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You Can Write that Book! Tips for Furry Writers.  by Van Hill Millvele

People will put down your dream about writing. a book, but you can do this.  Here are some tips that I hope can help you.

  1. Have a set word length each day if you are planning to write a novel. If you write just a thousand words a day five days a week, then in ten weeks you will have 50,000 word length novels written.  If you can manage 5,000 words a day six days a week, you can write a novel in a week and half.  First drafts are rarely good, and the real writing is revisions, and this can be much slower.  While some claim to write 25,000 words a day, this wouldn’t be good for your body or they used speech to text apps. 
  2. I have a stockpile of books I have written that I am now revising for publication.  During this time not writing new fiction; I wrote and published two books of poetry.  You can write poetry, a cookbook, a self-help book, draw a graphic novel, or compile a book of interviews. Writing doesn’t have to be just novels.   
  3. Avoid writing bunnies, foxes as promiscuous. It is overdone.
  4. Avoid beating yourself over criticism. You got this and can do this.
  5. Avoid writing pro abuse about cubs or children.
  6. Write a world building file which includes info on what your furries eat, basic issues about their planets, planet names, and character names. When you change the name of a character reflect this in the file, and what the old name used to be. This will help you remember your characters’ names or spelling. I had forgotten to place a planet’s name in the file and my daughter pointed it out that I named the planet the wrong name.  I had to go through my other novels to figure out where I went wrong.   
  7. You can learn about your characters by writing them more. After you finish your novel or collection of short stories. You can write the same story from another character’s point of view, or a short story based on a small character. 
  8. Have a set day not to write.  On Sundays I write a few notes to myself of what chapters I need to write, but having a set this day I can’t write makes for better writing. 
  9. After you finished your book, start writing another book, and when you are done with that book edit the first book. 
  10. If you are submitting to traditional publishers, you do not need to hire an editor, but you need to spell, read, and grammar check it. If you can’t be bothered to read your book, why would anyone else want to? Use grammar apps, many have free versions. You will also need to listen to it, so read it out loud or feed it into a text to speech app. I know use a paid grammar program which also finds overused words.

Van Hill Millvele 

Lives in the state of confusion with her family.

Free Furry novels by Van Hill Millvele

The Frugal Furry/Scalie Fursuit by Van Hill Millvele

I will be honest with you Frugal and Furry are words that don’t usually work well together. That doesn’t have to be true.  You do not need to be a custom costume to be a Furry or even a costume at all.  If you really want a Fursuit and don’t want to be in debt or just can’t afford a full Fursuit.    If you want something really nice it will cost for materials and the maker’s time. Scheming is not what this article is about. Frugality isn’t about ripping people off, it is about living and spending more mindfully. 

I am not always perfect with mindful spending.  I am itching to buy a $9.00 eBook. The used print version of the book can cost hundreds, but the book is a major want. 

  1. Buy the head from a quality maker and use an off the rack tail and hands off of Amazon.  (You can wear the head with pajamas, favorite suit, dress, your old Star Trek uniform. There are super cute animal pajamas that you can buy online. This is cheaper, easier to wash, and makes your Fursuit more versatile.  It is much cheaper than a full fursuit.
  2. Make a fursuit/Scalie head yourself. (If you can sew.)  Make it out of leftover material you have in the house, even cheaper. A family member joked about gutting my ‘new to us’ couch for foam. My family member needed foam to make a base. I laughed but then smiled. “No, but the old couch we were throwing out is fair use.” We gutted that couch and washed the foam in pillowcases. 
  3. What if you want a really nice fursuit? If you have a job find out what debts need to be paid off and cut out unnecessary spending.  Would cutting cable, and getting Disney plus or Hulu save you money? Would packing lunches for work be an option?  How would you plan to buy your fursuit? 
  4. Never tease a person who chose a Dan Dee or Maskimusl instead of customizable. Sometimes people can’t afford a hand-sewn head, or is a growing teen, or need an extra-large head due to comfort or health issues. My first Fursuit head for myself was a Dan Dee.  It wasn’t a head I went out with, but it was fun. Some Furs are against this; you can also resew, or paint commercialized Furry/Scalie masks. This is more approved by Scalies than furs. Not everyone can afford a custom head. 
  5. Look for Fursuits makers on Etsy but be careful and check reviews. This was my families’ first custom Fursuit head was from Etsy, and while it wasn’t like SkyhighStudios, we loved it.  Just because a Fursuit head is expensive doesn’t mean it is quality, always check reviews no matter what seller you are buying from.
  6. Use thrift store finds for material and props.  Thrift stores can be gold mines for the Frugal Furry. I have seen furry pillows, cloth, and costume pieces.
  7. You probably don’t want to buy from sites that use other people’s Fursonas as their photos to sell their Fursuits, if you want quality work.  It isn’t kind to the maker who made the real fursuit. I’d rather see an imperfect suit for sale than one that doesn’t represent the maker. 


Van Hill Millvele enjoys being creative. Her Fursona’s name is Janky the Fuzzy Life Coach. Van writes weird Furry novels for free. Check out one of her novels here.

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Furry Galaxy 75: Pandora’s Box  “book 1”

Furry Galaxy 75: Dragonfly Probe “Book 2”

Book Review: Beauty Lessions: A Horribly Titled Dystopian Romance

By Van Hill Millvele

The author once again presents us with a rather unique world. This one focuses on beauty,
where plastic surgeons are more plentiful that telemarketers. It is also a world where you
can get a Mark, which downplays your role in society. Which can be given for any reason THEY see fit, the group that controls this also can leavy fines also for any reason THEY see
fit. But what happens to that money become an important point later in the story.

The story focuses on Quigley and Zada.

As Zada goes about her life, she is approached by Dr. Odette Bloodstone and offers plastic surgery.Her friend Chet (A Prince) sits next to her, Zada is mad at him because he wants Zada for a mistress.

Chet is rude and generally selfish no wonder assassins want to kill him, Zada stops them.

Next we focus on Quigley, Who at a Potluck Supper meets Zada.

A fake date Zada and Quigley go on to a restaurant where their meal ruined by Chet.

The more they hang out together the more they fall in love.

Turns out King Valor (A real villain) wants Chet dead, meanwhile the Mark Board is sending money to him.

Once someone named Penny enters the story things happen fast. It seems Penny had evidence on a sweatshop, which Quigley must retreat. Once this is in the hands of those who do the most good.

This then leads to the Marks against Zada to be removed, and her and Quigley getting married. As for Prince Chet, he gets his in the end.

A nice short novel which tells of how beauty can become so important that beauty drugs and plastic surgery can become common as the cold. Here we get the story of Zada and Quigley who simply want to be together. But Prince Chet demands a mistress, and there are forces in this world beyond their understanding. But that is where this book shines. We see their struggles, but will they succeed? Only time will tell. Well worth checking out, like the author’s other works.

Beauty Lessions: A Horribly Titled Dystopian Romance is available for free on Kobo

Tips for the new Furry/Anthro Writers 

 By Van Hill Millvele

I’ve started publishing my writing in my late teens. Though I might have had a poem or two published before then.  I have learned a lot, and I feel my second book is better than my first. 

My first “Technically Furry” novel was written in 2000/2001. I had one Furry race in it before I rewrote the novel.  Having all the characters are anthropomorphic aliens was a choice I should have made from the very start. 

Anthropomorphic Aliens are easier to visualize than an obscure unknown alien race.   I’m still learning how to write even though I have been published. 

 Writing for Furry or Furry/Anthro fiction has a unique set of challenges.    

I wanted to give tips and hope to people who are unpublished Furry writers of fiction.  Many of you will most likely be even better writers than I am if only you get over your fear.

Being unpublished does not mean you are not a writer.  It just means you haven’t submitted your work, or you have not self-published your work.  ‘Author’ is the term for a published writer.

 Being a writer is not a magical special club that only a few chosen ones get to take part in.  Writing takes grit, imagination, and a thick skin.  

You can do this, or rather write. 

The Tips:

1. For the unpublished. If you can’t find the right publisher for your story, you can become that publisher and even publish other Furry Fiction writers. 

2. Do your Furries/Anthro blush or not blush, and why? If you were writing about animals that gained intelligence they would not blush.  If you’re writing about Humanoid Aliens with some animal features they would.  How much animal behavior do you want in your fiction? With my books, I have some behavior, but since they are aliens, it allows them more Human characteristics.  So, the Furries/Anthros in my stories would have, clothes, and have families, and even have part-human children called Halflings.  Though I do put some animal behavior. I keep it to a few traits.  I feel having some animal traits are important. 

3. One of the biggest problems I have had as a Furry fiction writer is people have confused my writing for kids’ books or “YA” young adult fiction.  Even though my books are not mature.  Plots for a semi innocent sweet science-fiction piece for adults might sound weird and gross if the characters were teenagers even though my adult book is tamer than some YA books. I worked around this by adding a warning, so people know what they are getting.  

 You can check out my warning here and might consider making one of your own.

4. Are your Furry/Anthro vegetarians, or is there a difference between the sentient and non-sentient animals? Food is an important aspect of good fantasy writing. It is even more so when ethical constructs might need to be addressed.   I watch history and fan-based cooking shows on YouTube for world-building.  Even though my books are blatant comedies it is still important to figure out what your Furry Characters eat. Some of my Aliens get drunk and high on chocolate because of separate hormones that give them animal features and a longer lifespan have a reaction with caffeine. 

5. Many people have their own personal likes and dislikes especially when it comes to Furry/Anthro fiction.  Some readers had it when the word ‘pups’ are used for offspring, yet others love it.    Some hate having Fursonas mentioned my books Human Furries and anthropomorphic aliens exist in the same universe.  Others want Furries to have paws, or fine with fingers and paw pads. You will not be able to please everyone.

6. If you have a story or book ready to publish.  If you are writing Furry Fiction original or fan fiction, you need to use the right tags and descriptions. Do not use the words Lime, Fluffy, Sweet, or Clean, if you have sexual content or spicy times.  Don’t use these terms in your title. Clean means there is no sexual content, and the book is basically G and might have a kiss at the end. Misusing tags can get you blocked and reported. Many young furs look up Furry fiction with their parents.  Tag abuse can give parents the wrong impression. Lime is another word for ‘Clean’ and used mostly for Wattpad. Fluffy is also another Wattpad term that means no sex.  The writing I write falls under the tag ‘sweet,’ which means there is hand-holding, kissing, sometimes mild innuendo, but sex while sometimes implied is never on screen. Sweet movies range from “PG” to a “PG13 without nudity.” Do not use the tags smut, if your books are not sexual either. 

7. Make friends with other furry writers. This can help you feel less isolated.

8. Figure out your Furry characters by writing about them more and be honest.  One problem that can accrue with writing is that the other characters can proclaim the character as amazing, but their behavior is a bit of a jerk. Having a character be a jerk can work if you are honest with your characters. 

9. Have fun and write.  Writing is an amazing hobby that more people should take part in.