolling the virtues of the fandom, arguing what a happy-pappy place it is full of people who will love you unconditionally and accept you for who you are and that it is all about fun and creativity. 

Really this is the fairest assessment I have ever seen of the fandom. Good, bad and the ugly truth sometimes the fandom is what it is.

Could it be better? I think the answer is yes, but so could humanity.

The Full editorial can be found HERE

In my opinion it is something all furries need to read.