Interns Vol 3 Pre Order

Make sure to Pre-Order the long awaited Internship 3 by@JackalooComics in book or pdf form! You can also get bundled versions of the books, pdfs or both at! With plenty of time before the launch at #MFF2022, start reading up on the Internship series!

Spacebun by INOBY Now Available

Join us in a harrowing adventure IN SPACE! Our cottontail crew is hot to hop into action exploring the universe &, more importantly, each other! A hare-raising tale of intimate interstellar inquiries! Check out

@Fresh_AssMint “Spacebunz” available now at LINK

The Fluffer by Ruaidri Now Available

Being a fluffer on a porn set isn’t all it’s cut out to be and Kyle is tired of doing all the hard work with no reward. But this crafty fennec has a plan to get with the horse hunk of his dreams. Check out Ruaidri’s “Fluffer” at LINK