Fight Unfolds Outside Furry Convention in San Jose

As reported by NBC

A handful of good Samaritans who had just left the annual FurCon Convention in San Jose Friday jumped in to help the victim of a domestic violence attack.

The event at the convention center had just ended when Kin Z. Shiratsuki turned the corner and heard a woman screaming.

“This guy was just walloping a lady,” Shiratsuki said. “He had to have hit her 10 times.”

The Net Result: They held him until San Jose police arrived and made an arrest.

Fursuiters stepped forward and stopped the abuse.

Being a victim of abuse myself, I can not thank them enough to stopping what is sadly is a never ending cycle of abuse.

Thanks Everyone who was involved.

Ursa Major Awards Now Taking Nominations

LINK I am very sure there are a lot of you out there who know what furry book, film, comic, whatever you like that came out this past year. But here me out and I know this is a long shot at the very best. Why not nominate “Furry Times” ? I often call myself an outsider when it comes to the fandom, like to today on Facebook where they were calling someone a thief, I had no idea whom they were talking about.

I have been often criticized by other sites for making in their eyes horrible mistakes. But at least I admit I make mistakes unlike a few more famous sites I could mention. One and I won’t say which one it actually took delivery of a summons to get an article corrected. But at least I fix my mistakes when asked, and other things are taken down. Okay, I screw up, so why not give those self-righteous idiots a kick on the tail.

Nominate Furry Times.