Grasping At Straws: Having a Sense of Humor During These Times

Joe Strike, a man who I admire and who once did an interview for Furry Times. Recently posted an article on Dogpatch Press. Which hadn’t even gotten a comment or a Like on Twitter. Really it read out more like a rant against Jimmy Kimmel actually hinting that either him or his writers were furry haters. Then mentioning 2 incidents as an example, personally I thought the bit where Kimmel hinted that Mike Lindell that My Pillow Guy had a bunny suit deep in the back of his closet. I thought funny and you have to understand a bit of history and endure a Bugs Bunny cartoon to get the joke

In this 1955 cartoon Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny change places literally. Bugs is the Hunter and Elmer is the prey. If you watched that cartoon you will notice that Elmer is wearing a rabbit suit. Mine you this was long before anyone even knew what furry was. Up to now, no one has used the word fursuit. Traditionally a rabbit suit had been associated with crazy, you can find references in various comedies that date back to the 1930s. Not that there is anything wrong with rabbit furries. You just have to understand, there is an explanation for everything.

Also if you think this whole piece is silly, have a good laugh on me. I am not insulted of anyone laughs at this piece this is just done for fun anyway.

COVID-19 Report: Where Do We Currently Stand?

I know if you watch the news these days you get conflicting reports. One may say doom and gloom, but yet there is hope with the vaccinations. Meanwhile a few cons actually set dates.

So like I said where do we stand? In Illinois where I am based as of yesterday there were more than 1 million vaccinated. The CDC actually advised those who were vaccinated that, they could part with the masks. Meaning they actually had immunity, although do to the Federal and State Mandate they still said for now wear them.

I don’t have to work in a office to know more people are going back to work. My building sits on a main street, that pre pandemic we use to joke about that it was the 2nd Indy Track. Believe me it went from you could walk in the middle of it to heavy traffic which it is now. Even the buses and the subway seems more crowded.

Meanwhile like the elephant in the room, where does this crappy virus stand. Currently down, the numbers are falling in most areas. The reason we are hearing a lot about Brasil and their numbers. All I will say on that this is what happens when you got a govt whose leaders have said and I quote “The virus should burn itself out”. If you think I am kiddin’ look it up.

Maybe the US Govt is right, maybe by late summer there will be fun again.

In case your wondering how good is the vaccine, they are saying your immunity actually gets better over time.

I do advise everyone to get the vaccine.

When The Place You Had Your Very 1st Furmeet Closes

Yesterday a friend called me about this time, begging them to take them to the hospital because a piece of metal was sticking out of their foot. Really I did not think twice about being there for them. I was there, and they honestly told me “Thanks for being there”.

I wanted to say this because it will explain why I was in Downtown Chicago where I just don’t go these days, due to the pandemic. In an Uber passing by what use to be a Panera Bread Location. I know my haters are going to rip me a new one for posting this. But as we passed by and I saw the sign removed and the place empty it felt that part of my life is over.

I have so many good as well as bad memories about that one Panera. I guess my favorite would always be how this group of strangers welcomed me during a time in my life I was struggling. Seriously my brother only died less than a year earlier. I needed to be around people. It all was great, I even had a birthday there were I was given a piece of art. Which I still have hanging up on my wall.

I still really don’t know why it ended as it did. It was late December there was over 50 there. By that Jan only 3 showed up. I swear that is the truth, I was never able to find out why, it was a great meet.

Then there was that horrible attempt by me at starting my own meet. 8 at the most and I still say they were the nastiest group of furries I met up until then. You see we had a Brony in our group they they drove him and me out. I couldn’t stand that hate. It barely lasted 3 months.

Still love Panera, and still go when I can. I already replaced my Rewards Card twice.

But to see that one location closed, it feels as if part of me died.

Some might be asking, will I go to another local meet? That I can say in 1 word, NEVER AGAIN.

But who says it has to be local, You see apart of my Post Pandemic plans are to travel. For now I won’t say were, but they are out of state. I might go to one or two. But we will just have to see, I think the biggest question is will they restart? As right now no one knows.

The Peaceful Transition of Power – Fingers Crossed

Today Joe Biden is to be sworn in as the New (finally) US President. Personally I don’t care if you support Biden or Not. I am just happy after that Incident on Jan 6 that he is actually being sworn in being protected by no less than 24,000 members of The National Guard with Shoot to Kill orders, and unknown number of Law Enforcement… some put that number up by an additional 10,000. Not to mention undercover agents patrolling the crowd, and there numbers for now are being kept secret.

Believe me I could go into the fallout from that incident but I won’t. Just Google it and it is truly amazing.

Personally I will be happy when things get fully back to normal and I could visit DC again.

But I have to address the Giant Orange Baby, and his truly insane followers, many of whom are facing decades in prison, all the while wondering why they weren’t pardon. I heard that one yesterday.

Despite all the rumors/ fears I really hope today is peaceful. To me it’s just plain uncomfortable to know that your boss has called on everyone of his employees to take their gun to work. Yes, I am serious.

To why this article I found a piece on the National Geographic site on other issues when a new President is about to be sworn in, I hope you enjoy.

Outgoing President James Buchanan stood by in 1860 as Southern states prepared to leave the Union, maintaining that it was “beyond the power of any president” to do anything about it—and saddling the incoming Abraham Lincoln with the Civil War. Another lame-duck president deliberately sabotaged an incoming administration and pushed the nation into the economic depression known as the Panic of 1893. The transition during another economic crisis in early 1933 was so bad Congress moved up future inaugurations from March to January.

John Adams and the ‘midnight judges’

In December 1800, Federalist President John Adams had just lost reelection when Supreme Court Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth resigned his post. With the end of his term only three months away, Adams acted. “Adams did not think of himself as a ‘lame duck,’” writes historian Richard A. Samuelson. “He saw no reason why he should cease to exercise the powers of the office just because he would soon no longer hold them.

Adams and his fellow lame-duck Federalist Congress moved swiftly both to replace the chief justice and reshape the judiciary in line with their vision to expand federal powers over the states. After confirming Secretary of State John Marshall to the Supreme Court, Congress passed the Judiciary Act of 1801 that reduced the Supreme Court from six seats to five and created 16 new federal judgeships. By February 24, Adams had submitted his nominations for those roles—then signed a few other judgeship commissions on March 3, his last day in office. (Why the Supreme Court ended up with nine justices.)

Democratic-Republicans, an early political party led by President-elect Thomas Jefferson, were outraged. Seeing these actions as a partisan attempt to pack the court and subvert their agenda, the lawmakers repealed the law before it could go into effect. In the years since, Adams’ last-minute appointments have become known as the “midnight judges”—and a prime example of lame-duck sabotage.

Hostilities between Herbert Hoover and FDR

In 1932, the effects of the Great Depression were rippling across the country when Republican incumbent Herbert Hoover faced off against Democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the presidential election. Roosevelt campaigned and won on “a new deal for the American people” that would ease suffering by expanding the role of the federal government and “distributing wealth and products more equitably.”

Hoover opposed these New Deal policies as a threat to individual liberty—and worked to undermine them before Roosevelt could take office. As historian Eric Rauchway writes, Hoover spent the months following the election trying to persuade Roosevelt to abandon the New Deal and issue public promises to balance the budget. Hoover even asked the President-elect to co-create an economic commission, a move that the New Yorker notes would have allowed Hoover to enact his own agenda before Roosevelt’s term began. Roosevelt declined.

Hoover and Roosevelt didn’t get along personally, either, and had several contentious meetings right up until Inauguration Day on March 4, 1933. But Roosevelt would be the last president to be forced to wait until March to take office: Earlier that year—having already decided that the lame-duck period was too long—the nation ratified the 20th Amendment that moved up Inauguration Day to January 20. (The U.S. has never delayed a presidential election. Here’s why it’s so tricky.)

Turning 30 Soon

Speaking as someone who is much older than 30, I guess you could call me an expert on getting pass that DREADED AGE. I have seen that same NSFW image of a nude male anthro dog a few times, from those who fear turning 30.

Lets be honest here, no one stays the same forever. Would you still want to be a kid? Pre Puberty? No you wouldn’t and life is that way. We grow and move on to different life experiences. Getting older is nothing to fear, and depends on your health and if you have had anything major happen to you. That you will be fine, it just means things will be different. Drinking all night and getting wasted when your younger is ok for some but not when your older. The older you get the way your body handles booze changes.

Hangovers can get worse, and you might discover food allergies. Yes they can come out of no where. For example I can’t eat shellfish or certain types of fish. It makes my tummy hurt.

Like earlier when I mentioned did you break something? Well as you get older and the weather changes. You will get aches and pains exactly where they broke. I am sorry, but it does happen.

Also let me make it perfectly clear you don’t have to stop being a furry at a certain age.

You simply become a GREYMUZZLE

In fact the oldest fursuiter I ever met in the fandom was 83. They did admit they had to get one of those cooling vests. But that is a given, not everyone can handle the heat inside of one even if they are young. At MFF one year, I heard this 17 year old fursuiter had one of those full body cooling outfits they wear under their fursuit. Simply because they passed out when they wore their first time for a long time.

In short don’t worry, your body will let you know if you do something stupid. Then don’t do that again.

Really you will be fine.

Jan 6, 2021 Washington, DC

I don’t have to say any more because you know I am talking about a REAL Attack on our government by domestic terrorists. Because that is what they were, and 5 persons are dead and in one case we don’t know who shot them. We can guess, but nothing official.

So Trump called on his supporters to literally overthrow our govt. You can sugar coat it, but that is what was happening. He would not be President, he would be a DICTATOR, arresting and executing anyone he sees fit.

I heard examples between what happened yesterday and what happened with Benito Mussolini. He ruled Italy during WW2 and he was Pro Hitler, for historic fact I should show what eventually happened to them. Please don’t click on the video if your sensitive, as it is rather gruesome. But it is very similar to the cult of Trump

Please be aware that democracy is fragile, and you don’t have to be a history buff to see this. Just look at what happened in both Russia and Brazil. They call themselves Presidents but they are actually dictators. Don’t think this could never happen again. Because I know it will.

Some president becomes full of themselves and think I won, no matter what the people say I won. Am I mocking trump enough? But it happened, I personally voted for Biden because I want Washington to get back to the same old, same old.

Because my dear readers you can’t do enough in your power for making the whole LGBTQ+ community illegal and expect them to vote for you. Making it legal for them to be fired and lose their homes simply because they are LGBTQ+? Is nothing short of a Right Wing Dictator.

I actually have to praise some of the Republicans in Congress for actually growing a set and standing up to what to me has been a cry baby. Constantly complaining on not getting their way. You know in the past and you know this term “Back Door Deals” is how things get done. That is why so called Obama Care passed, a deal was made. Not that you vote for the same thing that was rejected countless times by the other party and hope they give in. Think I am making that up, look it up for yourself.

Is it asking for too much for things to get back to normal in DC.

For example during my DC trip in 2019 I could not go to The White House Visitor’s Center simply because trump turned it in to a campaign office. I don’t have any photos proving this but when 9 people tell you the exact same thing… including a DC cop. You tend to believe them.

I will be happy once trump is gone. But after yesterday I tend to believe this won’t be the last of his conflicts with our govt.

Since This Pandemic Started…

Do you feel like your loosing your mind?

I know some of you are laughing, but really how do you explain this.

Some have created anatomically correct nude characters for the following games.

Cyberpunk 2077

Animal Crossing: New Horizons

In case you wonder how, naughty bits are drawn on a blank body

and Sims

Before Winter, the number of nude sighting are up over 70%. It was so common in England the Police have been warned. Not to look in someone’s backyard unless they are looking for someone. Meanwhile the American Association for Nude Recreation membership have reported that there membership have doubled.

Having friends who work in retail have reported sales of objects (and I am keeping this clean) to people to don’t have pets or sexual partners.

All of this while the Nintendo Switch is the #1 Console/ portable worldwide

This should not be surprising according to experts…

People who experience solitary confinement are more likely to develop anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and psychosis. The practice also affects physical health, increasing a person’s risk for a range of conditions, including fractures, vision loss, and chronic pain.

It’s been reported that the number of suicides are up

In addition people are also experiencing the loss of loved ones during all of this. Not all deaths in 2020 was due to COVID-19. So a lot of the sadness that is about is due to grief.

The normal way people deal with loss is doing something. That is out as nearly everything is closed. Or bare minimum being apart of group therapy. As much as I hate to say this, that is out too unless you are already seeing a doctor.

Gilda’s Club normally has a “Drop In” Group Therapy. Sadly that is closed for now.

In short they are loosing their minds, and everyone is effected in some way. I am not saying everyone is experimenting with nudity. It’s just a release for some with the stress and or anxiety they are now feeling. Like watching streaming services.

As of Jan 1st 2021 there are 2 vaccines being distributed, they say by Spring we should be up to 5. Although the first doses are going to 1st Responders, dates when the public should be getting there’s are being planned.

As much hope as a lot of us have…. including yours truly. How soon will it take for the numbers to go down to a point fur cons will be opening the the public once again. Is a guess I rather not make, but some are saying we might be able to salvage the 4th Quarter of 2021… MAYBE

Which leaves one question will this seemly odd behaviour carry over post pandemic?

That I have no answer.

The Email

Recently I received the following email from trafficluxary dot com


We would like to post a sponsored article adjusted to your site content that would contain a do-follow gambling link.

Would you accept a guest post with us? If so, what are your prices for
such kind of advertisement?

We hopefully look forward to hearing back from you.

I sent the following reply

I would admit the money would be nice. But I can condone gambling and porn links. Call it I have been online for a longtime and I have seen abuse with these links. Often leading to malware and ransomeware. Besides with the agreement I have with my site host doesn’t allow for ads. And if I ever change my plan if has to be something I believe in.

I believe in independent makers of content.

I would be interested in content only if it was furry related, as that  is what my readers expect.

I respect them and everyone is having a hard time currently. I never want to ad to their misery.


I wanted to make it very clear to my readers that I care about what you see here. Some my question my taste, hey that’s just an opinion. I will never subject you to the countless spam we see everyday. It has literally gotten so bad that we tend to ignore it.

We are in fact better than this, some might think I am foolish for turning down free money.

But let them think what they will, I am an independent and always will be.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale : The Rescue | No Spoilers

First of all despite some of the criticism I found that The Mandalorian series on Disney Plus is just one of the plain best series on any streaming service period and it does not matter if it’s in the Star Wars Universe or not. As the series touches aspects that you would not plain see in any of the movies. Like what is it like out there for the average person and there is so much more. I have found that the season finales and I include the first season are nothing short of amazing. The more you get to know The Mandalorian the more you honestly love and care for this seemly nameless figure.

I know by even just the title The Rescue the basic plot of is rescue Grogu from what is left of The Empire. It’s also safe to say things don’t go as planned. But who comes to the rescue, just left me speechless. Beyond that I can’t say anymore it would be a HUGE spoiler and it is such a high point in the series.

Now I hear with the new Star Wars series that have been announced that there will be crossover episodes. I for one can’t wait.

Your Articles Are Wanted

Once again I am begging for articles, for a site like mine who tries to update daily. I go through a lot of material in an average week. Believe me with the pandemic and the lack of good furry YouTube videos, and what little news we are getting from furry gatherings. It is really getting harder and harder to find anything interesting to post.

So whatever you got I will consider it, no matter how dumb you might think it is. I am even looking for game reviews, both video and board games. I know quite a few furries are into such things, now it’s time to tell the world why you love a particular game. If you like furry books or a certain story maybe one you wrote. I am interested, and this is no joke. If I get enough good submissions, ones not flagged for copyright issues. I will be offering $100 via PayPal to the one I think is best, over a certain period.

Rules: Common Sense

Being Furry related is a plus, or even having furry characters.

Please no Vore or Cub Porn.

TF is fine

Please don’t steal material from another site, as all will be double checked

Please send your submissions to:

Ahmarwolf {at} mail dot com