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A Review of Furrymate by Blue Jay

I got a little lonely and registered on Furrymate.

It was not at all worth it.

Yes, there is a moderately-comprehensive profile to fill out (some questions go a little far, though, such as asking about your body odor and amount of body hair), but the pricing is an absolute con game.

There is no free trial, for any amount of time. The only “trial” they allow is a 3-day trial for a few dollars, but you are required to set up a payment program that incurs a charge every 3 days, billing at $19 monthly. The only way to do anything remotely fair to yourself is to sign up for that 3-day trial, do some extremely fast checking around and talking with others, and then cancel the payment program immediately. Otherwise, you’re screwed out of a good lot of money.

The messaging system is censored to hell and back. You cannot mention E-mail addresses because they will be edited from johndoe1@blabbityblah.duh to j********. Yeah. You can work around it by breaking the words and numbers up and using similar-sounding words, and hopefully your contact will know how to sift through for getting in touch with you further. Yes, I know those sites want you to prefer them over others, but the handling of this comes off more as “We want you to use our site and only our site, no others tolerated.”

There is no clear indication of the tier level of membership. Free members cannot use the messaging system at all, but gold members can send free members messages; this gives the impression that you are being mocked by the creators of the site. In order to speak with anyone, assuming you don’t know them in real life, you have to pay. Again, no chance at a free trial with a taste of the perks, and no chance of sharing contact info easily. Big Brother is watching.

Frankly, the entire site reeked of a shameless cash-grab upon the furry community. Maybe there are people who get something out of it, but those people must have poured a piss-ton of time and money into it. I registered free there, found out the limits, got a message from someone, bit the bullet and put in something like $60 for maybe a few months’ access (twice, so well over a hundred bucks), and after checking the place out, watched it crumple in my eyes until it just was not worth giving the least bit of a damn about.

Furrymate is a half-hearted money-grubber. It doesn’t even have the decency to admit it.

I had more luck trying to hook up with shemales for twenty bucks a month, and that shit didn’t go far or very fast either.