Riverdance (Animated Movie)

Yesterday I got a lot of positive reaction to my posting the teaser trailer of the animated film Riverdance. Although there were some who doubted the film was real. So here is in short what we know of this film.

Cinesite is in production on Riverdance for Aniventure and River Productions. Inspired by the multi-platinum Grammy Award-winning phenomenon, Riverdance, the animated musical comedy will reintroduce the legendary stage show to a new generation in a way never before seen or experienced.

A young Irish boy named Keegan and his Spanish friend named Moya journey into a magical world of the Megaloceros Giganteus who teach them to appreciate Riverdance as a celebration of life.

Co-creator and producer of the stage show, Moya Doherty said: “To see an animated feature film, inspired by Riverdance, will be an innovative and exhilarating milestone in a show which has had many great moments in the last twenty years. We look forward enormously to see it take shape and fly!”

According to multiple sites the film is set to be released this year.

MFF 2013 Con Book Cover

Since MFF recently had it’s 20th Anniversary I though it would be nice to show you covers from the past…at least ones I have been too.

MFF 2020 Banner Art

Created by Royz

Be sure to check out more of the amazing works of Royz HERE who in my very humble opinion is one truly amazing artist.

Also I encourage MFF to think about making posters of the banner art. Who would not love having this on their wall WOW!!!