Shutterwolf’s Photos of When Furballs Strike 42

When Furballs Strike #42 was held at the Kenmore Lanes in Redmond, WA (which is a suburb of Seattle) on Aug 27, 2022. Many of us including myself have been to furry bowling events before (My average is 54). But for the majority who have been getting 40 is a rare thing, the biggest at a meet I attended we only ever got 31. But over 200 at When Furballs Strike is almost unimaginable, frankly I have to look at Shutterwolf’s photos to see what a real furry gathering is like. For the record the official number 204 with 101 fursuiters.

Although I do know of other furry bowling events that do get large numbers. Getting one of those around where I live is sadly almost laughable.

I know it sounds crazy, I would like to go there one day. You see I was born not to far from where this is held, and I kinda want to see what happened to the area after all these years.

Those are just an example you can find the rest on