VancouFur @ New West Pride

An event that took place Aug 13 they were really there

More photos can be found on Twitter they were really there with fursuiters

Wild Prairie Fur Con/ Argentina Fur Fiesta Numbers

Meanwhile in Argentina

That ARS number works out to almost $8,200 congrats

Confuror 2022 Guests of Honor

Introducing Remulle: Senior all-around BG artist. Visual swiss army pocket knife, occasional VA and full time doodler. And they are one of our guest artists at Confuror 2022!

Graphic designer. Writer and illustrator of the web-comic “The Angel in the Forest”: where Larry, Montimer, Ronnie, Richie and many other characters of her authorship come to life in an exciting story that will touch your heart.

Doggy cartoonist obsessed with finding ways to convey emotions through art. Graduated in animation in 2015, he has experience in commissions since 2008.

Freelance illustrator from Santiago, Chile. Studied audiovisual communication specialized in Digital Animation. Lover of good food, this intrepid haggard dedicates himself to art in the furry community, represented as a Tanuki.

Freelance digital artist and visual arts teacher who is currently working on his project “Mythos”: an anthology of stories inspired by the mythologies of our world and the eternal conflict between gods, humans and creatures.

Mexican illustrator and visual development artist. Has worked as a background artist for DreamWorks, Disney Channel and Cartoon Network animated TV shows. Currently works as freelancer and background artist for “Helluva Boss”

Weekend Furry Retreat Update

Weekend Furry Retreat is an Online con, but I really like their mascot

Ringtail Cafe is Hiring

Now is your chance to work for a Furry Publisher, if you qualify you should seriously think about it.