COVID-19 Report: Confurtiva

As the year winds down we finally get a press release from 1 of the 2 cons that still had an event scheduled


Dear Confurtiva fans, artists and attendees.

It is with regret to say that the event planned to take place this weekend in person has been postponed indefinitely to 2021.

In order to maintain the economic development of the event, our strategic allies, the Hotel Geneve, have provided us with the facilities so that the payments and advances made to the facilities to carry out the event remain insured, as indicated in the attached communication letter addressed to our General Director of the Event: Alejandro GutiƩrrez Lizardi "AoiKuma".

The Hotel Geneve, sensitive to the current situation of the event, has also offered to maintain the costs of the 2020 event, so the prices in the 2021 edition will not increase.

Not only that, but we will have the full collaboration of our strategic allies to carry out a hybrid mini event (virtual and face-to-face) to support the furry artistic community in the coming months and maintain support for the event.

That is why if you:

You purchased a space for the event.
You have purchased an access to the event.

You can keep it at the same cost for our 2021 event or for the hybrid mini event to be announced.

In case you prefer to execute the refund of the payments made. You can write to where we will gladly coordinate the procedure to carry out the refund. However, the event and our strategic allies would help us a lot if you prefer to choose to keep your access or your table. Rest assured that we will know how to reward it.

This year we celebrated our virtual edition, which allowed us to maintain the continuity of the event and of the guests, in the next few days we will upload the conferences of the event for you to relive them!

Thank you for your preference and see you in 2021!

Organizing committee

The Animaniacs on Hulu Mini Review

Today the first of 13 episodes dropped on Hulu today of the brand New Animaniacs series. So how is it? I found the episodes fun, they made me laugh, the writing is brilliant, and they even make fun of both trump, and the fact these episodes were written in 2018, and they are Reboot. I am sorry to say many familiar characters are missing, but we still have Ralph the Security Guard. Speaking of which I wonder how many of you will catch the easter egg when they go into the CEO’s office and see the movie poster on the wall. Beyond that it’s a spoiler.

If you got Hulu, The New Animaniac series is well worth checking out. Almost forgot Pinky and The Brain. Still quite good and in their very 1st adventure, they use a phone App to attempt to conquer the world. Brilliant and delightfully funny all at the very same time.

Check out the new Animaniacs if you love good animation, or just want a good laugh.

Blue Ridge Furfare Update