A Furry Mystery

What you are now seeing is a mystery, yes I know this looks as if it a furry bashing publication but in actual fact it is a one off furry publication.

Published back in 2001.

Yes I am very aware that sounds like crap, but I assure you it isn’t it’s listed in Wikifur

And as it turns out Shawn Keller once worked for Disney.

Despite being written up on this one site I have learned recently that the entire article is solely based on what the author found on Wikifur. I have been told what is posted in Wikifur about this issue is wrong. You see why I call this a mystery.

Like most fanzines they are hard to find and rarely these one off issues hit the market. I am not making an excuse I am just telling the truth.

The truth is I was going to write an article on this publication, but when you hit a wall you really hit the wall. So I posted what I could and that’s it and hoping one day to find this issue and really do a good article.

Furry Times April – July 2018 Review

I know this sounds weird that there is an South Africa version of my blog. Not really this version of Furry Times is published by a group of Furries in South Africa. I gave them permission to use Furry Times as a symbol that furries should always get along.

Since this is there 2nd issue (The first being published back in 2016) I decided to give it a review and share it with my readers.


April July PDF Link

First Issue

Overall it’s a great magazine I loved the article on MFF 2017, and the article that tells how to illuminate fursuits was quite informative. With the various stuff they cover you soon realize that there is a lot to the fandom. Old vs. new, games, other cons, local events, etc.. Really I gave then high marks for there efforts and making it available for free shows you what kind of furries your dealing with. Real nice ones.

10/10 Keep up the good work

Review and Link to Karno’s Klassics #34

Call this what this is a comic/ art book featuring Kjartan Arrnosson’s charater a female anthro elephant named Two Ton Tina. I really loved the unnamed comic in the start of the issue where Tina gets shurnk down to a tiny size for a horny alien. Tina then kicks his butt literally by giving his UFO a good kick. Excellent issue.

To both view and download Karno’s Klassics #34 click here

Review of Karno’s Klassics #35

Really I am unsure what Kjartan Arrnosson was going for in this issue. Apparently it was used to create a new series called “Porno Babies”. Which is about 9 young men and women who have fun having sex and being naked. Except in this issue which is 100% SFW features 9 short comics featuring one of these so called “Porno Babies”.

View and download Karno’s Klassics #35 here

Sir Elek And LeoMonk Volume one by Smith Sanchez

It is very seldom that I see an author make their book available for free, let alone a graphic novel but here it is.


In short I think it’s a good story and well worth checking out and why not it’s free.