Why Muppet Haunted Masion is the best thing The Muppets have done in decades

So having Disney+ I decided to give “Muppet Haunted Mansion” a try. Frankly I really didn’t expect much, as I have checked out a lot of previous Muppet productions, post Jim Henson. I will go on record and say a lot of what I saw, frankly I didn’t like. The only real standout was Muppet Treasure Island.

So you can see I expected it to be awful, but what changed my mind almost instantly was the way the Muppets interacted. Like they were longtime friends, which technically they are.

What has always worked for me with any Muppet production is an overall story, little character bits, a predictable but more often than not an unexpected ending. I know that sounds like a formula, which it is. The ones the Muppets have always used, but somehow lost to a degree when Jim Henson died. It did appear in Muppets Tonight to a point, a series I want to add isn’t on Disney+ yet, even though Disney produced it.

The overall story, the little character bits. I am very happy to say it all worked. Even when Gonzo and Pepe confront the ghosts, and they go into there own bit. Fozzie as a dead comic/ magician totally worked and best yet he was actually funny. Statler and Waldorf although in previous productions have been more than a bit OVERLY HEAVY with their criticisms which in my opinion has hurt what they were in, was happily toned down, to a point it was actually funny without being hurtful.

Spoiler Alert: That bit with Peppy and that husband killer was one of the best things about that production. It was downright brilliant!!!

So if your looking for a scale of how I feel about Muppets Haunted Mansion. A very solid 10 out of 10