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My Trip to Evansville, IN Part 3

To continue from yesterday

LST 325 – WW2 Landing Ship Tank

Was totally amazing, this history buff loved it!!! Not only did I learn about a ship that helped support the D-Day Invasion. But the unusual story of how it got to Evansville. On a personal note if I knew they actually cruised up and down Ohio River. I would have altered my own plans to possibly come early to be a part of such a cruise.

They even have one of the Jeeps used in the M*A*S*H movie

More details on Wikipedia

Reitz Home Museum

Was such a highlight for me, everywhere you looked both inside and outside that house you saw something you never have seen before like pre-1900 clothes drier.

Dream Car Museum

The word WOW!!! falls far short of how amazing this place is. I took over 200 photos, I don’t know how many my friend took. I don’t care if you are into cars or not….WOW!!!!

Them also having the fire truck used in the Emergency TV series was delightful

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