Genus issue 10 Review and download


Pirate Treasure by Dashe

Really the artwork is better than the plot. Female Captain of a pirate ship has hot lesbian sex with a female prison.

Crystal Quest by Scamp

A Princess seeks the aide of a magical unicorn for a crystal in order to defeat an evil sheik. But only gets 3 months of essential slavery in exchange for the crystal. To me it plays out like a porn film…a bad one. Dialog is week and you can see lesbian sex coming in the 1st panel

Rhiannon by Tabitha R. Jones and Diana

Really there isn’t to much to this story a female unicorn picks up a female fox who is working at a bar for sex and nothing else.

Party Favor by Brian Sutton and Jeremy Bernal

Princess takes female slave to a party and has them dressed like a sheep. Where they get treated like dirt/ After being knocked out of window by one of the guest the slave sees another female for maybe some sex. But is suddenly taken away by her master where the slave has fun showing off her breasts.

Yes it’s really that bad.

Along with art by Brian O’Connell and Shon Howell

I think the art is the best thing about this issue.

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Genus 9 Review and Download

The Fuzz by Brad Lesher

It begins with these 2 detectives go into this bar. Completely played for laughs pokes fun at every animal stereotype that is out there and throws Donald Duck in to the mix. The detectives are looking for someone to arrest, even if they have to make up something. Very funny

Mink: Choices by Kjartan Armorosson

Mink and her partner Savage Squerril goes flying, after a short run in with the cops. We meet Savage’s other girlfriend. Who then has to decide whom he wants, and it comes down to who got the biggest tits.

Fun story, a furry/superhero twist on releationships

Closing Time at the Topless Bar by Will Faust

Answers the age old question “Do tits bounce?”

Short but quite fun

Amy and the New Shoes by Brian Sutton and Jeremy Bernal

Amy a female fox walks naked more or less down the lane thinking about new shoes. Which are sadly taken away by her master.

Good artwork, but the story makes little sense

Ozzy the Ocelot by Ted Sheppard

Ozzy has been sleeping with his girlfriend then decides to get something to eat. Only to find a Tony the Tiger wanna be in the kitchen, praising a certain kind of cereal. Which Ozzy eats, and when he returns he finds this wanna be screwing his girlfriend.

Given all the Tony the Tiger porn that is out there, it’s good to know that people were thinking about the same thing years ago. Very well done.
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Centaurs Gatherum issue 25 Review and Download


I gotta say this is the most unique publication I ever ran across. I swear I have seen more centaur art in that 1 publication than I have ever seen on any one site. All done by 32 artists, yes I am not joking 32 different artists. It’s hard to pick out one stand out as they are so different from one another. For this alone it’s worth checking out.

But in addition you get

The Official Unofficial CG Survey

I hope one day to find the results

and 2 stories the first being

The Cold from Beyond by Rodford E. Smith

Which is a murder mystery with features magical transforming creatures. It begins when the chief detective on the case is almost murdered by someone just was magical as the detective.
Then when 2 police officers are killed and a false target named Marian is almost killed the detective helps her with their fighting skill.

Later an assembly of these magical creatures called “The Gifted” they talk about events of the previous night, which brings the total of killed up to 38.

After using spear guns provided by The Gifted, they think they have finally killed the murderer. But it turns out they were wrong and the true murderer turns out to be a Vampire.

Now the entire city panics as everyone is on the hunt.

When Marian tracks it down to a construction site, a lucky acident seemly takes out the vampire…but has only stunned it then goes chasing after her. She was only able to make her escape using welding equipement as a weapon.

It seems that did the trick the vampire was killed. But those events left Marian stuck in centaur form at least temporary.

Excellent story

Fire Fish by David J. Rust

Joshuwain, a centaur and nomad he went to see a sweating hot city in the desert. There he met Phantos and Carman and once they take a room they have a chance to talk about their lives. Eventually they go to the Watchful Lion Inn. This is where they meet 2 reptilians who offer them a meal of fire fish.

Which despite being highly spiced turns into an eating between Carman and Joshuwain.

Later the reptilians offer them a job, possibly at a warehouse.

The end.

It gives you a good look into a world we will never know, but it really never goes anywhere.

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Bestiary issue 02 Review and Download


Meeki and G.I.G.O.I. by Rune

It’s a 2 page comic proving this vixen is smarter than any human. I really like it.

Fox Force in Disappearing Trick by Juan Alfonso

Is part 1 of a multi part adventure of how “Furries” are disappearing and the investigation to find them. Looks interesting hope I can find the next part of this adventure.

The of the art included in this issue is suitable for work, and are worth taking a look. There are some few really excellent pieces. Only 1 or 2 that is really borderline NSFW

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Genus 8 review and download


Chained Reaction by Kjartan Arnosson

At first when you see that naked anthro bull being tortured by a female cat you think one thing, when actually it’s a sex game. Nothing that exceptional 3 out of 10

Rough Housing by Brian Sutton

I am being to think sex role playing must be the theme of this issue. Male wolf plots and plans a conquest, until this woman shows up.

Pink Soft Cream by Tabitha R. Jones and James Hardiman

A good case of lesbian rescuing lesbian, with a lesbian having a mad plot 2 out of 10

Ringing up Baby by Cindy Crowell

A reprint from the previous issue but still a good poke at relationships 9 out of 10

Art is nice, fair quality nothing exceptional.

You can both view and download the issue here

PentMouse issue 02 Review and Download


Honestly I really didn’t know what to expect when I opened the very first issue of PentMouse I had ever seen. But what I found was drawings. ink and pen and that is really it, expect for 1 furry pubication review and that being Sleepers.

So what do you honestly get from artists Tygger, Robert Hill, Scott Alston, Paccrat, Bill Fitts, Steven Corbet, Terrie Smith, Jay Shell, Pelzig, Joesph Nye, Henry Gagne, Kevin Vetroneand Juan Alfonso. Furry porn, is it any good? it isn’t that bad and I think if your into it, you could paw off to it. Really I give it 6 out of 10.

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Review of Goddess by Arilin Thorferra by Greyflank


A childhood full of monster of the week movies made me into the horse I am today. As a horror fan, giants hold a very special place in my heart. Giants played no small (ahem) part in helping me see monsters as more often dangerously misunderstood creatures than outright evil figures.

And, yet, I don’t particularly find myself attracted to the giant mythos. Not that I’m against Macrofurry stuff. I do like transformation stories and I do like submissive characters; so there’s quite a bit of overlap there with size shifting.

In this tale, set in a furry universe in a vague period prior to Hawaii’s statehood, Russel the cougar is looking to become a literature professor at a very posh American University in San Francisco. It’s probably in the 1950’s, even if the villain of the piece, Cornelius Bennett, is known as a “rail baron.” The first few pages felt nearly as staid and boring as any academic event that one might expect, but when the curvaceous otter Kailani enters the scene, things to pick up. I enjoyed every scene Kailani was in; even the scene where they are discussing The Great Gatsby. She is simply one of those people who are larger than life. *ahem*

And it’s to the authors credit that Kailani’s robust presence doesn’t overshadow the other characters in the scene with her. Russell becomes a bigger personality when he’s with her and, later, trying to be with her. Often in stories with this type of transformation from quiet protagonist with a plan to hero of the tale, the author relies on the cast to tell the hero/heroine that she changed. Here, I felt it.

No one had to tell me.

I especially liked feeling all of Russell’s conflicting emotions and I cheered as he scrapped the burden of a lifetime of checklists and mile-markers. Any sex is discreetly offstage and even the violence is discreet… maybe even too discreet, but I understand the choice.

I liked that both San Francisco and the islands felt very real and well researched. I did not feel the time period as well researched, but then I am OK with an alternate reality of an Earth packed with multiple species having a different history. I tend to demand it, in fact, so I didn’t really miss the temporal veracity too much. It’s enough that nothing really contradicted the feeling of a mid-20th century America… not even the color’s in the magazine Russell should hide when he has company.

Trader Vic being in San Francisco, also suggests the 1950’s… but that brings me to the only serious flaw to this tale. There are too many mentions of things from our mundane universe. I say this fully aware that this isn’t a big deal for most of the Furry reading community. Things change in a culture with multiple species, I should think, otherwise all these creatures might as well be humans in zipper back fur suits.

But that said, this novella is worth reading for the adventure and the soft romance… even if I sometimes forgot what species Russell was. And if you love giant, powerful female furs going doing a bit of wrecking ball work, this book is a must buy.