I have a passion for old furry publications, enough so I decided to make them available for free download.

All files have been moved to Media Fire

5000 Fans of Dr. T issue 00

5000 Fans of Dr. T issue 02

5000 Fans of Dr. T issue 10

Ablaze issue 02

Air Pirate Funnies #1

Air Pirate Funnies #2

Air Pirate Funnies Extra – Communique #1 from M.L.F. (Mouse Liberation Front)


Alfurnative vol 1 issue 5

Anthrocon 2001 Programming Guide

Anthrocon 2019 Con Book

Anthropomorphic Romance #4

Anthropomorphic Romance #9

Anthropomorphics Archive

Anthro(zine) web archive

Aquatifur 2021 Conbook

Bestiary #01

Bestiary #02

Bestiary #10

Bestiary #18

Bestiary #19

Bestiary #22

Biggest Little Fur Con 2015 con book

Blue Banana Prod. Presents Gorilla Girl vol. 57 no. 688

Blue Fur #1

Blue Ridge Fur Fair 2023 Online Conbook

Bundage #2

Broken Toys

Califur 2010 Con Book

Centaurs Gatherum issue 25

Centaurs Gatherum issue 30

Cobalt issue 1

Cobalt issue 2

Cobalt issue 3

Cobalt issue 4

Cobalt issue 5

Col. Pud’s Single Shot

Confurence Con Book library and some furry comic books

Confuror 2020 Con Book in English

Cute Fuzzy Crime #1

Den Fur 2022 Con Book

Eurofurence Archive

Fanta Zine #2

FA United 2011 Con Book

Foxfire Odyssey Issue 01

Furcan 2022 Conbook

Furloose Issue 3

Furnation Magazine Issue 1

Furnation Magazine Issue 2

Furnation Magazine Issue 3

Furnation Magazine Issue 4

Furnation Magazine Issue 5

Furnation Magazine Issue 6

Furnation Magazine Issue 7

Furnation Magazine Issue 8

Furnation Magazine Issue 9

Furnation Magazine Issue 10 (sample)

Furplay #6

Furry Fiesta 2020 Con Book

Furry History Collection

Furry Migration 2019 Con Book

Furry Times Sept 2016 (South Africa)

Furst Volume 01 Number 02

Furversion issue 03

Furversion issue 06

Furversion issue 11

Furverts Home Companion 

Fuzzy Thoughts #1

Genus issue 01

Genus issue 02

Genus issue 03

Genus issue 04

Genus issue 05

Genus issue 06

Genus issue 07

Genus issue 08

Genus issue 09

Genus issue 10

Genus issue 11

Genus issue 12

Genus issue 13

Genus issue 14

Genus issue 15

Genus issue 16

Genus issue 17

Genus issue 18

Genus issue 19

Genus issue 20

Genus issue 21

Genus issue 22

Genus issue 23

Genus issue 24

Genus issue 26

Genus issue 27

Genus issue 28

Genus issue 29

Genus issue 30

Genus issue 31

Genus issue 32

Genus issue 33

Genus issue 34

Genus issue 35

Genus issue 36

Genus issue 37

Genus issue 40

Genus issue 43

Genus Male issue 01

Genus Male issue 02

Genus Male issue 03

He Is Just A Rat issue 4

Hey Neteers! issue 05

Hit The Beach issue 07

Hit The Beach issue 08

Jim Hardiman’s Ups and Downs

John Jackal and The Uninvited

Karno’s Klassics issue 04

Karno’s Klassics issue 06

Karno’s Klassics issue 08

Karno’s Klassics issue 09

Karno’s Klassics issue 11

Karno’s Klassics issue 12

Karno’s Klassics issue 15

Karno’s Klassics issue 16

Karno’s Klassics issue 20

Karno’s Klassics issue 30

Karno’s Klassics issue 31

Karno’s Klassics issue 32

Karno’s Klassics issue 34

Karno’s Klassics issue 35

Karno’s Klassics issue 36

Karno’s Klassics issue 38

Karno’s Klassics issue 39

Kipo Webcomic complete

Little Island Fur Con 2021 Conbook

Mephit Fur Meet 2021 Conbook

Midnight Sands #2

Midwest FurFest 2013 Con Book

Midwest FurFest 2014 Con Book

Midwest FurFest 2018 Con Book

Midwest FurFest 2021 Con Book


New Furrottica 1-4 Winter 1997

Notable Events in The History of Furry (parody)

Painted Desert Fur Con 2023 conbook

PentMouse issue 02

Play Bunny issue 01

Princess Karanam and The Djinn of The Green Jug

Rowbrazzle archive 

Roxikat Myah

More Roxikat comics can be found here via LINKS on the artist FA page

Sabrina Online Web Comic archive 

Sam Siam FurryMuck Land

Scrap by Pat Kelley

Shanda The Panda Issue 1

Shanda The Panda Issue 5

Shanda The Panda Issue 7

Shanda The Panda Issue 8

Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con 2021 Conbook

Tall Tails Comic web archive

Taral Wayne’s Fanzines which include The Slan of Baker Street, The Great White Zine, To Walk The Moon, The Incomplete Taral Wayne Cover Gallery, Old Toys, New Toys, Broken Toys, Lost Toys and Stolen Toys, Rat Sass, TransFur, You are what you Eat.

The Bunny Pages Issue 17

Touch Issue 1

Touch Issue 2

Touch Issue 3

Trouble Issue 2

Works of Steve Gallacci

Vootie issue 10

Vootie issue 12

Vootie issue 13

Vootie issue 15.5 

Xtra Spicy Tails issue 06

Current furry comics

Current Furry Comic #2

Furry Flyers Old School

If you have any old furry comics/ fanzines you wish to share please contact me @ please understand all I am interested is scans, PDF files like the ones I share would even be better. I fully understand the collectors value of such material and would not ask anyone to send me the actual publication.