“Ensign Mewly” written and narrated by Mary E. Lowd | A Tri-Galactic Trek Short Story

Uglier A Terrible Sounding Dystopian Romance

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What this is: by Le Maironi

This player, who is on this website (Hi, Song!), Discord, and whom I’m actually still playing with (this moment happened quite recently in fact) helped shape the Sterid Empire into what it is. He created the Lord, Lordling and Top Servant (Richard, Aldin and Tiavo respectively) of the Earl estate and laid the basis for there being seven more (Falamus, Rey, Torres, Davelied, Caelum, Hargreave, McCannock). He made the Forest of Wisps (on the inner edge of which this takes place!) and was the first person to put up with my complicated class system instead of buying the weapons and then being naturally classed from there. He started as an Elementalist-Black and at the time of the drawing had made his way to Pigment mage.

Lucid, an NPC Crystallist who had joined alongside him, was admiring the tree that had been planted at the player character’s birth and, due to the rituals of his tribe, he would be buried under. He recounted the tale of how he had become a sorcerer, having met the True Elements after taking a nasty fall in the mountain trail. They gave him a blood pact and saved his life for a price: using magic would destroy him slowly. He worked for years to mitigate this effect, but even now, if he really needs something done powerfully, he draws blood as an offering to honor the pact… the rest of the group had already seen this in action and fear him for it. He tore through the Void in order to save our Runner, Vhale, from his own sacrifice.

Lucid’s story was a bit more lighthearted. Before the Genocide of the Foxkin occurred as he was a teenager, he had lived in a religious colony dedicated to Sathon, the Aster of Creation. He was the son of the High Oracle, Emeka Avir, and therefore destined to become an Oracle himself. Which caused a little trouble. You see, in their religious texts, it says that the Priests and Oracles of Creation must remain silent, as Sathon himself had toiled in silence to create the world, and Lucid was just about the loudest mouth in the Colony. Eventually, the High Oracle signed off on sealing his voice away — a seal he still has, for the record — and Lucid was mute. He HATED being mute. And then a friend of his showed him Crystallism, transferring status effects from person to person. He saw his chance. He studied Crystallism day and night along with the Books, trying to see if it worked on divine seals.

It would only work for an hour once every week, but that would be all he needed to raise hell, and even made it easier to hide how he was doing it. During that hour he would tear through the colony, shouting obscenities from the top of his lungs, evading the grasps of the Priests attempting to save High Oracle Avir’s reputation, and then get caught at the end of his hour, relishing in the fact that they could not, for the life of them, figure out how he was speaking around his seal.

A strange tale of sex and rabbits By SwampRat

‘So weak..’ The bat fluttered downward then back up again, but was steadily losing altitude.


What The? Damn.. ‘Something fell in the pool’ finally came into my sleep-dulled brain. The Pool?!? Grabbing a robe and jumping into my slippers, I went out to try and save whoever had fallen in.. And stood there staring at a rabbit. A 3-foot-Tall Rabbit. A 3-foot-Tall Female Rabbit?!? She didn’t have a stitch on. She was also soaked. I gently picked her up, feeing for a pulse. Sluggish but there.. I picked her up, trying not to stare. Damn hard, as she was well-built, especially for a bunny. Carefully cradling her to my chest, and soaking my robe in the process, I carried her into the house. Laying her down beside the fire, I went in and hung my robe up to dry. A noise made me rush back, heedless of my condition. She had coughed. And was now shivering. Her forehead was cold and damp. Stroking what I dared of her body Seemed to help a bit. Damn…

And I was too sleepy to do much more tonight. What the hell.. Getting a blanket and a pad from the closet, I rolled it out and put her on it. Then lay down next to her. She Immediately wrapped herself around me, pressing her cold body to mine. Nothing I could do about it now.. I tossed the blanket over us and gently stroking her back, fell into sleep myself.

I awoke to see the moon low in the sky, the clock chimed three, And my ‘guest’ was awake. She was lying beside me. Her eyes were green. Like twin emeralds they stared into mine.. I found I couldn’t look away.. A paw slid down and stroked my cock, which was hard and throbbing.

“Nice..” I blushed.

Her front canines gleamed in the light, longer than any I had ever seen before. She licked my cheek, rolling me over onto my back. Green eyes looked Through me, coming to rest on what her paws was softly stroking.

“Very nice.. Not too long, not too big. But Fat. Full of blood…”

The rabbit rubbed it against herself, shuddering, making me gasp. She leaned down, wrapping her membrane-shrouded arms around my sides.

“Take me..”

As I slid my erection into her, the rabbit arched, growling. Funny I hadn’t noticed the ‘wings’ before. She slid her cool tongue across a nipple, biting it none too gently, as I sank in to the hilt.

Cool… So very cool. It was almost like screwing a corpse. Then she looked up at me And all that mattered was mating with my mistress. She sank those wicked fangs into my shoulder.. And I didn’t even feel them. My entire being was focused on my loins. The mammal lapped at the trickle of blood coming from the wound, pressing my head to her breast. Her nipples were cold as her vagina, but very hard and I did my best to warm them.. Suddenly she arched up, Gasping like a fish out of water..

“Are you all right? Oh..”

She shuddered, and there was no doubt whatsoever she had hit nirvana.. And it was hitting back! The animal fell on top of me panting.. I stroked her back, believing that was enough for one night.. Hah! She nuzzled my chest, gently biting at my tits. Then was up and hunching over me again..

“Yes! Yes! Ahhhh, Yes!”

And then it was shudder, gasp moan, and flop on top of me again. After the fourth or fifth time, my nuts exploded and took my head with them..

I awoke to an aching shoulder and crotch. ‘Just a dream then..’ I took a shower, got dressed, and did some chores. The news said something about a break-in at a blood bank.

“Weirdo’s..” I muttered.

Tired, I napped most if the afternoon away, then about dusk, caught up on my work. ‘That report’s done..’

“Good Evening.”

And damn near spilled coffee all over it! ‘What?’

I turned.. And saw a tall nude female rabbit, with membranes between her arms, staring at me like I was a carrot patch.

“I.. Wish to thank you for last night.”

I thought she did a good enough job of That last night! Said as much.. She grinned, revealing long canines.

“Indeed. I Am Glad you enjoyed our tryst..”

I had to blush, and she sashayed over to sit in my lap.

“You have eaten? Good.. I wish no interruptions.”

A paw reached over and pulled the power cord to the computer. Did the same to the phone-line.

“Come..” Her green eyes bore through me. “Let us retire to the bedroom.”

I couldn’t have said no if I wanted to! Not that I wanted to.. It had been some months since my last steady lover, and I didn’t care for the bar-scene. She undid my shirt and tossed it, doing the same to my pants. Stepping out of them, and my underwear, I stood a moment as she requested.

The rabbit knelt. Caressed me into hardness.. Licked it with a long cool tongue.

So warm! This human warmed her almost as much as Blood. She could Feel the veins throbbing as she sucked it into her muzzle. One bite. Just one.. No. He was special. Kind, Generous.. She Might bite him in the throes of orgasm.. But Never deep, never enough to hurt him badly. Deeper. Down her throat went the head. Not having to breathe unless one Wanted to was sometimes a blessing.. To the Hilt and nuzzle the fur that smelled so wonderfully of Male. Clawed fingers gripped his nuts, as suction was applied.. Empty his hot cum down her gullet.. Then between her legs again. Make sure he gets off Hard. Rest, jet her body warm with his fluids. Then perhaps under the tail? On all fours so she can Feel his nuts slap her butt. It has been Decades since a male took her like a Beast.

Bobbed her head faster, squeezed the ‘eggs’ gently. Yes.. Moan for me. Enjoy our matings. It will be several years before I tire of you.. Pulled back as scalding hot cum gushed into her mouth. Swallowed it all, feeling it warm her stomach and surrounding area. Kept him hard with bites and kisses..

I felt the mattress in my back, My Mistress crawling over to press her cool nipples to my face. I sucked and bit on them as ordered, while she slipped my cock into her almost cold vagina. Fire and Ice.. I Burned her, She cooled me. Warmed as she bounced, arched over me, raking my chest.. Squeezing my cock so it blasted into her. Lay over me licking the rills of blood her claws made.

“Rest.. You need your strength..”

A thought came – “Mistress.. May I cum on your breasts some time?”

“You Like My tits?”

I Loved her tits.

“You enjoy My Nipples?”

I Loved her Nipples.

“You would Like to watch me tongue them? Lick your Sweet cum from them?”

She Squeezed me and I saw nothing but darkness as I filled her with my seed again.

She looked at her Lover. So – On my Tits is it? Mmmmmm – Maybe when you are on top you will pull out and splatter my belly. Rub you hot seed in my flesh.. Jerk off over my butt – Clean it with your Hot human tongue. Or anothers… Sisters shared males sometimes. They would have to be careful – He Was only a Human.

The female bent over and gnawed on his balls, teeth raking the skin.. Not hard enough to break it, Just to abuse it a little. Her internal clock said sunrise was not far off.. Damn.

“I want you to sleep now.. Get up and do your mundane tasks. Make sure you eat good. So when I return we can continue..”

“Yes Mistress.”

Grinned and kissed the Human.

“See you tonight.. Lover.”

Then she was gone. And he fell asleep.

‘What a vivid dream.. Maybe I can recapture it.’

The End

A Night at The Undergrowth By SwampRat

Mahamara stood at attention. Not even the new stripe on his sleeve cheered him. The commander was dead… The new one was a boozing, greedy bastard unfit to lead a flock of birds. His head thumped as he too drank to excess, but not because he loved a drink. No, indeed, he Hated the stuff. But, it was either drink or go mad! At last. The procession was over. And the lion-man felt even worse than before.

‘What a travesty..’ He headed into the local town as soon as he possibly could. Letting his feet wander where they would, the being shook his head again. Why was fate so cruel? The more he thought about the coronation, the more he decided to do himself in with a drink… What’s this? He stood in front of a bar he had never seen before. It was near the SpacePort, on
the Wrong side of town. What the hell… Nothing in there could kill him. And even if they did, he would probably be better off… Mahamara became the center of attention as he entered. All the beings were male… How strange.

They looked at him like.. Meat. He didn’t care… As long as the bar served him, he could care less what the locals thought. Or what they looked like… The lion-man walked to the stool and sat on it. The tender came over, dressed like nothing he had ever seen before.

“What is the strangest thing you have?” A hand pressed itself against his
thigh. He followed it up to a pair of blue eyes… “Sapwort..” The entire bar inhaled sharply, and the tender stared at the man. Mahamara ignored the hand…As long as it didn’t go higher. “Very well then… Sapwort.” The man pushed his glass forward. “The same..” It came in a metal mug, foamed like an eddy, and smelled like a dirty sock. However, the taste was of nothing… He chugged the entire contents down. The human beside him grinned and lifted his mug, saluted the male, downing his own concoction. “Another round, ‘Keep..” The next one was sipped on, as something was interfering with his coordination. Perhaps it was that hand between his legs. Between?! Fingers were stroking his balls…

Damn, but the Females in this bar were forward… And strange-looking. However, he wasn’t above giving as good as he got. He reached over to his right, and grabbed a handful of butt, squeezing it. It’s owner squealed, wriggling in his grasp. He chuckled… “Care to go into the back room?” Well… Right to the point.

He finished the second drink and found his tab paid.. Hands grabbed him
and led him to a door marked “Private”. He had never been to an orgy before,
but he was also a Lion-man, afraid of nothing! The door was opened and he was
half-dragged inside… Sex was all around him. The sharp tang of sweat was
mingled with the muskiness of male bodies, and the sweet scent of ejaculate.
Moans and grunts all but drowned out the speakers droning some song or another. His guides found a spot on a padded bench and dropped him onto it. Hands peeled his clothes off and placed them neatly in a pile. Hands stroked
his furry body, as somebody nipped at his chest. He growled, pulling ahead up to kiss the rouged lips. Then groaned as a mouth found his erection. Damn! Human females knew how to take care of a male! They didn’t stop at just licking on it either.

Warmth engulfed him.. Then gulped as the nuts somebody was fondling exploded…Too much drink… Somebody laughed and he felt anger… For a moment. Then found it was hard to feel much of anything… Except for the hands on his butt. Something was poking him under his tail… A finger? It was an awfully thick finger… But the female seemed to know what she was doing, for as it opened his ass up, his cock stirred again. A dick found it’s way into his hand. He felt it, stroking the man-meat. After all, it Was an orgy. Somebody wriggled a fat butt into his lap. His other hand went to caress the body, as the creature impaled itself on him.. Wow! This one was tight…Perhaps human females were small. His senses were dulled to the point that he found himself lapping on a butt that had a cock deep in it. Then nibbling on a pair of hairy nuts… It didn’t matter anymore. The flesh was pressed on his body in various places. When liquid entered his mouth, he drank it. When his testicles lurched in hand or mouth, he groaned and hunched. Finally, somebody took his hand and led him out into the dark.

A stray sunbeam came through the shutter and hit a tawny eyelid. Its owner rolled over.. And awoke to a muzzy hangover. Had he tied one on last night!
Someone stirred beside him. Oho… So, he had gotten lucky as well. A hand
stroked his chest, toying with the golden mane. His eyes went wide as his hand encountered a cock. Impossible! The male gave him another kiss, sliding up his leg. Before he could say anything, the human flung a leg over his thighs and straddled him. The erect penis slid between the muscular butt-cheeks and dribbled pre-cum on them. The youth giggled. “You are my first Lionman..” ‘This is not happen.. Yipe‘ With a shudder the male impaled himself on the jutting pole, slowly sliding down to the root. Mahama was stunned. He was buggering a human… A Male Human… And Enjoying it!
This was too much. He flopped back on the bed and allowed the man to ride him. “

You were a Big hit at the Undergrowth last night… Everybody wanted to ride the lion.” Mahamara groaned, feeling aches and pains in very unfamiliar places. His mouth tasted like a boot leather.. The man continued to slide on his cock. He growled as his nuts sent shivers of pleasure up his spine and he hunched. “Mmmm, Yes! Fuck me..”

The youth bent down and kissed the leonine. Who found he liked the lip-press.
He snarled and dug his hands into the smooth butt-flesh. Then howled, surging
up to bury every last inch in the hot ass and spurt his cum deep into it.
Flopping back, he lay, basking in the afterglow, as the male worked himself around the still pulsating pole. “Wow…What a butt-filler… Love it!” He uncorked himself, and with another kiss, went to the bathroom. Mahamara lay in the bed, not sure what to think. As was the way of a warrior,
he had not lain with any of the females in his homeworld, nor had he taken advantage of anyone here… And in one night, he had lost his virginity. In more ways than one, if the ache under his tail told the truth… And he found himself not caring in the least. The male appeared at the door. “Care to take a shower? You can scrub my back..” The lion-man leaped off the bed and swept the male up in his arms. “You bet I’ll scrub your back!” he growled, kissing his lover.

                         * * *

The next free time found Mahamara again at the Undergrowth. This time he drank beer and watched the performances as males courted other males. Many who went into the back room came out alone… To return with another mate. Some, bedraggled and smelling of sex drifted out the door. Others left hand in hand, to join in other rendezvous. But, no matter how many hands stroked his mane (or other places), he would smile and pat a cheek, or stroke a smooth butt. But he was waiting. “Sapwort, Please..” The lion-man was off his stool and converging towards the voice in a heartbeat. Many bodies intercepted him as they found he had an erection, with a piece of flimsy material hiding it. From the view, but not from hands and thighs… “You..” he snarled. The man turned…Blue eyes stared into his. Spacer eyes… They took his frame in, showed interest in the bulge at his crotch, and returned to question him. “is this stool taken?” A shake of the dark head. The leonine grinned and sat on the stool with sensuous grace. And more than a little lust. “Come here often?” A groan arose at That old chestnut.

“Whenever I am onplanet..” Definitely Spacer. He leaned over and growled low.
“What the hell did you do to me last rotation?” A grin. “I opened your eyes…You Didn’t Have to take the path. It was there, and you followed it… Of course, if you no longer like the scenery, You are free to take another.” He handed the lion-man a card.

“Temple Of Pan – Who?” A grin… “Beings who believe mating is fun, No matter
the race or sex of the participants. I myself am bi… I enjoy males and
females.” Mahamara’s head spun… The human grinned and tilting his head back, swallowed the mug’s contents in a long swallow. Then dropped a bill on the bar and stood. “Wait!” The man leaned forward. “Give me a call sometime, Soldier..” Another groan as that line made its rounds. Then he kissed the muzzle with a passion that curled the tufted tail, turned and walked out… A half-dozen offers to retire to the Back Room, and even a hand on his cock was ignored. He shook himself and stood. Followed the arm up to a painted male, who slid his purple tongue out and licked scaly lips. He shook his head, then grasped the wrist. “Leave it there… At least until we get to the Back.” Bi, eh? He tucked the card into his pouch, then grabbed a scaled ass. And so clasped, the pair went into the Back Room.

The End

A lionman goes on leave.. – By SwampRat

The sound of drums filled the room. Asake growled deep in his throat. He took
another sip of reedle. ‘This had damn well better be worth the expense..’ A
shield appeared.. It shone in the darkness. A head popped out from behind the oval.. It was a round face, painted white on black. A Human? Hmmm… Well,
really shouldn’t expect a back-eddy like this to have a Leonine. The being moved around him, dancing. Bells on the ankles jangled his nerves. Made him edgy. Hmmm.. Then he sniffed. ‘What?’ His nose wasn’t lying. “Damnit!
I specifically said I wanted a Female!!” The bald man grinned. Whirled.
Continued to dance.

Despite himself, the lionman found his heart pounding, his claws tensing. But the male had no weapon. It didn’t matter. He was the hunted. He was the prey.. Around the chair, the man moved, searching his foe out.. Closer and closer the dark one came. Suddenly, the man flung the shield to one side, both hands gripping a non-existent spear. They held it aloft. Then plunged downward. To slide across the expansive chest and caress the hard nipples. The maned head lolled. His stomach muscles relaxed, having tensed to meet a
blow that never came. ‘No… I shall never…’ He opened his eyes to stare into brown ones.

‘It’s the drug..’ He grunted, lifting his head to press his muzzle to the
human’s mouth.
The male returned the kiss, then slid himself into the leonine lap. In time to the slow drums, the warm orifice moved across his chest,
finding first one tit, then the other. Both were well explored my lips, teeth, and tongue. Then the male went downward, stroking the ribs, patting the slight paunch, and finally resting on his groin. Claws bit deep into the chair arms.
‘He wouldn’t.. He’s not actually…’ A rumbled growl came from deep inside the animal as he felt a hand grasp his erection. He forced his eyes open to watch the human slide a wet tongue across his cock. Asake twisted, thrust his hips up as his maleness was engulfed in warmth. No female felt like this… Shit!
Nothing Felt Like This!! Fingers dug into his tawny rump, kneading the bony flesh. A tongue worked him into a frenzy.. ‘Too much…’ The lionman came,
roaring and hunching. The man simply sucked harder, swallowing the sticky semen rapidly. A paw held onto the smooth head, stroking it… Then fell to lay, claws extending and retracting as the man bobbed over his dick. The too sensitive head screamed in pleasure/pain, and it’s owner writhed in the male’s embrace. This time both paws locked on the skull-like neck,
holding it in place.

“Stop… Please…” The fingers finally let go, gently stroking his thighs and stomach. The Captain also let go, collapsing back into the chair. “Damn, but you are good..” He fondled an ear. But the mouth didn’t move… That is it Did move… Back up to torture the tip with whip-like flicks of the tongue and to
scrape teeth against the underside. The reddish flesh was hard and seeping
again in no time.

Asake gulped another glass of reedle.. He would need strength if he was to again mate with the male’s mouth.. But the man had other plans. He stood and wriggled his butt in the animal’s face. ‘This is indecent! Perverted!!’ Paws grabbed the dark thighs and the half-circles to his face. He licked them, bit them, mauled them. Then, with a snarl, pulled the ass down to his crotch. They both moaned as the tip pressed itself against the crinkled anus. But the leonine didn’t just shove it in.. Oh, no. He teased the hole by flicking his penis against it, leaving sticky trails of pre-cum. Then shoved the pointed head up and in until the orifice started to open to accept the fiery poker… And pulled back out. The male groaned at being teased so.

He suddenly shifted, tossing the human out of his lap. Then lazily followed the body down. The man got up and looked over his shoulder, just as Asake
knelt behind him. With a toothy grin, the captain let his cock sink into the upturned ass. Then resting his belly on the man’s back, nuzzled the hairless head. “Move for me..” He growled, pressing himself harder against the male.
The human obliged, sliding his hips forward, then back, to re-sheath the thick cock. Slowly at first, then faster and harder the buttocks shoved themselves into the golden-furred crotch. The lionman found himself groaning and matching the male’s thrusts with his own. The passage was tight and pulled on his cock. He threw his head back, teeth clenched, buggering the man deeply.
His balls ignited, fanned by friction and drink. He rested his head on the
sweaty back and poured cum into the twitching asshole.

Furrows were dug in the wood floor as the animan grunted over his lover. One
last shuddering hunch and his nuts emptied themselves entirely. They slowly rolled onto their sides, and lay, pressed together. The man stirred.. And was held. Rough paw-pads stroked his chest and sides. Only when the shrinking penis slipped free of the clutching anus to disappear back into its sheath,
did the captain allows the male to get up. He fondled the swaying balls,
stroked the semi-erect penis, and sighed.

He was shown to a stall and took a warm shower. Dried and re-dressed, he returned to his crew. They stood, with a look that could only mean one thing.. The first-mate finally breached the question. “How was your leave, Captain?” He shrugged. “She was alright.. For not being Leonese.” Then twitched his whiskers, grinning..

As he passed his First, he grabbed a pawful of trousered butt. “You Son-Of-A-
Bitch.. He was Great! And the next time I go on leave.. You are coming with
me.” Ktarr grinned himself and nodded, watching the Captain make his way aft in more than just a friendly way. Then he sighed and turned back to the matters at hand.

The End

Jack meets a Wolf by Zane Lewis

As a young boy, Jack had always loved the night. It’s secret darkness, it’s never seen sounds. Now, all of 16, he was walking along a moonlit path, enjoying himself. Jack knew he should be returning to camp, but just a few minutes more of this wonderful solitude…. A noise?! Jack turned, and peered up the path. Nothing there, must have been a deer. He scanned the clearing before him…. He laughed and hugged himself in youthful exuberance. `Mom always did complain about my imagination’, he thought, sitting on a rock.

As much as he would like to stay longer, Jack knew he would be missed. It was half-past nine now, and it was a good 5 miles back to camp. There was that noise again… Jack got up, and saw seven feet of the biggest, shaggiest something materialize out of the woods. It grinned, and way too many teeth gleamed in the moonlight. “Don’t ye know what happens to little boys, who go out in the wood, in the night? They get eaten by big, bad, wolves…. ” The half growl/half chuckle, sent a shiver up his spine. Jack’s mind refused to work. He stood, as dumfounded as a deer blinded by car lights, as it loped towards him. Only when it was close enough for Jack to plainly see it’s all-too human eyes, did his body break out of it’s slumber.

The young man turned, and ran. Faster than he had ever run before. Not heeding branches, or shrubs, or roots… No, No! This can’t be happening. But it was. He tripped, and fell. A hand-paw latched itself onto his ankle. Jack would have screamed, but his vocal cords refused to obey their terrified master. Another one grabbed his pants leg. Jack frantically pulled at his belt buckle, then his pants, and zipper. He jerked forward, just as the monster tugged, and was propelled flat on his face, his shorts pooled around his ankles. Jack kicked them off, and ran, giggling madly, as he looked over his shoulder at a werewolf who was wearing a pair of jockey shorts, one ear sticking out of a leg hole.

The boy ran, and ran, until he couldn’t run anymore. He stood, bent over, hands on knees, breathing hard. His shirt stuck to his sweaty body… Like a bad nightmare, his mind refused to dwell on it had seen. The boy leaned against a tree, trying to re-gather his breath, and work out a stitch in his side… A large furry paw clamped hard on the back of his neck, and Jack found himself lifted in the air, unable to even open his mouth. Paralyzed with fear and exhaustion, he could only wait, helpless. While one paw held him easily, the other ran itself across his body, feeling him up through the soaked shirt. Something warm, and wet rubbed itself against the small of his back, and ran down one butt-cheek, leaving a sticky trail. ‘What the Hell?!?’ thought Jack, ‘If it is going to kill me, why not get on with it..’ But this creature had other plans! The werewolf tossed him onto the soft grass, then it lay on top of the squirming teen. He felt it’s furry body press against his back and something pointed pressed against the valley of his buttocks.

Then three things happened almost at the same time; The hand that held his neck, clamped itself across his mouth, the other paw dug cruelly into one thigh, and the pointed stick that was poking around his neither end, grew into a sharpened telephone pole, as it plowed a furrow in his butt flesh, and forged a passage up into his bowels. His anus clamped tightly around the slick intruder, as Jack screamed into the furred spider, that enveloped his face. The creature snarled in his ear, then it jerked him up, getting up on the balls of it’s feet, knees on either side of his thighs. Now both paws pulled the boy’s ass back, until it’s mammoth cock was fully buried, his butt pressed into the furred groin, and it’s balls rubbed his. Then it shoved forward, pressing Jack’s knees into the ground, putting him in the “doggy” position. It rested a moment enjoying the sensation, then yanked half the length of it’s bloodied cock out, and digging both paws cruelly into the boy’s chest, claws raking his nipples, it howled, and slammed in to the hilt. Again, and again, it’s hairy hips compressed his rear, a voice full of gravel snarling in his ears, paws roaming across his body. Even though this had gone on for only a few minutes, Jack thought he was going to die. The pain was too great… But young men are nothing if not pliable, and his body got used to the intruder.

Tendrils of feeling weaved a complicated pattern across his brain. Waves of pain intertwined with pleasure made Jack shake his head. There was a third feeling… something like a cobweb. There, but not-there. Jack wasn’t sure who was more surprised by his erection, the man or the wolf. A paw encircled it, moving slowly at first, then faster, masturbating the boy with equal, but opposite oscillations. A snarl of lust rippled from Jack’s lips, and he bowed his back, thrusting back at the animal. The youth didn’t believe it! He was actually enjoying this!! It suddenly stopped. `Don’t stop now, dammit!’, he thought, twisting his head sideways, to look at his tormentor. The creature grinned at him, then lifted him like a stick-doll. Grabbing one of his legs, the Werewolf spun the young man on it’s cock, so they were now face to face. “I told ya some big, bad, wolf was gonna eat ya!” Jack didn’t feel the ground, even though the monster slammed his shoulders into it. Nor did he notice ten claws digging deeply into his buttocks.

The human’s entire being consisted of eight inches of purple-red flesh, which was getting licked upon, nibbled at, and vigorously sucked upon. Jack was sure he was going to be torn in two, and he didn’t care. A silent tree fell on him… The boy babbled, and dug his fingers in the grass, as the first orgasm of his young life ripped through his neural passages. His cock rippled, then spurted into a cavernous maw that threatened to suck everything down to his shoes into it. He rolled his head, anus squeezing on the hilt of the gigantic dick buried in him, and body contorting, trying simultaneously to pull the animal’s groin up to it’s tail into his ass, and shove everything between his chest and his knees into it’s muzzle. The huge cock swelled, then bucked, as cum poured into the still moaning teen, which triggered a second wave, which engulfed Jack in warm darkness, even as the creature pressed it’s salivating muzzle against his yelping mouth in a lewd kiss…. He awoke, in his tent. What a weird dream! As soon as he moved, aching ass-muscles, a ripped shirt, and a taste most indescribable, told the young man otherwise. All that day, he wondered about it. And couldn’t find any answers…

The moon found him once again sitting on the rock by the lake. This time when he heard the growl, he stood quietly, and waited. The monster appeared in the woods, and moved slowly towards him. Jack broke out in a sweat. Part of him wanted to run away, part of him wanted to run towards the beast. But, he chewed on his lip, and waited. When it was a few feet in front of him, it stood up. The Werewolf was covered with fur that gleamed golden in the moon’s light. He barely came up to it’s huge chest. It snarled low, then walked forward, and grabbed his shoulder. “So human,” the creature grinned down at him, “you liked last night, and want more…” Jack nodded, not sure about anything, except his cock was getting hard, and the scent of the monster was making him dizzy. It growled and lifting his shirt, ran calloused paws across his hairless chest. It went down to it’s knees, and Jack dropped the shirt beside him. A wet nose pressed against one nipple, making it hard and the boy squirm. Then a warm tongue slid across it. The other one was being pawed at. Then mouth and paw exchanged breasts.

Jack moaned, as the tongue lapped it’s way downward. The paws rubbed his crotch, then deftly opened the belt, and pants, dropping the cloth to puddle around the teenager’s ankles. Now, the furred appendages rubbed his aching erection, and thumbs sliding under the waistband, pushed his underwear downward. The tongue left a sticky trail down the boy’s crotch, and teased his testicles. Jack caressed the hairy arms, while paws dug into his butt again. He grunted through clenched teeth. It was all he could do not to beg the monster to move the organ of taste that was flicking with abandon on his flesh, upwards. The nostrils quivered, as a drop of pre-cum squeezed it’s way out of the tortured cock.

A paw detached itself from the young man’s buttocks, and smeared the sticky fluid across it’s thin, rubbery lips. Jack moaned, the tongue both cleaning off the seeping tip, and it’s snout. After what seemed like an eternity, the mouth opened, and Jack yelped, as the horny creature pulled his maleness in, suction alone pulling it across the teeth. The doggish nose pressed into his crotch, drool ran warmly down his balls, while the tongue squashed it’s prisoner against the roof of a muscular mouth. Now, both paws ran up his sides, and played with the teenager’s chest, while the tongue rolled Jack’s organ around like a cigar. He gasped, and pumped his hips. Ecstasy made his breath come in pants, his hands tremble, and his legs jerk, as he fucked that wonderful muzzle. Boy turned into animal.. He tossed back his head and snarled, balls contracting, as the wildfire of orgasm swept though his system. Jack came back to reality, and found both hands holding onto the Werewolf’s skull with a death-grip.

But, instead of minding, the monster was trying to coax still more ejaculate out of the drained testicles. He gasped, shuddering, as the tongue rasped at the very-sensitive underside of his cock-tip. The monster finally let the limp dick slide out, then patted it. Jack sighed. He tried to psych himself up to receive another buggering. Instead, the monster took his hand and placed it on the thick pole jutting between it’s legs. He could feel it throbbing under his palm. He had never seen so big a dick before… For that matter, except for a few curious glimpses in the school showers, he had never seen another cock before. Fascinated, he closed his fingers around the flesh, letting then slowly slide down, then back. He thrilled, when it expanded in his hand, and the creature moaned. It lay on the ground, and let the young man do whatever he liked..

Trembling with lust, Jack used both hands to stroke on the thick maleness. From the dark reddish tip, to the brown sheath, he jerked on it. Eyes glued to the tip, he watched the slit open and seminal fluid trickled down the shaft, and across the back of his hand. Without thinking, he licked it off. A strange, wonderful taste assailed his tongue. This time, as the monster moaned, he gingerly licked on the seeping cock-head. All the Werewolf did was drag it’s claws through the grass, and groan, so he lapped it clean. Before the young man really knew what he was doing, Jack opened his mouth wide, and let the bulbous end rest on his tongue. It grew, and more of the stuff ran down into his mouth. He swallowed. The suction pulled another inch into his crowded oral cavity.

The creature howled softly, as the human continued frigging on his erection, lapping with abandon on the thick maleness. Jack felt the hugeness throb, and the tip swelled so big, it pried his jaws apart. Then something warm and sticky splashed against the back of his throat. He swallowed, hands still busy pulling on the thick skin. More of the stuff poured into his mouth. Jack suddenly wanted a taste of it. He pulled his head back, until just the bulbous tip was collared by his teeth. Nothing happened for a moment. Impatient, the young man gnawed on the fleshy cock-head. The monster shuddered, and thrust his hips up. Cum poured across the teenager’s tongue. Jack found he liked the sweet/salty flavor, and sucked harder, wanting more. But, even a Werewolf’s balls aren’t bottomless..

With one last heave of it’s loins, it gave up the last dregs of it’s lust to the youth who still wasn’t satisfied. At last, finding out that no matter what he did, there was no more of the elixir forthcoming, Jack let the piece of flesh drop out of his mouth. Now, his own cock demanded attention. He knelt on a furry chest, and shoved his erection at the hoary snout. A pinkish tongue lapped eagerly on the flesh, making him moan. Claws, stained with grass and dirt, rubbed his smooth buttocks. He grinned, as the mouth opened invitingly, reminding him of a crocodile. The youth jacked hard and fast on his meat, wanting to blow his wad all over the ‘doggy’. All too soon, the itch built under his balls. Jack growled, eyes slitted, as cum spurted out and into the waiting maw. Ejaculate ran down it’s tongue, pooled inside it’s jaws, was swallowed, even while another spurt turned the roof of it’s mouth into a sticky mess.

When the flood turned into a trickle, the monster pulled Jack closer, and clamped it’s teeth around his cock-head. All he could do was yell, and twist in an iron grip, as the Werewolf taught him about Butterfly-kissing, and long, slow licks, making sure his testicles were as empty as it’s own were. It swallowed one last time, and let the exhausted boy get up off of it, but not before planting a wet kiss on his shriveled ball-sack. The teen went down to the water and washed himself off on the cool water. When he turned around, the beast was gone. Jack collected his clothes, and made his way back to camp.

The next day he decided to take the Nature Hike. He got into a good, strong shirt, Levi’s, and a pair of walking shoes. But, when he got to the meeting place, he found himself alone. “Well, at least one of you is interested in Nature… ” The gruff voice came from behind him. He turned around, to stare into a very familiar pair of Green-Gray eyes. The smile broadened, showing canines just a bit too long. Jack returned the grin. This may turn out to be an interesting summer after all!

The End

Sir Elek And LeoMonk Volume one by Smith Sanchez

It is very seldom that I see an author make their book available for free, let alone a graphic novel but here it is.


In short I think it’s a good story and well worth checking out and why not it’s free.

Brother Fox by though-the-movies


When I first saw this I thought what a great image to post. Then I found it lead to one of the best stories I ever read. Check it out HERE

Chaos Fountain – Book 1 of The Chronicles of Ascension by DCBallard in the works

To quote Royalroadl.com


The story of Kyle Durlow and how he goes from Joe Nobody, to anything but. All because of a chance encounter on the streets of San Diego. From simply trying to convince himself that it was all some elaborate prank; to being convinced that this world he finds himself in was as real as the bank account his ex-girlfriend emptied for him. Kyle finds himself a fugitive from intergalactic justice, first running, and then turning the fight back on them. The Chaos Fountain is written from his perspective as he tries to get a handled on all he has been through, and what he has become after accepting the seemingly innocuous offer of a beer.

The story can be found here

There has been an update check out D. C. Ballard’s official site for availability