Texas Furry Fiesta Now 3 Largest Fur Con

TFF did not report 2022 numbers so it’s hard to judge. But numbers don’t lie congrats TFF and it looks like MFF and AC both have some new competition. It will be interesting to see the final numbers for next year and where they rank.

Fur The More 2023: Numbers

Final numbers from Fur the ‘More 2023:

1620 attendees (+31.5% from last year, and +9% from our largest year)

317 Fursuits in the parade (+19%)

254 Fursuit tags handed out

$8500 to our charity The Frederick Center Thanks to all our attendees, vendors, Guests of Honor, and staff!

Phili FUR 2023 Safety Notice

– SAFETY NOTICE – It has come to our attention that we have to post a safety notice because some people threatening our attendees about their safety. We guarantee your safety. If you have any concerns, please don’t be shy to approach us through chat.