A Taste of Something Else by Lukas Kawika

From the author on Twitter @shekhels

In case y’all missed it – I’ve been published! Available in both physical and digital formats through @fenrispublish, & will also be made available at cons down the line! College romance, fairly hot, boys, daring rompin’… but there’s two sides to every coin!

Available HERE

Fuzzy Princess Vol 2 by Charles Brubaker Now Available

Katrina is the adventurous feline princess of St. Paws, watched over by Chiro (a batty bat) and Kuma (whose love for haiku is only matched by his love of eating). Now they’ve been stranded in our world! Follow the silly adventures by @bakertoons You can get them here

So what is Fuzzy Princess

and their latest

Business Casual/ Liquid Courage by Meesh Now Available

At http://fenrispublishing.com/meesh, @Mushymeesh helps you find comics both casual & courageous! Vanessa is a bit nervous for her first day on the job, but soon settles into many different positions! And Chase has always had eyes for Taylor, time to test if “bottoms up” is just a toast!

Dragon’s Hoard Now Available from Fenris

Attention all winged and scaly friends! Most of our Dragon’s Hoard products are now available in PDF format! D.W.A.G.S, He Knew 1 & 2, and NomNoms 1, 2 & 3 are available for download now at http://fenrispublishing.com! Just search “Dragon’s Hoard” to find all your scaled delights!

College Catastrophe/ Swords and Sausages by Jan Now Available

We are now proud to announce that we have works by @tigerknight available now on our website!! See the silly adventures and adorable art style now at LINK

A quote from the author @tigerknight

I’m very happy to have Fenris Publishing as my new book distributor!

You can now buy my books from their website, or in conventions across North America!

I hope to review both titles soon, I am a fan of Swords and Sausages

What is FAPP?

To quote Fenris Publishing

The Fapp System is a Tabletop RPG designed for light-hearted, sex-fueled adventures celebrating and parodying tabletop gaming tropes from a plethora of genres. Set in a world where the laws of reality themselves have been altered to make most spells fizzle and swords fall limp, adventurers have found that their enhanced libidos and newfound erotic abilities leave sexual conquest as the only means to continue their adventuring careers – but the monsters, traps, and dungeons of the world have adapted to follow suit, making for a harrowing and hillarious setting to explore a plethora erotic adventures.

Core Rules
The 3rd Edition Fapp Core Rulebook is now available to order. Players can follow along with the free Fapp Primer and Character Sheet, while the rest of the books for sale in the series provide a wealth of new characters, monsters, items, and adventures to explore with full-color artwork.

Each expansion to the Fapp series tackles new themes and settings across a number of genres. The most recent expansion, Fapp: Cursed Cumpendium, is available for purchase now!

The Fapp series is supported by Patreon, with new expansions released twice a year. Patreon supporters can influence the design of the series by voting on future expansions and getting their characters and ideas drawn and added to future releases.

The Fapp Discord serves as the main community hub for the series, hosting frequent discussions and a dedicated space to find other players to play with.

You can buy it here

The Intern Vol 1&2 by JackalooComics Now Available

Being an intern can be very *hard* work, especially when choosing an old friend or your new boss! Check out “The Intern” Vol. 1 & 2 by @JackalooComics to see what sticky situations Cooper and Andy find themselves in the office at LINK

“Just A Friend” by Iskra & G-core Now Available

Sometimes you need just a friend, sometimes you want more~ Gakor is protective of Kord and after leaving a party with some rude guests, she just wants to spend time with him more and more. Check out “Just a Friend” by @art_iskra now to find a new friend! LINK

“Spin The Bottle” by Dajan Tafari Now Available

If you are a fan of vore, make sure to check out @DajanTheLion‘s novella “Spin the Bottle” available both in PDF and softcover versions at Fenris Books The Predation Games are a college tradition, and it is eat or be eaten!

Winter Without End by Casimir Laski

Make sure to check out Pre-orders for “Winter Without End” by Casimir Laski @cardinal_west
! This Xenofiction tells the story of two canines as they vie for survival in a world abandoned by humans. Find it now at http://fenrispublishing.com/winter