The Suburban Jungle: Rough House

The Suburban Jungle Rough House is published by Fur Planet and can be found HERE

You can see from the cover alone why I even bought this collection of The Suburban Jungle comics. I will fully admit I knew nothing about that series before I bought that book.

But what I found was a truly enjoyable comic that made me laugh. It tells the tale of Charity Cheeger, an eager young woman who is made manager of a beach hotel by her Uncle Leonard who just bought the place sight unseen. But what she finds is a slightly rundown hotel with a collection of characters from bikers to sun-worshiping bartenders and staff that exchange a place to sleep for actual pay. Plus through in a monster hermit crab who wants to use the actual hotel as a new home. You got one wild and fantastic story, and that twist how they got rid of that monster made me laugh, a bathtub filled with melted butter.

The book contains a 2nd tale of Charity Cheeger’s plan to use a Best Body on The Beach contest to buy the hotel after her uncle threatens to sell the place. But things do work out in the end and the hotel is saved but not as planned…but still I thought quite funny.

Although this one collection is seemly out of print. The entire collection is available from Fur Planet HERE

Review and Download of Cute Fuzzy Crime #1

Is a compilation of 4 comics the first The Caterwall story by Jim Hardiman AKA Good Samaritans. Which can best be described as a “Gang Fight”, bloody, few survivors and the art is excellent, very lifelike.

Savage Squirrel by Kjartan taking on Tony the Tiger and the Care Bears pure fun, sometimes you just want to see them sprayed with gunfire.

Dynamite Bob by Richard A. Wright and Steven R. Addlesse taking on a bomber it’s apart of the Carc & Slide comic series and is equally excellent.

The last is Freddie Fox by Artdevnull answers the age-old furry question what does a hungry anthro fox does with a knife gets their food, and what if they are bothered by an equally hungry bear minus the knife. Lots of blood and pure fun.

I wanted to see what Artdevnull was doing recently to maybe add something to this review. I did find their FA page which hasn’t been updated in 6 years. To bad, I love their work.

Overall I give this comic a solid 10, well worth checking out.

You can both view and download the comic here