Shark Week edited by Ian Keller Review

Shark Week gives you 19 different stories by 19 authors who all take the simple theme of writing a story about the ocean filled with intelligent life and turns it on it’s ear. What I have found are stories that go beyond my imagination. For example ocean creatures preforming swimming acts, that turn in to a wondrous delight. You actually wonder how did the author manage to write this act of pure wonder. But the one that stands out in my mind was this little tale of this hermit crab and it’s adventure flirting with death seemingly every time it moves, but yet somehow managing to survive it all as if it was nothing.

Each story is like that, taking us to a world most of us have never seen. Sure things are different than they are in real life. But that is what a good story should do. It should take us beyond what we know, to a world unlike anything you can imagine. Each are an adventure, a tale, or even just something on the author’s mind. That in my opinion will delight you with every page.

The book can be found on Amazon

Furry Book Review: Pit Fighters Book 1 to 3 by Rick Griffin

Pit Fighters is a series of 3 books by Rick Griffin

Book 1 The Opportunity
Opening on the island of St. Marten-Cristo where a family of rabbits are watching The Sultan. a kangaroo who is a Pit Fighter as well as ruler of this island of the island on TV. The story focuses on Paris (who is apart of the same family) and touches on his college life and the fact he has to wear clothes for more formal occasions like going to school, we also learn he is gay, and he has gotten The Opportunity to become a Pit Fighter, where it is believed to be a hub of gay activity.
But after signing the contract and see what amazing facilities. Harsh reality begin to set in, like living in what is a essentially a wet basement deep underground. Also the fact Paris is like the others are virtual slaves. Saddled with a $90,000 debt which must be paid off before he leaves. Not in the year he thought, but 15 years instead. The sad fact is that everyone there is slaves, Mack, the one who had him sign that contract is also a slave.

Book 2 Orientation
Paris has made friend’s with Logan (another fighter and deer) who shows him the ropes of being a Pit Fighter. Like what to watch out for, we also meet the other fighters in his rank, some not very nice. Paris faces off with Porte (a skunk) in his very first fight, a practice match. Which he lost the fight, and when Logan approached him it felt like a sexual advice.

Then Logan fought Kinny (a possum), despite being smaller beat the crap out of Logan.
While eating slop for lunch Kinny gives Paris a fighting lesson, no blows but it got Paris to think.
Paris finally has his first official match with… Porte who rubs it in as Paris finds out. Then it turns into a sexual encounter.

Then talks about the incident with Logan., finally wound up masturbating over it.
The day came for Paris 1st Tournament, learns the rules, the rankings and why he will eventually have to fight everyone in his division.

Paris first fight was with Porte

During the 1st round Paris held his own, but by the 2nd Porte used what comes natural to a skunk their smell. The Paris found a way to use it against Porte, then Porte stepped out of the ring by accident. Paris Won.

Later in the shower as Paris washed Porte scent off he talks with Logan about the match.
The book ends with the start of a 2nd Match for Paris. This time he fights Santiago…

Book 3 Side Gig
Apparently Santiago hit Paris so hard it knocked him out cold, and he wound up in the hospital.
Logan and Kenny fills him in, as Paris worries about racking up a bill. Meanwhile Santiago gave him a pineapple.

Paris then gets an idea, get a 2nd job. As a delivery driver. During which he meets Mrs. Calor, who nearly throws herself at Paris, even runs after him.

Then delivers at package at this mansion and runs into Porte in more ways than one. Then forced a kiss. Later Paris was sorting out packages when Porte came up to him and made a pass at him. They then talked about Paris and being gay then Porte sucks him off. If only to make Paris feel better, until reality set in.

Later he delivers a package to his hero of the Pit Fighters, the one and only Sultan. He faints, Sultan takes him in offers him soup and have a chat. Sultan explains the real reality of Pit Fighters. That even though you looks like your successful, your really still a slave to the company.
Once he knew what time it was ran back to his truck found it was gone. Only to discover it was a plot by Porte to get him fired.

Later Paris ran into Porte and beat the crap out of him, and Paris was arrested, and taken to jail.
Thinking the worse, he gets bailed out by of all people Sultan, who left him a book and a nice message.
Later Paris talks with Kinny over recent events, leaving the story as a cliffhanger.

The Review
Overall it’s a good story, but a bit darker than I hope. Here we see Paris hoping for both money and fame and getting neither. It seems every chance he takes to makes things better. There is always someone ready to figuratively stab him on the back. As this happens time and time again.

I give this story a 5 out of 10. Not that it’s a bad story, I was just left hoping for more maybe something that would make me smile. But I never got it, even though there might be a chance of a conclusion to this tale. I can tell you I have no plans on buying it or maybe this is the reason I was able to get these 3 books for 99 cents each.

Apocalypse Barnes by Andrew Lawston (Narrated by Hedge Haiden) Book Review

A Book Review of Kindness Revolution by Vanessa Hill Millvele

A short book of 12 equally short poems

I may not be the most gifted and rhythmically inclined

Not saying they are Haiku, each of these poems are thought provoking, and dare I say, causes you to think. I know it’s odd that a book of poetry does that but Kindness Revolution actually succeeds.

Each little poem has it’s own thought and meaning.

They are very deep, and can recommend it to those who maybe are into poetry but is open to alternate views.

It’s gets a very solid 10 in my book, and best of all it’s free and can be found HERE

Book Review: Beauty Lessions: A Horribly Titled Dystopian Romance

By Van Hill Millvele

The author once again presents us with a rather unique world. This one focuses on beauty,
where plastic surgeons are more plentiful that telemarketers. It is also a world where you
can get a Mark, which downplays your role in society. Which can be given for any reason THEY see fit, the group that controls this also can leavy fines also for any reason THEY see
fit. But what happens to that money become an important point later in the story.

The story focuses on Quigley and Zada.

As Zada goes about her life, she is approached by Dr. Odette Bloodstone and offers plastic surgery.Her friend Chet (A Prince) sits next to her, Zada is mad at him because he wants Zada for a mistress.

Chet is rude and generally selfish no wonder assassins want to kill him, Zada stops them.

Next we focus on Quigley, Who at a Potluck Supper meets Zada.

A fake date Zada and Quigley go on to a restaurant where their meal ruined by Chet.

The more they hang out together the more they fall in love.

Turns out King Valor (A real villain) wants Chet dead, meanwhile the Mark Board is sending money to him.

Once someone named Penny enters the story things happen fast. It seems Penny had evidence on a sweatshop, which Quigley must retreat. Once this is in the hands of those who do the most good.

This then leads to the Marks against Zada to be removed, and her and Quigley getting married. As for Prince Chet, he gets his in the end.

A nice short novel which tells of how beauty can become so important that beauty drugs and plastic surgery can become common as the cold. Here we get the story of Zada and Quigley who simply want to be together. But Prince Chet demands a mistress, and there are forces in this world beyond their understanding. But that is where this book shines. We see their struggles, but will they succeed? Only time will tell. Well worth checking out, like the author’s other works.

Beauty Lessions: A Horribly Titled Dystopian Romance is available for free on Kobo

Furry Galaxy 75: Pandora’s Box: Book Review

When I start reading any book, I go in totally unprepared. All I knew was that I was about to read a family friendly furry book. The story starts out at Quasar Strange Toys and Shipping, which is housed in its own space station with Toby trying to steal a shuttle to save the woman that he desperately loves (Braquel), from the very 1st day that they ever meet, even though he really never told her this would weave me through a tapestry of dozens of little stories that work flawlessly with the main tale.

We got to meet Harold, Violet and all their friends as well as their enemies, including Col. Thayer, who at this point just wanted to send Toby to the brig. Who wanted to steal a shuttle after the ship Braquel was on had this incident where she was the only survivor.
The main plot of this novel is how Braquel is going to be rescued and those behind it and all the little stories in between. We were introduced to many characters and what I found was a delight. It wasn’t what they were called, it was the way they were described where you had to use your imagination to picture what they even looked like. But also we find out if they are good or evil. When we are introduced to Minerva, who at this point is Head of Security for Quasar Strange Toys and Shipping, who actually has their own motives to want Toby out of the picture, it does involve a group called The Order.
Meanwhile Braquel has safely landed upon a planet. We find out that there is a threat against her and she is brought to the Ministry’s Safe House, before escaping.

Harold was arrested for being a corporate spy, and Larva turned out to be a human furry. There is talk about expelling them from the station.

But when 2 Medusa ships crash into the station, Toby, Harold and Wilhelmina decide to rescue as many as they can. As their bosses are the first ones to flee this chaos, leaving everyone else to their own fates.

The trio run into many friends as well as enemies.

During this time Minerva admits that she wanted to kill Braquel and gives out her reasons as she tries to kill Toby. Minerva turned out to be both a murderer and thief who has her own means of escape.

But everyone is rescued, and the survivors are safe.

They finally land and immediately look for supplies as well as clues on where is Minerva?
They found where she was, but Pod Express claimed she died. But everyone believes that they are lying…Toby and Harold return to Pod Express to find the crew with the help of Dash.

Toby makes a temporary departure as he is on an assignment for the Fairy Government.
Meanwhile, Braquel goes to Joe’s Repair Shop and tries to contact Quasar Strange Toys and Shipping and then finds out what happens. As there is a plot elsewhere of the death of Toby and his friends.
Braquel gets a job but only for 1 shift at Sir Chicken of Camelot but she has a visitor and it’s Alison via The Pandora’s Box and gives her an update of current events.
We learn of a prophecy involving Braquel.

Then suddenly a box spoke to Braquel and we got a glimpse of future events.

When Toby and friends return from Pod Express, they discover Violet in the pod they receive.

Gladiola kills Dash and then tells Minerva she is getting picked up.

Toby and friends take a break for a little musical theater all as Violet discovers her room aboard the ship has been overrun by Happy Evil Pets.

Turns out Violet and Harold are in love.

We do get some action when looking for Fire Gems, Violet and Toby are attacked by robots.
Although the story contains many interesting characters, I found one especially interesting and that would be, Belly Man and Joe. They inhabit the same body. While Belly Man wants to help Braquel. Joe seems to have his own agenda. Breaking into Braquel’s shuttle, stealing what little valuables she has, Joe made a huge mistake while committing check fraud. When Toby is able to send Braquel money so she could make her way back. Joe “Borrows” said that money not realizing the money was spent that it could only be used to help Braquel. That was so much fun.

The Pandora Box or boxes are the most unusual aspect of this novel. It is both a tool for good and evil. Do good. The box recharges for a 2nd use, do evil, it takes part of your mortal soul. It also can be used to exchange gifts as well as information which becomes very important later in the tale.

When Violet is taken prisoner, and Braquel aids in her escape through one of those Pandora Boxes.

Although the ending with all these loose ends might seem to leave you hanging. All of this is resolve and the best thing I can say. Everyone, including Braquel and Toby who get married, gets what they want the most…if they are good. But if they are evil they get what they deserve the most.

Overall Furry Galaxy 75 was an interesting adventure with great characters. A simple marvelous story for one like me who simply loves little tales I was in heaven. I got to know everyone in this story well, you understand their motives and what actually drives them.
Personally I can’t wait to see what is the next work of Van Hill Millville. I eagerly await the next adventure.

The book can be found HERE for FREE Copy

Furry Book Review: Owo *whats this*: A Guide to the Furry Fandom by Avery Miller

I was contacted by Avery Miller more than a year ago to write a review of their book. I am sorry to say it took until now before I finally read it. For a 1st effort it’s okay, but the book is for newbie furs only. Frankly I have seen YouTube videos that cover these same topics this book covers far better. The one thing I totally found annoying was the QR codes to now get this YouTube videos. Even my own attempts to help newbies was far better than this rather short book. Let us hope Avery Miller’s next book is better.

If I have to score this I give it 2 stars out of 5

Link to Amazon