Blacksad: They All Fall Down Part One by Canales and Guarnido Review

I will fully admit that is my own readers that have been suggesting that I check out The Blacksad series for quite a while. I always seem to give it a pass up until I saw Blacksad: They All Fall Down Part 1 at thew recent MFF.

Very seldom do I come across a book that matches an interest on mine. You see I love Detective films from the 1930s/40s The Big Sleep being a personal favorite. Blacksad takes those old stories and makes them better. We still get the same hardcore story set in a time where someone was not scared to fire a gun or confront a ruthless criminal head on.

Dark Horse Comics calls it

In this exceptional noir tour de force from writer Juan Díaz Canales and artist Juanjo Guarnido, the hotly anticipated worldwide bestseller returns to American shores after a seven-year hiatus with a brand-new two-part storyline! Following its chart-topping 2021 release in Europe and now translated for English-language readers by the team of Brandon Kander and Diana Schutz, this volume features feline private eye John Blacksad as he tangles with the unions, the mob, and mid-century construction magnate Lewis Solomon, who plans to pave New York City’s green space, come hell or high water. From soaring heights to terrifying depths, Blacksad must steer the right course between the lofty world of Shakespearean theater and the seedy nether regions of the city. Towering above it all is the foreboding figure of Solomon, who will let nothing thwart his dream of power.

Murders, crooked elected leaders, seagulls in iron lungs, a city that is going to replace it’s subways with freeways, and so much more. I totally agree with the reviews I found. Blacksad is a delight for those who want ACTION.

Really I give it a very solid 10 out of 10 you can’t miss with Blacksad. Well worth reading, now I need to read the entire series.