What this is: by Le Maironi

This player, who is on this website (Hi, Song!), Discord, and whom I’m actually still playing with (this moment happened quite recently in fact) helped shape the Sterid Empire into what it is. He created the Lord, Lordling and Top Servant (Richard, Aldin and Tiavo respectively) of the Earl estate and laid the basis for there being seven more (Falamus, Rey, Torres, Davelied, Caelum, Hargreave, McCannock). He made the Forest of Wisps (on the inner edge of which this takes place!) and was the first person to put up with my complicated class system instead of buying the weapons and then being naturally classed from there. He started as an Elementalist-Black and at the time of the drawing had made his way to Pigment mage.

Lucid, an NPC Crystallist who had joined alongside him, was admiring the tree that had been planted at the player character’s birth and, due to the rituals of his tribe, he would be buried under. He recounted the tale of how he had become a sorcerer, having met the True Elements after taking a nasty fall in the mountain trail. They gave him a blood pact and saved his life for a price: using magic would destroy him slowly. He worked for years to mitigate this effect, but even now, if he really needs something done powerfully, he draws blood as an offering to honor the pact… the rest of the group had already seen this in action and fear him for it. He tore through the Void in order to save our Runner, Vhale, from his own sacrifice.

Lucid’s story was a bit more lighthearted. Before the Genocide of the Foxkin occurred as he was a teenager, he had lived in a religious colony dedicated to Sathon, the Aster of Creation. He was the son of the High Oracle, Emeka Avir, and therefore destined to become an Oracle himself. Which caused a little trouble. You see, in their religious texts, it says that the Priests and Oracles of Creation must remain silent, as Sathon himself had toiled in silence to create the world, and Lucid was just about the loudest mouth in the Colony. Eventually, the High Oracle signed off on sealing his voice away — a seal he still has, for the record — and Lucid was mute. He HATED being mute. And then a friend of his showed him Crystallism, transferring status effects from person to person. He saw his chance. He studied Crystallism day and night along with the Books, trying to see if it worked on divine seals.

It would only work for an hour once every week, but that would be all he needed to raise hell, and even made it easier to hide how he was doing it. During that hour he would tear through the colony, shouting obscenities from the top of his lungs, evading the grasps of the Priests attempting to save High Oracle Avir’s reputation, and then get caught at the end of his hour, relishing in the fact that they could not, for the life of them, figure out how he was speaking around his seal.

The Cub In the Forest by Horatio Husky

The sun began to set slowly as Khan walked through the forest on that late summer day. The shadows were long and the sounds of the forest night were slowly starting to come alive. But suddenly Khan’s ears perked up there was an unnatural sound that he could hear faintly in the distance. He started towards the sound trying to figure out what was going on. He got closer and could now clearly hear a cub sobbing he could also smell the distinct smells of a camp site.

            Finally, Khan broke through into a clearing to discover a young white lion cub sitting on a rock with tears streaming down his cheeks. The camp site itself wasn’t much; a small fire pit in the middle, a modern looking canvas tent to one side and some camping supplies around a large backpack leaning against the rock near the very upset cub.

            “Are you ok?” Khan asked the lion cub.

            This scared the cub, causing him to jump out and proclaim (a little too late), “WHO’S THERE?!”

            Khan smiled warmly at the cub but stood where he was wanting to try and put him at ease. “Well my name is Khan, I own a small house a little ways from here and I was out taking a walk when I heard you crying. I came to check to make sure you were ok. Can I ask who you are?”

The cub clearly shaken and still very upset looked back at him and said, “Um…. my name is… ummmm…. Daniel…. and I am not ok and I haven’t been for a while now.”

Khan looked at the cub with extreme hurt and pity “Can I come over to you,” Khan said, “maybe I can help or at least help you to calm down…”

Daniel looked very weary but said “ok… you can come over… but please don’t hurt me…”

Khan slowly walked over to the lion cub, he couldn’t have been more than nine or ten years old Khan thought, and only about four feet tall; quite a bit less than the large tigers six feet five inches. “I would never hurt you,” Khan said, “I want to help you and find out why you are out here all alone and crying.”

Khan crouched down and held out his arms invitingly for Daniel to come into. “Come here Daniel and we can talk about what is going on.”

Daniel eyed Khan cautiously he had no reason NOT to trust the friendly tiger, and his fur looked soft and warm. Not to mention the cub instantly liked Khan’s t-shirt with the picture of the tiger in sunglasses and hoodie. So he gave in, needing love more than anything else in the world right now and climbed into the tigers inviting arms and started to cry all the harder as Khan held him and started rubbing the cubs bear back.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh… it is ok now Daniel. You are safe now and I won’t let anything hurt you. Just go ahead and let out your pain and hurt and I will hold you and take good care of you.” Khan whispered soothingly into Daniels ears as he cried.

After what seemed like an eternity, but was probably only about five minutes, Daniel slowly stopped crying and just snuggled into the tigers strong warm arms. “Thank you, Khan… I don’t remember the last time someone just held me as I cried or tried to take care of me in anyway. Come to think of it I do not know if that has EVER happened.” Daniel said as he nuzzled into the tigers chest.

Khan smiled down at him and scratched him behind his left ear. “Well that all changes now, I will do whatever it takes to make you happy. But can I ask how you ended up here and alone? Where are your parents?” Khan said nervously trying to understand who would abandon such a cute sweet cub out in the middle of no were.

Daniel looked up at Khan and started to think. “Well I don’t really know I remember bits and pieces but not much… I don’t remember my parents, I do remember being on the streets for a while, I remember being in a room with a bunch of other cubs, then… waking up here a few days ago… Honestly Khan, I don’t think I want to remember…”

A tear came to Khan’s eye as the cub told his story. He couldn’t believe that the cub could have been treated so poorly. “I am very sorry to hear that, but if you want to you can come home with me, I live away from people because my past isn’t the fondest memories for me either. I have an extra room and bed just in case and I have plenty of food. I promise to take care of you and love you like my own son.” Khan said reassuringly.

Daniel looked up to Khan with tears streaming down his cheeks and said, “You would do that for me? I mean you barely even KNOW ME!”

Khan chuckled and kissed Daniel on the head, “Everyone needs someone to love them, I need you around just as much as you need me to be honest,” Khan said with a smile.

Daniel practically sobbing again, only this time in joy said, “Okay, lets go.”

With that they were off, it was about a mile and a half to Khan’s house and Khan carried Daniel in his arms the whole way…

Khan’s house wasn’t much but it wasn’t exactly a log cabin either. It was a single story house pretty square with a long slanted roof and a couple of satellite dishes near the chimney were smoke lazily drifted from. There was a dirt road leading up to the house and a dark green jeep parked near the entrance. Both Daniel and Khan smiled wide as they approached the house.

            “Well I know it isn’t much,” Khan said, “But it is home and I hope you will be happy here.”

            Daniel hugged khan tight “I couldn’t dream of anything better, besides all I really care about is that there is someone here to love me,” said Daniel enthusiastically.

             Khan smiled and rubbed the top of the cubs head as he walked up and opened the door. Stepping inside the house both were hit with the welcoming smell of a fire burning and the warmth that it gives. They were in a long hallway that stretches the length of the house to one side a wide arch lead into the large living room, with its fireplace, TV, and computer. On the other side was the kitchen, not to big but it would suit their needs. With three other doors on the kitchen side and one more on the living room side leading to the bedrooms, laundry room, and bathroom.

“Well,” Khan said putting Daniel down, “you probably want to get cleaned up; bathroom is the door after the kitchen… um… until we can go buy you some new cloths you should… well I mean to say that they really should be washed… and…. Uh…..” Khan stammered and sutured, trying to figure out how to ask the cub to take his clothes off.

             Daniel just smiled and started striping down tossing his pants and underwear to Khan. “Awwwww… you don’t need to be so shy Khan, I don’t mind you seeing me naked!” Daniel said instantly warming up to his new guardian.

            Khan looked down at the naked cub his white fur was dirty and matted but what attracted his attention more was the cubs cute sheath and small balls still up tight against his body. Khan smiled but his eyes were glued to the cubs package. “oh. Uhhh…. Thanks…. I mean that I appreciate your trust and um….”

            Daniel started to laugh for the first time in a long time as he watched Khan stammer for the right words and the tent growing in his pants. “So that is why you can’t take your eyes off my sheath?” Daniel says warming and trusting Khan more and more, knowing that if Khan intended to hurt him he wouldn’t be so worried about his words.

            Upon hearing this the tiger literally jumps back and looks up down the hallway. “I am SOOO sorry Daniel… I just um… oh fuck me, I don’t know…” Khan said almost in tears worrying that he is already adding another bad chapter to the cub’s miserable life.

            Daniel ran up and gave Khan a big hug around his waist. “Relax Khan, I trust you, and I certainly do not mind you looking. But you are right I REALLY need a shower so try and relax and I will be out in a few minutes.” Then Daniel grinned, “Maybe you should lose your cloths might make you more comfortable if we are both naked.” Daniel said before nuzzling Khan and going to take a shower.

            “uh… Towels are in the linen closet!” Was all Khan could think to say before going into the living room.

He sat there and pondered for a while well he listened to the shower run and the warm fire crackle. “I don’t want to hurt him but he is *so* cute and I just feel like I am falling in love with him… but not in the way a parent should… should I get naked? Should I teach him about modesty? Should I encourage him to be himself?……. Should I try and make love to him?”

The thoughts just swirled around in Khan’s head but before he knew it he heard the shower shut off and then the door open. Suddenly Daniel was there, standing naked at the entrance to the living room, just looking at Khan. “Why are you still dressed Khan? You don’t trust me or just shy?”

Khan looked nervous before looking at the cub and saying “No, it isn’t that at all I was just thinking about a couple of things, I trust you completely and I will get naked with you.”

Khan smiled as he started to strip, first his t-shirt, then jeans, and finally he slipped out of his underwear standing fully exposed to the young cub and with the excitement sporting a large erection his thick pink cock fully extended out of his sheath and his large furry balls hanging clearly under the upturned cock.

Daniel just smiled watching Khan strip down and without knowing why his little boyhood started to poke out of his sheath and stiffen up to. Although he didn’t notice at all, since he was to fascinated exploring the anatomy of his new friend and guardian and thinking of how it differed to his own.

“Wow, EVERYTHING about you is bigger than mine isn’t it?!” Daniel said excitedly.

Khan blushed heavily through his fur before finally responding, “Well yeah, um… your body will probably go through some changes soon and well as you get older things change and get bigger. You have nothing to be ashamed of though I am sure that you will be bigger than me some day. But uh… that isn’t the only reason I am bigger then you…” Khan sighs, and noticing for the first time Daniel’s small erection, he sits down on the couch and pats the seat beside him. “Come over here and sit down and maybe I can explain as I see you are experiencing the same situation I am.”

Daniel eagerly bounded over to the couch but instead of taking the proffered seat he jumped right up into Khan’s lap sitting sideways his arm brushing against the tiger’s hard sensitive cock. It was at this time that Daniel noticed his own erection, and looked over to Khan’s.

“Why are our penis’ getting all hard and long like that?” Asked Daniel innocently.

This only made Khan blush harder before replying, “Well there are a few reasons why they would do that, but uh, I think that ours are doing that because we are getting turned on by each other.”

“Turned on by each other?” Daniel asked, “What does that mean?”

“Well,” said Khan, cautiously not wanting to upset the sweet lion cub or make him uncomfortable, “it means that we are sexually attracted to each other, that we might want to have sex.”

Daniel looked a little bewildered; he had heard of sex before but had never thought to much about it. “Well then we should have sex.” Proclaimed the innocent cub.

            Khan laughed a little and smiled wide deciding that it couldn’t hurt to fool around with the cub a little he would stop if he went too far. “Ok let’s have sex then, but we are going to start off slow as I show you the ropes, and please if at any point you are uncomfortable tell me and I will stop. The last thing on earth I want to do is hurt you.”

            Excited Daniel says “Ok, I promise to tell you, so how should we start?”

            “Okay, how about we start with kissing. Just kiss me normal and then follow my lead and just go with what feels right.”

            With that Khan leaned down and pressed his muzzle to Daniel’s and kissed. After a few seconds Khan opened his muzzle slightly and pressed his tongue against the cubs lips. Doing just as Khan asked, Daniel opened his mouth and let Khan’s tongue slide into his mouth well his little tongue explored it he closed his eyes and focused on the amazing sensations happening in his mouth at that moment. Soon they changed places with Khan’s tongue retreating and Daniels following it back in close behind. This continued for several minutes, with the two loving cats exploring each other’s mouths.

            Finally, Khan reluctantly pulled away from the cub giving him one last light kiss on the nose as he did so. “How did that feel?” Khan said curious how about how the cub felt about his first tongue kiss.

            “That… That was amazing” said Daniel in awe “I can’t wait for what’s next!”

            Khan grinned and looked down at the cub, “Now we are going to do something called oral sex, also called ‘blowing’ it feels really good but we have to take turns. Basically just start sucking on my penis lick it but just be really gentle and don’t use your teeth.”

            “OKAY!” said Daniel excitedly “I’ll go first!”

            With that Daniel repositioned himself so he was facing Khan and slipped the tip of his cock into his small cub muzzle.

            Khan moaned and scratched the behind the cubs ears. “That is amazing Daniel, now kind of bob your head up and down. Take as much in as you can but don’t make yourself uncomfortable.”

            Daniel mumbled his understanding around the thick tiger meat in his muzzle and started bobbing his cute little head up and down but not able to get any more than a couple of inches in. As Khan relaxes and starts to really enjoy the cub’s attention he starts to leak copious amounts of pre into Daniels young muzzle.

            Daniel surprised at the new taste and liquid in his mouth suddenly pulls back and looks up in surprise.

            “What’s wrong?” Khan says in surprise, “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

            Daniel looks at Khan’s erect cock and sees the pre leaking out. “No but you are leaking out of your penis, are you ok?” Daniel asks with obvious worry for his new friend.

            Khan chuckles and gives the cub a kiss on his muzzle. “No you didn’t hurt me, I am sorry I didn’t warn you about cum. See when you are doing a good job and making me feel really good some cum leaks out of my penis. It means you are doing a really good job. You are a little to young to produce any yet but hopefully I can still make you feel just as good.

            “Oh and I should probably warn you about orgasms to, when either of us feels really good for a while then we have what is called an orgasm which is basically a sudden intense feeling of pleaser. However since I am older when I have my orgasm I also shoot out a lot of cum.

            “If you don’t like the taste though you don’t have to swallow it, you can just spit it out or something…”

            “Oh NO!” Daniel exclaimed, “I actually really enjoyed the taste! You want me to continue? I would definitely like more.”

            “Actually why don’t you let me please you for a little bit and show you how good you are making me feel?”

            “Okay! Um… you want me to sit on the couch or….?” Daniel questioned, noticing that he was not in a position to please Khan.

            Khan smiled down at Daniel and said, “Why don’t you sit on the couch and I will get down and suck you off?”

            Daniel happily obliged and sat next to Khan. Khan then got up and knelt down in front of Daniel and started licking the cubs little balls and then his stiff member. Daniel started to moan loudly as all these new and amazing sensations coursed through his young body. Khan then took the cub’s entire package into his larger muzzle and started to gently suck on the cub’s sensitive bits.

            Daniel cried out in pure ecstasy and pleaser as Khan licked and sucked on his boyhood. Then a few minutes after Khan started he noticed the young cub’s balls start to pulse and his young cock was jumping around inside his muzzle. Daniel had just had his first orgasm, and even though it was dry the look on his face showed how much he enjoyed it.

            After he noticed Daniel having his orgasm, Khan pulled back and got up on the couch pulling the cub into his arms and letting him relax. After Daniel had calmed down and his breathing had returned to normal Khan asked “So how did you like your first orgasm?”

            Daniel moaned loudly and dramatically “That was AMAZING Khan! Thank you so much! But I feel bad I wasn’t able to make you have an orgasm…”

            Khan smiled down at the eager cub and said, “Oh don’t feel bad I have one other way we can play and you will definitely get me off, uh… that means orgasm, this time. But I need to go grab something from my room I’ll be right back.”

            With that Khan walked off with a grin and returned quickly with a small bottle in his hand. He then went over and sat down next to Daniel and pulled him into his lap.

            “Now the next thing I want to try is Anal, or butt sex. Basically I will stick my penis inside your tight young butt and thrust in and out it feels amazing for both of us because I will be able to hit a spot inside you that will make you feel REALLY good. This is anal lube and should make things easier on us but it still might hurt a little the first time, so if it gets to be too much for you I promise to stop. Okay?”

            Daniel looks a little nervous but nods and gives Khan a smile. “I definitely want to try so what should I do?”

            “What I need you to do,” Khan said, “is lay on your back and bend your legs so they form a ‘tent’ and spread your feet apart as FAAAR as you can.”

            Khan gets up to give Daniel the room and Daniel very eagerly lays on the couch and gets into position for Khan. “Okay, now what?”

            “Now I am going to apply the lube, try and stay still and not to squirm too much, I know it will feel weird at first.”

            Daniel nods and Khan takes out the lube and covers two of his fingers generously before gently applying them gently to the base of the cub’s tail hole. He then rubs it gently getting it nice and lubed before finally applying a little bit of pressure. Daniel lets out a little moan as the tips of Khan’s fingers slip in and start to apply the lube to the inside of the cubs very tight tail hole.

            Daniel starts to squirm around a little still getting use to all the new sensations coming from his rear but manages to stay mostly still as Khan probes him. Finally after getting him good and lubed up Khan removes his fingers from Daniels tail hole. “Ok Daniel, this is the part that might hurt a little, I am going to stick my penis inside you, are you ready?”

            Daniel nods hesitantly and tries to spread his legs a little more for the big tiger. At the same time Khan crawls on top of him and gives him a loving kiss. “I promise to stop if you can’t handle me.”

            Then slowly Khan moves his thick hard cock to the cub’s tail hole and starts to apply pressure. The lube helps the entrance but his large cock still spreads the cub’s tail hole quite wide. Daniel reaches out and grabs onto the couch with his young paws tightly as he gasps in ecstasy and pain. In fact Daniel finds out that he really enjoys the pain of having his tight hole stretched beyond most cubs’ limits.

            Khan seeing the loving cub in pain quickly pulls out. “I am so sorry I shouldn’t have done that I didn’t mean to hurt you!”

            Daniel looks up at him with a questioning look, “Hurt me? No I really enjoyed the pain and the pleasure of having you inside me! Please don’t stop!”

            Khan frowns and looks unsure. “Ok I guess I just… I love you and I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

            Daniel smiles and leans up kissing the tiger, “I love you to Khan, and I am very far from uncomfortable.”

            Khan smiles and licks Daniel’s nose before repositioning himself and starting to push back in. Daniel lets out a cry as Khan goes even deeper than before. Before Daniel yells out, “Please shove it all in, it feels so good, the pain the pleaser I love it all so much!”

            Khan unable to resist the cub’s cries hilts himself in Daniel and starts to thrust wildly. Both share moans and cries of pleasure, and in Daniels case pain mixed in. Daniels young little body can’t really handle the large cock ravaging him and his colon starts to tear but still he just wraps his arms around Khan and encourages him to thrust harder and faster. Finally Khan can’t take anymore and with one last hard thrust he shoots his whole load right onto the young lions prostate. At this Daniel experiences his second orgasm for not only that night but ever. This one is even more powerful as his whole body shakes and he moans and pants at all the wonderful feelings flowing throughout his body.

            Finally after they both calm down and finish panting Khan leans up and gives Daniel a long loving kiss which they share. He then smiles down at the cub and starts to pull out his barbs which at this time were flaring and scraping against his already damaged insides. As Khan pulls all the way out and looks down he sees blood mixed with the cum that is coming out of Daniels tail hole.

            “No No No NO! Shit! I am so sorry why didn’t you tell me I was hurting you so badly?!” Khan cries out.

            “Hurt me?! You didn’t hurt me at all that was amazing I want to do it again!”

            “But you are bleeding I must have torn your insides!” Khan says clearly on the point of losing control, thinking that he hurt Daniel the one anthro in his world he really loved.

            “Well can’t you just get some bio gel and fix it? It’s not like it is the end of the world, why are you so upset didn’t you have fun to?”

            Khan dumbfounded looks down at the young cub who is taking this all in stride. “I Just… I mean… I just… I love you and I thought I had done something to hurt you or make you hate my and that scared me… Hold on let me go get the bio gel I will be right back…”

            Khan quickly goes and retrieves the bio gel from the bathroom, a miracle of medical science the gel contains nano bots that can repair or replace any part of the body almost instantly and then disintegrate. He quickly applies a generous glob on his fingers and starts to rub it all over the cub’s insides as Daniel just lays there and smiles at his new mate.  As Khan slides his fingers back out of Daniels rear end the nano bots are already finishing up the repairs and Daniel is no longer in any pain.

            Khan and Daniel clean up the couch and each other, dose the fire, and start closing up the house. There fun has taken them long into the night.

            Khan then picks up Daniel and pulls him onto his lap petting and cuddling him lovingly. Soon after they retire to Daniels room and curl up together on his large bed under the warm comforter and start to fall asleep. “I love you Daniel,” Said Khan, “More than anything in the world. I am so happy you had fun today and I hope that our love improves both our lives.”

            “I love you too, Khan,” responds Daniel, “and I can’t wait to play with you some more.”

            With that they both fall asleep in each other’s loving arms dreaming of their bright new future together.

A strange tale of sex and rabbits By SwampRat

‘So weak..’ The bat fluttered downward then back up again, but was steadily losing altitude.


What The? Damn.. ‘Something fell in the pool’ finally came into my sleep-dulled brain. The Pool?!? Grabbing a robe and jumping into my slippers, I went out to try and save whoever had fallen in.. And stood there staring at a rabbit. A 3-foot-Tall Rabbit. A 3-foot-Tall Female Rabbit?!? She didn’t have a stitch on. She was also soaked. I gently picked her up, feeing for a pulse. Sluggish but there.. I picked her up, trying not to stare. Damn hard, as she was well-built, especially for a bunny. Carefully cradling her to my chest, and soaking my robe in the process, I carried her into the house. Laying her down beside the fire, I went in and hung my robe up to dry. A noise made me rush back, heedless of my condition. She had coughed. And was now shivering. Her forehead was cold and damp. Stroking what I dared of her body Seemed to help a bit. Damn…

And I was too sleepy to do much more tonight. What the hell.. Getting a blanket and a pad from the closet, I rolled it out and put her on it. Then lay down next to her. She Immediately wrapped herself around me, pressing her cold body to mine. Nothing I could do about it now.. I tossed the blanket over us and gently stroking her back, fell into sleep myself.

I awoke to see the moon low in the sky, the clock chimed three, And my ‘guest’ was awake. She was lying beside me. Her eyes were green. Like twin emeralds they stared into mine.. I found I couldn’t look away.. A paw slid down and stroked my cock, which was hard and throbbing.

“Nice..” I blushed.

Her front canines gleamed in the light, longer than any I had ever seen before. She licked my cheek, rolling me over onto my back. Green eyes looked Through me, coming to rest on what her paws was softly stroking.

“Very nice.. Not too long, not too big. But Fat. Full of blood…”

The rabbit rubbed it against herself, shuddering, making me gasp. She leaned down, wrapping her membrane-shrouded arms around my sides.

“Take me..”

As I slid my erection into her, the rabbit arched, growling. Funny I hadn’t noticed the ‘wings’ before. She slid her cool tongue across a nipple, biting it none too gently, as I sank in to the hilt.

Cool… So very cool. It was almost like screwing a corpse. Then she looked up at me And all that mattered was mating with my mistress. She sank those wicked fangs into my shoulder.. And I didn’t even feel them. My entire being was focused on my loins. The mammal lapped at the trickle of blood coming from the wound, pressing my head to her breast. Her nipples were cold as her vagina, but very hard and I did my best to warm them.. Suddenly she arched up, Gasping like a fish out of water..

“Are you all right? Oh..”

She shuddered, and there was no doubt whatsoever she had hit nirvana.. And it was hitting back! The animal fell on top of me panting.. I stroked her back, believing that was enough for one night.. Hah! She nuzzled my chest, gently biting at my tits. Then was up and hunching over me again..

“Yes! Yes! Ahhhh, Yes!”

And then it was shudder, gasp moan, and flop on top of me again. After the fourth or fifth time, my nuts exploded and took my head with them..

I awoke to an aching shoulder and crotch. ‘Just a dream then..’ I took a shower, got dressed, and did some chores. The news said something about a break-in at a blood bank.

“Weirdo’s..” I muttered.

Tired, I napped most if the afternoon away, then about dusk, caught up on my work. ‘That report’s done..’

“Good Evening.”

And damn near spilled coffee all over it! ‘What?’

I turned.. And saw a tall nude female rabbit, with membranes between her arms, staring at me like I was a carrot patch.

“I.. Wish to thank you for last night.”

I thought she did a good enough job of That last night! Said as much.. She grinned, revealing long canines.

“Indeed. I Am Glad you enjoyed our tryst..”

I had to blush, and she sashayed over to sit in my lap.

“You have eaten? Good.. I wish no interruptions.”

A paw reached over and pulled the power cord to the computer. Did the same to the phone-line.

“Come..” Her green eyes bore through me. “Let us retire to the bedroom.”

I couldn’t have said no if I wanted to! Not that I wanted to.. It had been some months since my last steady lover, and I didn’t care for the bar-scene. She undid my shirt and tossed it, doing the same to my pants. Stepping out of them, and my underwear, I stood a moment as she requested.

The rabbit knelt. Caressed me into hardness.. Licked it with a long cool tongue.

So warm! This human warmed her almost as much as Blood. She could Feel the veins throbbing as she sucked it into her muzzle. One bite. Just one.. No. He was special. Kind, Generous.. She Might bite him in the throes of orgasm.. But Never deep, never enough to hurt him badly. Deeper. Down her throat went the head. Not having to breathe unless one Wanted to was sometimes a blessing.. To the Hilt and nuzzle the fur that smelled so wonderfully of Male. Clawed fingers gripped his nuts, as suction was applied.. Empty his hot cum down her gullet.. Then between her legs again. Make sure he gets off Hard. Rest, jet her body warm with his fluids. Then perhaps under the tail? On all fours so she can Feel his nuts slap her butt. It has been Decades since a male took her like a Beast.

Bobbed her head faster, squeezed the ‘eggs’ gently. Yes.. Moan for me. Enjoy our matings. It will be several years before I tire of you.. Pulled back as scalding hot cum gushed into her mouth. Swallowed it all, feeling it warm her stomach and surrounding area. Kept him hard with bites and kisses..

I felt the mattress in my back, My Mistress crawling over to press her cool nipples to my face. I sucked and bit on them as ordered, while she slipped my cock into her almost cold vagina. Fire and Ice.. I Burned her, She cooled me. Warmed as she bounced, arched over me, raking my chest.. Squeezing my cock so it blasted into her. Lay over me licking the rills of blood her claws made.

“Rest.. You need your strength..”

A thought came – “Mistress.. May I cum on your breasts some time?”

“You Like My tits?”

I Loved her tits.

“You enjoy My Nipples?”

I Loved her Nipples.

“You would Like to watch me tongue them? Lick your Sweet cum from them?”

She Squeezed me and I saw nothing but darkness as I filled her with my seed again.

She looked at her Lover. So – On my Tits is it? Mmmmmm – Maybe when you are on top you will pull out and splatter my belly. Rub you hot seed in my flesh.. Jerk off over my butt – Clean it with your Hot human tongue. Or anothers… Sisters shared males sometimes. They would have to be careful – He Was only a Human.

The female bent over and gnawed on his balls, teeth raking the skin.. Not hard enough to break it, Just to abuse it a little. Her internal clock said sunrise was not far off.. Damn.

“I want you to sleep now.. Get up and do your mundane tasks. Make sure you eat good. So when I return we can continue..”

“Yes Mistress.”

Grinned and kissed the Human.

“See you tonight.. Lover.”

Then she was gone. And he fell asleep.

‘What a vivid dream.. Maybe I can recapture it.’

The End

Sleeping with Mommy and Daddy by Horatio Husky

John crept into his parents room slowly, the young joey’s diaper crinkling softly as he neared their bed, picking mommy’s side to approach. “M-mommy?.. I-I had a bad dream, can I sleep with yous?”

  The young cub’s kitty mommy stirred and blinked sleepily “Huh? Oh, sure hunny, get between daddy and me, ok?”

  John let out a bit of a whimper and blushed in the dark “I-I wet mommy..”
  Britty just smiled and pinched the cubs cheek “That’s ok hunny, you have your padding on.”

 John let out a soft giggle and crawled into bed between his mommy and daddy, mommy scooted back and pressed her bottom against his soggy crotch and giggled a bit “My soggy boy..”

  A bit later Britty woke up to her cubby shaking her “Mommy?”
  “It’s ok hunny, just go in your padding, if you leak it’s ok” she mumbled sleepily.

  “N-no, mommy, it’s daddy, h-he’s holdin’ my tail and rubbing against me” John whimpered.

  Britty rolled over and felt John’s tail, sure enough daddy had a firm hold if it and, sliding her paw down, he was rubbing his foxhood against the cub’s padding. Britty giggled a bit as Vos let out a sleepy whimper wile she groped at his member “Looks like daddy thinks your sissy, and he needs to cums..”

  John whined softly and clung to Britty “M-mommy, what do I do?”
  Britty giggled a bit and pulled some lube out, squeezing some on a finger before slipping her paw in John’s padding and rubbing her little joey’s tailhole, making the cub whimper and cling tighter. “You gotta be a good boy and let daddy do what he needs to” with that she pulled her paw out of John’s padding and tugged it down, daddy instantly started grinding against the cub’s bare bottom.

  “I-i gotta?” John whimpered and tried to pull away, but daddy pulled him back firmly by his tail.

  “That’s right hunny, daddy’s not going to let go till he’s done. I’m here hunny, just relax” Britty gripped daddy’s foxhood and rubbed lube on it, eliciting whines from him.

  “B-but.. I dun wanna mommy..” John whined louder, trying to pull away still.
  Britty kissed her cubs nose “Shh hunny..” Britty pressed daddy’s tip against John’s tailhole and daddy began to try and hump. 

  John whimpered desperately and tried to squirm away, but mommy slowly let daddy hump into him. John yipped and clung to mommy as daddy’s tip pushed into him, then quickly sank deeper and deeper.

 John started to cry and struggled more “Nooo m-mommy, p-please?”
  Britty took her free paw, which she had buried in her panties and put the two fingers that she had slipped inside her cunny into the cub’s muzzle “Just suckle hunny.”

 John shook his head and cried a bit more before submitting and quickly suckling greedily, as daddy pushed deeper into him.

 “Good boy, just let daddy do what he needs to..” Britty coaxed
 John squirmed and struggled less as he suckled his mommy’s juices off her fingers. Vos moaned softy in his sleep as he quickly made the cub take it all.
  “There. Now that’s not too bad, is it?” Britty asked, taking the fingers from her cub’s muzzle and burying them back in her panties.

  John sniffed and buried his muzzle between her breasts mumbling “How long?” he asked in a soft whine.

  Britty murred and kissed the cubs head “He usually doesn’t take too long. Push back like a good boy, show daddy you want it.”

  John cried softly but began to press back against daddy’s thrusts.
  Britty pulled her night shirt up and offered the cub her breast and John began to suckle it “That’s mommy’s good boy” and shivered in pleasure, her panties getting soaked as she watched.

  John let go of the breast and whimpered again “D-daddy finish soon?” 
  “Yes, baby, just keep pushing back” she soothed and put her breast back in the cubs muzzle. If her little cub keeps pushing back like that soon enough daddy’s gonna bury his knot..

  John continues to suckle on his mommy’s breast and push back against daddy’s thrusts, crying softly and whimpering uncomfortably when suddenly he let out a loud yip and begin struggling again as daddy suddenly pulled the cub back hard by his tail and forced his knot inside “M-mommy, g-get it outtt” the cub whined painfully.

  Britty bit her lip and bucked against her paw letting out a soft whine as she came, knowing her husband just tied into their little boy “Shh, shh, hunny” she tried to sooth, still shivering from her orgasm “L-looks like daddy decided to tie you like a good girl” and offered her fingers to the cub again.

  John whined desperately and continued to try and pull away even though he knew from watching with mommy that when daddy ties the girl she can’t pull off “I-I dun wanna be a-a girl mommy..” the cub pleaded, shaking his head and trying to resist the sweet smell on mommy’s fingers.

  “Well that’s just to bad” Britty said matter-of-factually and forced the fingers into the cub’s muzzle “you’re gonna have to be a good girl for daddy now, but you can still be a good boy for mommy.” she said before rubbing the front of the cub’s soggy diaper.

  John squirmed and struggled less as he suckled mommy’s juice off her fingers and let out a confused whine of pleasure and discomfort as his roohood hardened in his padding.

  “That’s it baby, just suckle and think about what mommy’s doing ok?” Britty said as she moved her paw into the cub’s padding, beginning to stroke the roo’s wet member.

  John just nodded feebly and suckled. Knowing mommy’s touch on his roohood, John expected to be squirting in his used padding soon, but suddenly she stopped and pulled the paw from his padding. Suddenly John was reminded that his daddy was still humping into his tail, trying to get deeper still “D-dun stop mommy, p-please” he whined desperately.

  “It’s ok baby” Britty coos as she rolls over and presses back against the cub’s crotch “mommy’s gonna do something special for you since you’re being such a good girl for daddy” she said as she reaches back and pulls the cubs diaper down in the front also. Britty maneuvers John’s roohood between her legs and pulls her soaking panties to the side, lining up his tip with her entrance and presses back, quickly taking all of her son inside her “T-there hunny..”

  John let out a whimper of pleasure and clung to his mommy as she began to grind back against him, almost making the cub forget the feeling in his bottom “T-this feels nice m-mommy” the cub stammered.

  “Uh-huh” Britty giggled and moved a paw back to her clit “Now im’a go real slow, you just tell me when daddy cums ok? It’ll feel like his knot is throbbing in you.” she said as slowly began to grind back, making her cub slip in and out of her hot folds.
  The little cub groaned in pleasure, letting a soft whine out every so often as daddy gave a ruff buck. John kissed his mothers neck and panted softly as he began to hump up into her, eliciting whines of pleasure from daddy as he tugged on the knot “M-mommy, I-I think I’m gonna squirts..”

  Britty just shivered in pleasure and let the little joey take over “That’s a good boy, give it to mommy.”

  John bit down on his mother’s neck and let out a soft whimper of pleasure as he suddenly came, trying to pull his mother back and bury as deep as he could, when suddenly daddy bucked hard, causing the cub to cry out as his father began to cum also “Mommmmy, d-daddy’s fillin’ me..” the cub whined out in mixed pleasure and discomfort.

  That was enough to send Britty over. She let out a loud moan as she came hard, grinding back, milking her joey as she tightened around him and shuddered in pleasure “G-good boy” she managed to stammer in between pants.
  Daddy finally lets go of the cub’s tail and John holds Britty’s hips, keeping buried deep, enjoying the afterglow. “T-thank you mommy.”

  Britty giggled, content to stay with her cub inside her and nodded “Uh-huh, I think you should have late-night accidents more often.” she said and giggled “Is daddy filling your bottom full?”

  John nodded with a shy whimper “Feels funny, b-but not bad..” he added, wiggling a bit uncertainly.

  Britty wiggled back against the cub happily “You’ll get used to it. Just remember, you get to be mommy’s big boy, but if daddy needs it, you gotta be daddy’s good girl.”

  John let out a soft whimper, realizing he was going to have to start lifting tail for daddy “Y-yes mommy.” he said obediently.

  “That’s my good boy, now go ahead and sleep hunny, daddy should finish filling you soon.”

  John nodded and squeezed his mother “O-ok mommy.”

A Messy Situation By Horatio Husky

Angello’s heart pounded as he looked down, almost in slow motion, at the red solo cup he had just drunk from. The sounds of the party seemed to fade away as the sound of the ocean filled his ears. The room spun, he remembered losing his balance, and then nothing. He came to slowly, blearily opening his eyes to see wooden bars above him. “That’s odd.” the fox thought to himself, “I don’t remember installing those above my bed.” He shifted, and realized that he couldn’t move his arms. The fox twisted his head up and squinted, his vision still a little blurry, and realized that his hands were strapped into the corners of the bed he was lying on. He tugged a little at the restraints to no avail. “What’s going on here?” he thought to himself, as he looked around him. His eyes zeroed on what was wrapped around his thighs. His eyes grew wide as he realized that he was in a thick diaper, and to his surprise and mild horror that it was slightly damp.

His heart began to pound as things were beginning to click into place. Somebody must have spiked his drink, somebody must have kidnapped him, somebody must have placed him in what now he realized was a crib with a top over and most importantly somebody had put him in a diaper! As his vision finally snapped into focus, he also noticed that in the corner of the room a CCTV camera had its watchful eye trained on him, he squinted at it, and was about to say something when the door at the other end of the room opened. Padding on soft legs, and being followed by a large, striped tail, an anthropomorphic skunk glided into the room humming cheerfully. The skunk deposited something that he was carrying in a high chair below the camera which Angelo hadn’t spotted yet and turned around to face him. “Good morning sleepy head!” the skunk chimed, as he padded over and began to unlock the crib. “You must be pretty hungry after such a long sleep!” The fox was about to protest at being forcibly kidnapped when the skunk shoved a pacifier into the fox’s open maw and swiftly buckled it in place at the back of his head. “Oh we’re not ready for big boy words quite yet!” he said, as he unstrapped his arms from the restraints and hoisted the poor, teal fox onto his hip.

Still rather woozy from whatever the skunk had put in his drink, the fox’s head whirled as the skunk strode over to a rather sizable highchair and deposited him in it. Before the fox could properly react the skunk had strapped his ankles and wrists to the highchair and slide in the tray, completely preventing the fox from leaving his predicament. “Now let’s put that diaper to use! Shall we?” the skunk stated, as he unscrewed the lid which Angelo could barely make out labeled as, “Baked Beans.” The fox’s stomach growled and he began to salivate. Although he was quite upset at the situation he was forcibly placed into he was quite famished and was beginning to drool a little as the skunk placed a bib on his chest, undid the pacifier gag, and picked out a spoonful out of the jar of beans. “Here comes to the choo-choo train!” the skunk exclaimed with glee, as he used his free hand to pinch the fox’s nose and pushed the unwilling fox’s maw open and inserted the beans.

The skunk continued to shovel beans into Angelo’s foxes mouth barely giving him enough time to swallow before the next addition of beans was delivered to the still ravenous fox. After a few minutes, the fox had finished the jar and was beginning to get thirsty. The skunk, almost as if he had read the fox’s mind, produced a large bottle of what Angelo realized was warm milk. Putting the bottle into the foxes mouth, he held it there as the fox gulped mouthful after mouthful of warm, honey-sweetened milk. Just as he thought his stomach was going to burst the bottle ran dry and the skunk removed it from Angelo’s lips. Smiling, the skunk popped the pacifier gag back into the fox’s mouth, rebuckled it, and stood back placing his hands on his hips to admire his handiwork. The fox stared at him, panting through the gag and feeling bloated after the large amount of food he had consumed.

Soon the bloated feeling turned into cramps, and Angelo realized that his tush was beginning to signal that it was going to let loose. Fox fought and strained against the restraints but to no avail. The cramps worsened and the skunk only watched on coily as the fox struggled to keep his bowels in check. The fox let out a large burst of gas and his face flushed with red, thoroughly embarrassed. “The milk must have been spiked as well!” was the last thought that ran through the fox’s mind before the seat of his waiting diaper began to violently fill with his mess. His behind pulsed as his bowels relinquished his previous day’s food into his waiting diaper. He sweated and panted as everything came out, creating a mess in his diaper. He wet during the process as well, and realized that he had just thoroughly used his diaper like an infant in front of the skunk, and he had almost no control of it.

Grinning, the skunk undid the straps on the highchair and lifted the poor, slightly smelly fox out of the highchair. With strong hands the skunk took him over to a changing table and once again incapacitated the fox by strapping him in. Angelo whined, feeling uncomfortable and scared at being handled so easily by the skunk. Placing a hand on the fox’s messy behind the skunk began rubbing the fox’s hot mess around. Pressing it against him, a constant reminder of the infantile state that he was in. Angelo felt utterly helpless as the skunk began to coo and speak in baby-talk to the fox as he rubbed the mess in his diaper, the fox blushed and ducked his head away from the skunk, utterly humiliated by him. Slow and definitively the skunk began to change his diaper, cleaning up his mess and taking great care to oil the fox up and cover him with baby powder. The fox shivered a little bit, as he was wiped up and cleaned. Rediapering him, the skunk undid the restraints once again and lifted the fox backup to his hip. “Time to meet the others!” he sang as they strode out of the room.”

As they walked through the house Angelo heard voices, and turning a corner into a room was surprised to see three other figures in what seemed to be a child’s playroom. A pink dragoness dressed in a onesie wearing a large diaper and gnawing on a teething ring, a fox dressed in a frilly lace dress that did a poor job of covering the thick padding that he was also wrapped in, and a rabbit who was dressed in shorts and a t-shirt, but still had the obvious bulge of a diaper with its plastic peeking through the top of his shorts all sat in around in the playroom. “Kids, say hello to your new brother! Angelo!” The three turned from what they were doing to stare at the teal fox, who felt extremely self-conscious. The skunk pointed to each individual stating their names, “The little baby dragoness over there is named Jezebel, the pretty princess fox is named Penelope, and Mr. Big-Boy himself is named Harold.” The rabbit, who the skunk referred to as ‘Mr. Big-Boy’ crossed his arms and smirked at Angelo, revealing his large front teeth as he did so. The dragoness had by this point lost interest and had returned to gnawing enthusiastically on the teething ring. Only the fox, named Penelope, seemed to be showing any signs of friendliness towards Angelo. The skunk set the teal fox down on the ground, stated in a sing-song tune, “Play nice,” and swiftly left the room, shutting the door behind him.

Now that the skunk had departed, the three adult babies turned around and peered at the fox, who began to feel even more self-conscious than he had previously. Standing up, the rabbit strode over to the fox and towered over him, his arms cross, with the top plastic frills of his diaper just peeking over his shorts. “Looks like I’ve got a new younger brother!” he proclaimed, his voice overly sweet as his grinned at Angelo, like a shark does at a minnow its about to swallow. The fox splayed his ears back and found himself unable to control a slight whimper coming from his maw. The fox that the skunk had dubbed as Penelope also stood up and walked over, he smiled at Angelo before turning with an irritated expression to Harold and poked him in the cheek, much to Harold’s annoyance. “Don’t be mean to him just because he’s new! Just because you’re the oldest doesn’t mean you have to be so bossy.” The rabbit in reply just stuck his pink tongue out at Penelope, before turning and walking over to a plastic kiddie table and grabbing something out from it. By this time Jezebel, the youngest of the three, had crawled over to see what was about to occur. The rabbit turned around and strode back holding in his arms a large baby bottle and various babyish restraints. He instructed the others to grab Angelo’s arms, which they did so obediently with surprising ability.

Angelo struggled but to no use, the rabbit placed mittens over his paws, booties over his foot paws, and threw a onesie over his head. Jezebel and Penelope turned him over as the rabbit fastened the bottom of the onesie with a click, which Angelo realized must have meant that the onesie couldn’t be taken off without access to a lock. He squirmed but no longer struggled as much as he did previously, untying the pacifier gag from him Harold promptly inserted the nipple of the bottle into the unwilling maw of Angelo who, once again, was forced to drink from a baby bottle until his stomach began to ache with how bloated he felt. At last he finished his second bottle of the day, and before he could even whimper was once again gagged by Harold. The three picked the poor fox up, and hoisted him over to an enormous play pen in the corner of the room where they began to strap him into restraints, each leading to a corner of the playpen splaying his limbs out in all directions. They all looked down on him, unable to move and soon, he knew, unable to control his bladder and bowels.

Harold reached down with a paw and began to rub the front of the fox’s diaper, his cotton tail twitching with glee as he did so. Angelo moaned with embarrassment and, to his surprise, a degree of pleasure as the rabbit pushed the thick padding around his diaper area. Before he knew it Angelo began to feel cramps in his midsection, and he grimaced as the discomfort shot through him, Penelope giggled, and Jezebel out right laughed with glee as Angelo let out a fart, muffled by his thick padding. Angelo tried his best, but once again whatever was in the bottle he had just been forced to drink did its work, and he began to heavily wet and mess his diaper. Harold cooed and spoke baby talk to Angelo, mockingly consoling him for being unable to hold it. Giving his diaper once last rub, the three adult babies gathered themselves up, and left the playpen. Jezebel shut the gate behind her, and waved bye-bye to Angelo, who was left strapped with his dirty diaper and his own thoughts in the play pen. Angelo’s cramps began to subside, and he panted through the pacifier gag. He felt utterly exhausted. Faintly pulling at the restraintings grasping his limbs, he found that his eyelids were beginning to feel heavy, and before he knew it the fox had fallen fast asleep, like a little baby in his soiled diapers.

Jack meets a Wolf by Zane Lewis

As a young boy, Jack had always loved the night. It’s secret darkness, it’s never seen sounds. Now, all of 16, he was walking along a moonlit path, enjoying himself. Jack knew he should be returning to camp, but just a few minutes more of this wonderful solitude…. A noise?! Jack turned, and peered up the path. Nothing there, must have been a deer. He scanned the clearing before him…. He laughed and hugged himself in youthful exuberance. `Mom always did complain about my imagination’, he thought, sitting on a rock.

As much as he would like to stay longer, Jack knew he would be missed. It was half-past nine now, and it was a good 5 miles back to camp. There was that noise again… Jack got up, and saw seven feet of the biggest, shaggiest something materialize out of the woods. It grinned, and way too many teeth gleamed in the moonlight. “Don’t ye know what happens to little boys, who go out in the wood, in the night? They get eaten by big, bad, wolves…. ” The half growl/half chuckle, sent a shiver up his spine. Jack’s mind refused to work. He stood, as dumfounded as a deer blinded by car lights, as it loped towards him. Only when it was close enough for Jack to plainly see it’s all-too human eyes, did his body break out of it’s slumber.

The young man turned, and ran. Faster than he had ever run before. Not heeding branches, or shrubs, or roots… No, No! This can’t be happening. But it was. He tripped, and fell. A hand-paw latched itself onto his ankle. Jack would have screamed, but his vocal cords refused to obey their terrified master. Another one grabbed his pants leg. Jack frantically pulled at his belt buckle, then his pants, and zipper. He jerked forward, just as the monster tugged, and was propelled flat on his face, his shorts pooled around his ankles. Jack kicked them off, and ran, giggling madly, as he looked over his shoulder at a werewolf who was wearing a pair of jockey shorts, one ear sticking out of a leg hole.

The boy ran, and ran, until he couldn’t run anymore. He stood, bent over, hands on knees, breathing hard. His shirt stuck to his sweaty body… Like a bad nightmare, his mind refused to dwell on it had seen. The boy leaned against a tree, trying to re-gather his breath, and work out a stitch in his side… A large furry paw clamped hard on the back of his neck, and Jack found himself lifted in the air, unable to even open his mouth. Paralyzed with fear and exhaustion, he could only wait, helpless. While one paw held him easily, the other ran itself across his body, feeling him up through the soaked shirt. Something warm, and wet rubbed itself against the small of his back, and ran down one butt-cheek, leaving a sticky trail. ‘What the Hell?!?’ thought Jack, ‘If it is going to kill me, why not get on with it..’ But this creature had other plans! The werewolf tossed him onto the soft grass, then it lay on top of the squirming teen. He felt it’s furry body press against his back and something pointed pressed against the valley of his buttocks.

Then three things happened almost at the same time; The hand that held his neck, clamped itself across his mouth, the other paw dug cruelly into one thigh, and the pointed stick that was poking around his neither end, grew into a sharpened telephone pole, as it plowed a furrow in his butt flesh, and forged a passage up into his bowels. His anus clamped tightly around the slick intruder, as Jack screamed into the furred spider, that enveloped his face. The creature snarled in his ear, then it jerked him up, getting up on the balls of it’s feet, knees on either side of his thighs. Now both paws pulled the boy’s ass back, until it’s mammoth cock was fully buried, his butt pressed into the furred groin, and it’s balls rubbed his. Then it shoved forward, pressing Jack’s knees into the ground, putting him in the “doggy” position. It rested a moment enjoying the sensation, then yanked half the length of it’s bloodied cock out, and digging both paws cruelly into the boy’s chest, claws raking his nipples, it howled, and slammed in to the hilt. Again, and again, it’s hairy hips compressed his rear, a voice full of gravel snarling in his ears, paws roaming across his body. Even though this had gone on for only a few minutes, Jack thought he was going to die. The pain was too great… But young men are nothing if not pliable, and his body got used to the intruder.

Tendrils of feeling weaved a complicated pattern across his brain. Waves of pain intertwined with pleasure made Jack shake his head. There was a third feeling… something like a cobweb. There, but not-there. Jack wasn’t sure who was more surprised by his erection, the man or the wolf. A paw encircled it, moving slowly at first, then faster, masturbating the boy with equal, but opposite oscillations. A snarl of lust rippled from Jack’s lips, and he bowed his back, thrusting back at the animal. The youth didn’t believe it! He was actually enjoying this!! It suddenly stopped. `Don’t stop now, dammit!’, he thought, twisting his head sideways, to look at his tormentor. The creature grinned at him, then lifted him like a stick-doll. Grabbing one of his legs, the Werewolf spun the young man on it’s cock, so they were now face to face. “I told ya some big, bad, wolf was gonna eat ya!” Jack didn’t feel the ground, even though the monster slammed his shoulders into it. Nor did he notice ten claws digging deeply into his buttocks.

The human’s entire being consisted of eight inches of purple-red flesh, which was getting licked upon, nibbled at, and vigorously sucked upon. Jack was sure he was going to be torn in two, and he didn’t care. A silent tree fell on him… The boy babbled, and dug his fingers in the grass, as the first orgasm of his young life ripped through his neural passages. His cock rippled, then spurted into a cavernous maw that threatened to suck everything down to his shoes into it. He rolled his head, anus squeezing on the hilt of the gigantic dick buried in him, and body contorting, trying simultaneously to pull the animal’s groin up to it’s tail into his ass, and shove everything between his chest and his knees into it’s muzzle. The huge cock swelled, then bucked, as cum poured into the still moaning teen, which triggered a second wave, which engulfed Jack in warm darkness, even as the creature pressed it’s salivating muzzle against his yelping mouth in a lewd kiss…. He awoke, in his tent. What a weird dream! As soon as he moved, aching ass-muscles, a ripped shirt, and a taste most indescribable, told the young man otherwise. All that day, he wondered about it. And couldn’t find any answers…

The moon found him once again sitting on the rock by the lake. This time when he heard the growl, he stood quietly, and waited. The monster appeared in the woods, and moved slowly towards him. Jack broke out in a sweat. Part of him wanted to run away, part of him wanted to run towards the beast. But, he chewed on his lip, and waited. When it was a few feet in front of him, it stood up. The Werewolf was covered with fur that gleamed golden in the moon’s light. He barely came up to it’s huge chest. It snarled low, then walked forward, and grabbed his shoulder. “So human,” the creature grinned down at him, “you liked last night, and want more…” Jack nodded, not sure about anything, except his cock was getting hard, and the scent of the monster was making him dizzy. It growled and lifting his shirt, ran calloused paws across his hairless chest. It went down to it’s knees, and Jack dropped the shirt beside him. A wet nose pressed against one nipple, making it hard and the boy squirm. Then a warm tongue slid across it. The other one was being pawed at. Then mouth and paw exchanged breasts.

Jack moaned, as the tongue lapped it’s way downward. The paws rubbed his crotch, then deftly opened the belt, and pants, dropping the cloth to puddle around the teenager’s ankles. Now, the furred appendages rubbed his aching erection, and thumbs sliding under the waistband, pushed his underwear downward. The tongue left a sticky trail down the boy’s crotch, and teased his testicles. Jack caressed the hairy arms, while paws dug into his butt again. He grunted through clenched teeth. It was all he could do not to beg the monster to move the organ of taste that was flicking with abandon on his flesh, upwards. The nostrils quivered, as a drop of pre-cum squeezed it’s way out of the tortured cock.

A paw detached itself from the young man’s buttocks, and smeared the sticky fluid across it’s thin, rubbery lips. Jack moaned, the tongue both cleaning off the seeping tip, and it’s snout. After what seemed like an eternity, the mouth opened, and Jack yelped, as the horny creature pulled his maleness in, suction alone pulling it across the teeth. The doggish nose pressed into his crotch, drool ran warmly down his balls, while the tongue squashed it’s prisoner against the roof of a muscular mouth. Now, both paws ran up his sides, and played with the teenager’s chest, while the tongue rolled Jack’s organ around like a cigar. He gasped, and pumped his hips. Ecstasy made his breath come in pants, his hands tremble, and his legs jerk, as he fucked that wonderful muzzle. Boy turned into animal.. He tossed back his head and snarled, balls contracting, as the wildfire of orgasm swept though his system. Jack came back to reality, and found both hands holding onto the Werewolf’s skull with a death-grip.

But, instead of minding, the monster was trying to coax still more ejaculate out of the drained testicles. He gasped, shuddering, as the tongue rasped at the very-sensitive underside of his cock-tip. The monster finally let the limp dick slide out, then patted it. Jack sighed. He tried to psych himself up to receive another buggering. Instead, the monster took his hand and placed it on the thick pole jutting between it’s legs. He could feel it throbbing under his palm. He had never seen so big a dick before… For that matter, except for a few curious glimpses in the school showers, he had never seen another cock before. Fascinated, he closed his fingers around the flesh, letting then slowly slide down, then back. He thrilled, when it expanded in his hand, and the creature moaned. It lay on the ground, and let the young man do whatever he liked..

Trembling with lust, Jack used both hands to stroke on the thick maleness. From the dark reddish tip, to the brown sheath, he jerked on it. Eyes glued to the tip, he watched the slit open and seminal fluid trickled down the shaft, and across the back of his hand. Without thinking, he licked it off. A strange, wonderful taste assailed his tongue. This time, as the monster moaned, he gingerly licked on the seeping cock-head. All the Werewolf did was drag it’s claws through the grass, and groan, so he lapped it clean. Before the young man really knew what he was doing, Jack opened his mouth wide, and let the bulbous end rest on his tongue. It grew, and more of the stuff ran down into his mouth. He swallowed. The suction pulled another inch into his crowded oral cavity.

The creature howled softly, as the human continued frigging on his erection, lapping with abandon on the thick maleness. Jack felt the hugeness throb, and the tip swelled so big, it pried his jaws apart. Then something warm and sticky splashed against the back of his throat. He swallowed, hands still busy pulling on the thick skin. More of the stuff poured into his mouth. Jack suddenly wanted a taste of it. He pulled his head back, until just the bulbous tip was collared by his teeth. Nothing happened for a moment. Impatient, the young man gnawed on the fleshy cock-head. The monster shuddered, and thrust his hips up. Cum poured across the teenager’s tongue. Jack found he liked the sweet/salty flavor, and sucked harder, wanting more. But, even a Werewolf’s balls aren’t bottomless..

With one last heave of it’s loins, it gave up the last dregs of it’s lust to the youth who still wasn’t satisfied. At last, finding out that no matter what he did, there was no more of the elixir forthcoming, Jack let the piece of flesh drop out of his mouth. Now, his own cock demanded attention. He knelt on a furry chest, and shoved his erection at the hoary snout. A pinkish tongue lapped eagerly on the flesh, making him moan. Claws, stained with grass and dirt, rubbed his smooth buttocks. He grinned, as the mouth opened invitingly, reminding him of a crocodile. The youth jacked hard and fast on his meat, wanting to blow his wad all over the ‘doggy’. All too soon, the itch built under his balls. Jack growled, eyes slitted, as cum spurted out and into the waiting maw. Ejaculate ran down it’s tongue, pooled inside it’s jaws, was swallowed, even while another spurt turned the roof of it’s mouth into a sticky mess.

When the flood turned into a trickle, the monster pulled Jack closer, and clamped it’s teeth around his cock-head. All he could do was yell, and twist in an iron grip, as the Werewolf taught him about Butterfly-kissing, and long, slow licks, making sure his testicles were as empty as it’s own were. It swallowed one last time, and let the exhausted boy get up off of it, but not before planting a wet kiss on his shriveled ball-sack. The teen went down to the water and washed himself off on the cool water. When he turned around, the beast was gone. Jack collected his clothes, and made his way back to camp.

The next day he decided to take the Nature Hike. He got into a good, strong shirt, Levi’s, and a pair of walking shoes. But, when he got to the meeting place, he found himself alone. “Well, at least one of you is interested in Nature… ” The gruff voice came from behind him. He turned around, to stare into a very familiar pair of Green-Gray eyes. The smile broadened, showing canines just a bit too long. Jack returned the grin. This may turn out to be an interesting summer after all!

The End

Brother Fox by though-the-movies


When I first saw this I thought what a great image to post. Then I found it lead to one of the best stories I ever read. Check it out HERE