MFF 2021 Day 2: Saturday

It began with

The Sponsor’s Brunch, row after row of really excellent food, and it’s eat as much as you want.

Well yesterday was also a day to meet up with friends and what a day it was it began with From “Nation” to “Planet” Writing The Furry Nation Sequel.

Joe Strike is one of the nicest people you will ever meet. The panel may of been about his book which is coming out via Fur Planet sometime next year. But we also as the audience got involved talking about getting published, furry news and are we Mainstream or not. I give him my praise excellent panel.

Talk about how strange things can get at a fur con, my friend buys a partial for $2500. It’s really nice and fits them perfectly. They buy it, just before the panel on Fursona to Fursuit.

The Charity Whose Lion was great as usual, special mention has to go out to Cassidy Civet for putting on a great show.

The Day ended for all of us at something unexpected, Fursuit Charades. It was great, very fun and when behind one side began to cheat it all ended in fun. Really hope they have this again.

You know how hard it is to trying to take a photo while your laughing.

Tomorrow Last Day

Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

We’re social creatures, we depend on each other, which is why we need a sense of concern for others’ well-being. Compassion is what’s important and you don’t have to be religious to practise it. Practising compassion here and now—living a meaningful life—is what is most important

Personal note:

Fur cons are like this, why doesn’t it go beyond that, I really don’t know

MFF 2021 Day #1 Friday

Here it is roughly 7 AM on a Saturday and I am not completely certain of what exactly happened yesterday. Oh sure getting to the con is easy for me 1 bus and the subway and a short walk. But what happened after that is what I am unsure about.

Getting your vaccinated wristband was easy, they take a look at your card and your ID to make sure everything matches up. It took like 10 minutes or so no big deal

Registration was another matter, this is why I say if you can be a Sponsor it does has it advantage… short line. But the line for the regular badge went on and on and on. If you know that Hall it went as far back as anyone can go. But still despite furries still coming in, it was mostly cleared out by Noon.

The reason I know this is because of the infamous Corridor has a window that looks down upon it.

More on the Swag Bag and the Color badges later

I have been to every MFF since 2013 and have all the badges that proves this. Despite everything the crowd was up. According to members of the staff they are saying numbers I can’t and will not repeat. But safe to say crowds were up and they do expect numbers to be higher. How much only the Closing Ceremony will tell.

One reason I am a little confused is that I went to more Panels yesterday than any previous con, let alone on the 1st Day.

2 main things I need to says, was The Furry Variety Show was amazing. Longest show in years and the crowd was way up. I estimate at least 5 or 6 times the number they had back in 2019. What helps was nothing major like Floor Wars running against it. I really hope MFF keep FVS on Friday.

Based upon what I heard and seen more people were hitting the other options for food. I heard that there were fursuiters at the nearby McDonalds. As for the Hyatt there pop up restaurants scattered through the hotel served everything from hamburgers to pizza. All of which was excellent. As for the OH Grill something different since the last con. You paid $24 plus tax and it was serve yourself and all you can eat. Not too bad, I had meatloaf and it was the best I ever had.

More tomorrow

MFF Opens Today

Technically it’s been open since yesterday, but the official Opening Ceremony is today. I swear this isn’t going to be like any MFF I have ever covered before. The COVID-19 Policy, No Con Suite, the vaccination wristband, the QR code I got in an email yesterday. I swear I haven’t been this apprehensive about going to MFF since 2014, just one year after my first. Where I hoped to just get more into the con. There is a lot I just don’t know and am thinking I am going to make more videos than I planned.

So anyway, I will be covering MFF in depth and hope with all the extra stuff I have planned. To continue them as long as possible without becoming boring. Those reports will start tomorrow. All I can say for now is I plan on seeing more panels than I have in many years and still plan on going to my favorite events all while trying to give MFF fair coverage.

If you see me be sure to say “HI”, and you might get a gift. I really love talking to my readers

Confuzzled (UK) Registration Now Open

Now we look at Confuzzled

If I didn’t post an image from there site I swear no one would believe me. Yes you can register, but sponsor swag you’ll find out later LINK