New Fur Con: Get Out The Float

Well it may not be a full out new con, but it’s a chance for furries to have fun.

Registration seems to be a flat rate of $75 details can be found on their site HERE

What is Furality Gateway? – Grovel Special Reports 5/8/22

MFF Sadly Looses a staffer

My condolences goes out to their family and friends

FLUUFF (Belgium) Registration Open

I have covered many a fur con’s registration but FLUUFF’s in unique.

1st of all FLUUFFF is a 5 day fur con, and has a unique way of handling this

10 euros for Sunday that works out to $10.56 as of this posting.

Now for the upper levels and this will surprise you, as much as it did me.

Cheap, plus it helps support a con


Latest AEIOU Update

The continuing saga from Corgi Events to AEIOU continues

Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con: GoH

Heads and Tails Studios, of Phoenix, AZ is a custom costume studio that specializes in creating and building wearable, one of a kind animal art.…


Boltie (she/her) is an artist that has been drawing furries and posting art online since 2008. She sells her work on apparel, plushies, lanyards, keychains. You can find her work here! ->

Willie Nelson Saves 70 Horses from Slaughterhouse

from IMSB

Willie Nelson rescued 70 equines in the nick of time– they were about to be sent out to the slaughterhouse, and after that to an adhesive factory.

It’s a terrible fate for these kind and also majestic animals as well as sadly, there are much more wild horses in holding pens than in the wild.

As an enthusiast of steeds, Willie couldn’t see that occur.

The vocalist, songwriter, poet and lobbyist moved the steeds to his ranch in Texas called Luck Ranch, around 30 miles from Austin. The majority of the equines he rescued were destined to go to the abattoir.

The cattle ranch is certainly lucky, a minimum of for the horses. There, they have lots of area to wander and also are dealt with like kings as well as queens.

PAWAI (Indonesia) Update

arty Along With Anthro Indonesia is a furry convention in Jakarta, Indonesia. Come join us and have fun together. PAWAI UPTOWN ROCK ON AIR! at 28-31 July 2022!

Calling all creators friends: PAWAI On Air will provide you a space to open your own booth at PAWAI On Air: Art Market! Guideline:… Registration Link:… Registration is open until July 20, 2022! Stay Tuned!!

Guests of Honor