Fur Con News: FurvanaNW totals, ACFI Extends Pre-Registration

FurvanaNW releases both attendance and charity numbers

ACFI extends Pre-Registration to Oct 1. In these days where some cons have limited attendance it is nice to see this happening.

MFF’s Registration Problem

What happened was this sometime last night MFF quietly opened Registration. Almost immediately when people started buying their badges. They noticed problems such as

There was also another post where someone was being billed $1000 for 5 badges.

Lets hope when it officially opens we don’t have these issues.

Fur Con News: Furry Migration Official Photo, Further Confusion Picnic

Wow! 252 Fursuiters in our #MnFM2021 parade! Official photo below! Can you spot yourself? They also has 1132 attendees

Further Confusion’s Oct 3 Picnic

You can register HERE

But please take note of their COVID Policy

Fur Con News: Fluufff COVID Policy, FURSAverance Donation

Fluufff (Belgium) sets COVID Policy

Dear Attendees,

The current situation allows us to hold the convention on the 10th to the 14th of November. However, regulations require you to have a valid Covid Safe Ticket. It is a European Covid Certificate which contains either:

  • A proof of complete vaccinations (2 weeks since the last dose)
  • A negative test (less than 3 days old PCR test or less than 2 days old Antigenic test).
  • A proof of recovery from COVID (less than 6 months old).

To limit the risk of transmitting the virus, attendees and staff are required to wear a mask in the convention area when moving around. There are two exceptions to that rule:

  • Fursuiters, when fursuiting, are not required to wear a mask (we highly recommend one when possible).
  • Medical reasons (Informed by email to the Stewards team (https://fluufff.org/contact?contact=StewardsAndSafety) before the convention).
    We will keep monitoring the current situation to see if measures can be relieved before the convention starts.

Original post can be found here

FURSAverance (South Africa) donation to Ivics Medical Care during their recent Online Con