Goon Dust Love Book Four: Environmental Terrorism by Daniel Carter Review

We have finally made it to the last book in the series Goon Dust Love Book Four Environmental Terrorism by Daniel Carter. I actually finished the book last week and just been figuring out what to finally write.

The Plot

Elaine is in college along with her friends at The Yellow House. Michael does show up from time to time. We are despite the title, presented with possible directions there lives could go. A career, go in to service, and one option for extreme protection of the environment. We are presented with clear cases for each and every single one them.

So where does all of this goes? This is the reason why I am giving this book a very solid 10 out of 10. The author Daniel Carter leaves it up to the reader.

I admit that my 20s are a slowly fading memory. But the one thing I was certain on was I didn’t know where my life would finally be going. If someone told me back then that I would have my own furry news site, I thought they are crazy. But here I am.

Is there any one of us back when we were of college age knew where we would wind up going? I would say very few, if at all anyone. Our choices, our decisions. For good or bad they are what they are. Life is like that, as one comic put it so well. “If we were presented with a profile of where life would take us, before we were born. Many of us would choose not to be born”. What I am saying we make mistakes, but life goes on as it always have.

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Personal Thoughts on Goon Dust Love series

How I found out about the series was weird, but a good one. The people at Rabbit Effect Press are so very nice I wish them must success.

To the Author Daniel Carter

You gave us, maybe a story for Young Adults, but you gave this greymuzzle such an interesting story. It seems every time trouble could destroy Michael and Elaine’s life. It doesn’t, and you did it with a great story and such interesting characters. Really can’t wait to read your next work and maybe one day I can get my books autographed.

Fired by Starbucks, Union Organizer Now Wears His Fursuit to Rallies


Michael Vestigo wasn’t sure, at first, if he wanted to bring his fursuit to the union rally in Seattle.

Starbucks fired Vestigo from the Starbucks store in Overland Park, Kansas, on April 1—a week after he and his co-workers staged a walkout to protest unsafe working conditions and retaliation from management against their unionization efforts. That morning, his manager pulled him aside and fired him effective immediately for “displaying violent and threatening behavior,” he told me.

Have anyone one of you, ever spoken to a Starbucks employee that wasn’t taking your order. They get it from both sides. Customers complaining that a coffee should not cost over $20 because all they wanted was 17 shots of this or that. Just look to YouTube if you doubt me. Bosses who want them to work overtime for FREE. Then there is that group I won’t say it’s location but it’s only for Starbucks employees. One story I remember where an employee was suppose to work Part time because they were still in High School, but there boss wanted them to work to closing and for no money.

Starbucks employees need union protection. Being fired over refusing to serve a violent customer or getting assaulted by their boss. The sad thing is there are most worse stories out there. Worse yet most of the employees don’t know about the legal protections that are already in place. Sexual Harassment should not be allowed in the workplace.

I support Starbucks employees getting a union.

More on the story here

DenFur Is Coming Back

It seems despite all the rumors and all that has happened since the last. DenFur is slowly returning.

Strong bit of advice for anyone who wants to sell at a con. PLEASE deal with the con DIRECTLY!!!

Scammers are still out there….

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