When Furballs Strike

Shutter Wolf recently posted photos of a Seattle, WA area meet called “When Furballs Strike”. Which is a furry bowling meet. But as you can see from above and through the LINK it gets a lot of fursuiters. Some might even say equal to the smaller cons in number. At one point pre pandemic one report even said 300 fursuiters. To me that is mind blowing and one of these days I hope with in the next 2 years to travel all the way there are report on this gathering. Which from my understanding in one of a handful of bowling meets across the US that sees more than 200. This as I want to point this out does not include Chicago, home of MFF (so okay it’s in Rosemont) the Largest Furry Convention in the World. The biggest meet here was Midwest Furbowl and they topped out at around 75 by one account, pre pandemic. Currently there is no local bowling meets or furwalks in the Chicago area.