Words of Wisdom from The Dalai Lama

Our day-to-day existence is very much alive with hope, although there is no guarantee of our future. There is no guarantee that tomorrow at this time we will be here. But still we are working for that purely on the basis of hope. So, we need to make the best use of our time.

Mr. Wolf Goes to Washington: Day 1 Getting There

After a bit of confusion on my part while at Union Station in Chicago I was finally able to board my train…40 mins. late. It seems the Capital Limited had some mechanical issues even before my trip start. At one point we were more than 4 hours late which came about that the schedule between trains are so tight we often had to wait for freight trains to pass. Which pushed back EVERYTHING, including meeting my friend. They finally were able to cut that delay by some 20 minutes. We finally arrived in Washington, DC exactly 3 hours and 41 minutes late.

What you really need to know and yours truly almost screwed himself on. Is that Baggage MUST BE CHECKED IN at the very latest 1 hour before departure. I made it with all of 4 minutes to spare. FOOD, the Capital Limited is like a growing number of Amtrak trains with no Dining Car. Meaning per made sandwiches and microwave food, along with drinks and chips and I am sorry to say little else. If you like this stuff and are willing to pay $2.50 for a can of soda good for you. Otherwise, bring your own food.

The staff was friendly and even apologetic for all the delays.

But despite everything the sites were very memorable, and the other passengers who were willing to talk really helped past the time.

As for the WMATA better known to the rest of us as the subway was one of the best I ever used.

Checking out the sights today.

Part Time Dragons

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Security and MFF

With all that talk from Milo the nazi and MFF releasing that statement over that idiot. I know some have concern over their safety, like when Furry Broadcast Network said they had changed their plans by not going to MFF this year. That is their own business, but I have no concern and let me tell you why.

Security at MFF is tight, in addition to the 1000s of cameras placed in and around both the Hyatt Regency and the nearby convention center. Armed security is always available in the form of both armed security by the hotel and the local law enforcement agencies. I personally saw Rosemont Police, Cook County Sheriff Officers, the Illinois State Police, TSA, and Homeland Security at the convention last year. A dealer in the Dealer’s Area even said to me that in addition there were undercover FBI and Secret Service agents there, many of who were turned furry by the convention due to the fact fursuits were being ordered.

There have been 2 acts of pure idiocy since the gas attack. One was the Confederate Flag Fursuiter and that uniformed neo-nazi shouting racist rants. The Police were there during the acts and both were arrested and banned permanently. It wasn’t like anyone had to wait for the cops, they were there less than 2 minutes according to witnesses. Which means they had to be there On-Site.