Fur Con News: Furry Migration Update, Barktober is Coming

Furry Migration for it’s 2021 con is Requiring Attendees to be fully VACCINATED

Due to a few factors we have elected to change our requirement on vaccinations. To attend FM21 you will be required to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test. For full info please see our updated covid safety page at https://www.furrymigration.org/fm2021-covid-safety/

Barktober is coming and those in the Seattle, WA USA are especially lucky as this is happening in their area.

Location of event Union Lake

Raya and The Last Dragon Review

I will admit I heard some not so good reviews on this film. But decided to watch it anyway and I was blown away. A story line just as deep as in The Last Airbender TV series, enough visuals that I swear it would take repeated viewing just to absorb it all. With an ending frankly I never saw coming.

Raya and The Last Dragon is worth watching you will find a great story, with enough of a mix that the film will draw you in, and your scared to take your eyes off the screen. Because you are scared you will miss something. I found when I had to get up I had to pause the film, just so I wouldn’t miss something. Which frankly was a lot, and I still am not sure when I wrote this, did I see hints at other Disney films.

In short this film is fantastic and I give it my highest recommendation easily a very solid 10.

Fur Con News: Furality Luna

Furality Luna Reports on their most recent Virtual Con

Currently raised $14,649 total for their Charity
250 sponsors
287 vouchers redeemed
Invites sent on VRChat is 116,798
3573 parties were created using the party system
Total number registered for the furcon is 6829