Review and Download of Cute Fuzzy Crime #1

Is a compilation of 4 comics the first The Caterwall story by Jim Hardiman AKA Good Samaritans. Which can best be described as a “Gang Fight”, bloody, few survivors and the art is excellent, very lifelike.

Savage Squirrel by Kjartan taking on Tony the Tiger and the Care Bears pure fun, sometimes you just want to see them sprayed with gunfire.

Dynamite Bob by Richard A. Wright and Steven R. Addlesse taking on a bomber it’s apart of the Carc & Slide comic series and is equally excellent.

The last is Freddie Fox by Artdevnull answers the age-old furry question what does a hungry anthro fox does with a knife gets their food, and what if they are bothered by an equally hungry bear minus the knife. Lots of blood and pure fun.

I wanted to see what Artdevnull was doing recently to maybe add something to this review. I did find their FA page which hasn’t been updated in 6 years. To bad, I love their work.

Overall I give this comic a solid 10, well worth checking out.

You can both view and download the comic here