A message about the ACFI Drag Show

I might be starting a war with haters. but. Drag Shows have been going on for at last 400 years. They began during the time of Shakespeare. When it was illegal for women to preform. You know no woman preformed on stage to at least the 1800s.

Below is a trailer to what is a Drag Queen film made in 1959 by Billy Wilder. Starring 2 top male actors of the day Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon. A film I have seen countless times, and according to one of it’s stars they went out in drag to a local place and got hit on by guys.

Also btw this film can not be shown in Texas and Florida.

Well I’ll let you be the judge why this shouldn’t shown to kids.

Hex Furry Fest Coming Soon

Wanna go Sky High? You can in VRChat June 9th-11th 2023! Join us! https://hexfurryfest.com

Soda City Fur Con: Challenge Accepted

I was asked “Why the question mark?” I felt a proper statement was better than a Tweet. It is no secret I support both new cons as well as smaller cons. This is one of the reasons I decided to hit the smaller cons starting this year. I have been following the story of Soda City Fur Con ever since I 1st heard about it. I was sad to see what happened when they pulled back a few months ago. But then this appeared on my Twitter feed… They were Reborn?!!!

I know as much as any of you, but I will go on record about a few things. #1 If and when they hold their 1st convention I will be there. #2 I will report on any new development and #3 If anyone from Soda City Fur Con wants to talk they know how to contact me.

The rest of this is written by them, only they know what is happening. Frankly I am curious to see what will happen.

Las Vegas Fur Con 2024 Poster

Did you know our lead artist @OneCoolFoxxo is awesome? Because he is. Check out this advertisement he designed for them!

Indy Fur Con Reg Open Update

So far Indy Fur Con has not posted on their social media that Reg is Officially open along with the Room Block.

Here is the reason for the HUGE Update. I am going to Indy Fur Con, and will fully cover the event that had only 3 2022 videos. My room is all set, I am planning to stay by myself, and I am in the main hotel. So all it will be for me is an elevator ride and I am in. I am keeping what level badge I have is secret for now. But only who is reading this will know I did this for Cassidy Civet. I know that sounds strange going to a con that kicked them off as GoH. But I really want to find out what happened.

Another thing this is also my 1st con outside of MFF. So there is a lot of unknowns for me. I am like anyone traveling to a con they never been. I will cover a lot of this in detail, including the panels, events and the extras I hope to get into as well as a lot of videos. I am planning for at least 10, if not more.

I am hoping to do things you can no longer do at MFF due to it’s size. Interact with fursuiters, more hugs, etc. MFF is just too big

SpokAnthro Update

We finally got an answer recently to what are SpokAnthro’s future plans