Review and Download of New Furrottica Winter 1997

Really there isn’t too much to this issue 2 stories one being An Otter’s Tail by Thomas G. Brady and A Surprise of Sean by Silverfox. Both stories are good if not sensual. The NSFW art that makes the bulk of the issue is average at best.

Overall 7 out of 10

You can view and download New Furrottica Winter 1997 here

The Fuzzy Princess Book Review

Seriously I forgot I picked this up at MFF last year and brought it with me when I had to see my doctor and what I found. Blew me away the humor and brilliance of this story of 3 anthro cats living with a family of humans. Their brother who can fly and their bear butler is totally delightful in this family-friendly story. I really didn’t even know this was the collected work of a webcomic The Fuzzy Princess check it out, it is worth getting.

Review and Download of Touch issue 1

A very special thanks to Josh Munro for sending me a copy of Touch issue 1. Overall both the stories included in the issue are good, nothing all that exceptional. The same could be said about the art that is included in the issue. 7 out of 10

Download Touch issue 1 here

Review and Download of Karno’s Klassics #8

Karno’s Klassics #8 is the best of the 3 I posted so far. The plot is Patrick AKA Savage Squirrel is getting married. Caroline his fiance’s father works for the mob and actually helped rescue Caroline after she had been kidnapped.

10 / 10 excellent

Link to issue

Review and Download of Karno’s Klassics #6

There are really only 2 things to this issue, People you meet at parties comic and pin-ups. The comic is okay with all the talk of furry Nazis it makes a point and the pin-ups are good.

Overall 6/10

Download Karno’s Klassics #6 here

A Furry Mystery

What you are now seeing is a mystery, yes I know this looks as if it a furry bashing publication but in actual fact it is a one off furry publication.

Published back in 2001.

Yes I am very aware that sounds like crap, but I assure you it isn’t it’s listed in Wikifur

And as it turns out Shawn Keller once worked for Disney.

Despite being written up on this one site I have learned recently that the entire article is solely based on what the author found on Wikifur. I have been told what is posted in Wikifur about this issue is wrong. You see why I call this a mystery.

Like most fanzines they are hard to find and rarely these one off issues hit the market. I am not making an excuse I am just telling the truth.

The truth is I was going to write an article on this publication, but when you hit a wall you really hit the wall. So I posted what I could and that’s it and hoping one day to find this issue and really do a good article.

Furry Times April – July 2018 Review

I know this sounds weird that there is an South Africa version of my blog. Not really this version of Furry Times is published by a group of Furries in South Africa. I gave them permission to use Furry Times as a symbol that furries should always get along.

Since this is there 2nd issue (The first being published back in 2016) I decided to give it a review and share it with my readers.


April July PDF Link

First Issue

Overall it’s a great magazine I loved the article on MFF 2017, and the article that tells how to illuminate fursuits was quite informative. With the various stuff they cover you soon realize that there is a lot to the fandom. Old vs. new, games, other cons, local events, etc.. Really I gave then high marks for there efforts and making it available for free shows you what kind of furries your dealing with. Real nice ones.

10/10 Keep up the good work