22 Days Until MFF

Current circumstances will make my annual coverage of MFF tough…but not impossible. It will be reporting on what I see and hear from reliable sources. My video coverage will be different this year and it does not involve my current problems. It’s just a matter of numbers, it seems most of you like to read what I like, rather than watch me in a video…and frankly I can’t blame you. Besides I get nervous in front of a camera, even when it’s my own.

To me, usually Panels are my main focus, but this year seems to be the worse. If I do go to any, it will be the fewest in my 7 trips to MFF. Even on Friday, the day I usually pick up my badge. I am totally unsure if I will even be there that day because there is so little to do.

But it will be covered, in a way, I won’t be able to explain until after MFF. Given certain circumstances, that is beyond my control. Speaking of which Milo Y. beyond that, I won’t mention his name. But it is easily found on Google and why he is even mentioned. Is because social media is all a buzz, over some sort of demonstration, by him or his followers or both. Then there is what a Police officer told me privately, that MFF will have increased security this year. So I advise everyone, don’t cause problems. Security will be monitoring the Fire Alarms during the entire convention.

No wonder some have decided to skip MFF 2019.

No one is 100% positive everything will go smoothly, we will have our fingers crossed and that’s it. That is the best we do give the rumored hate groups that claim they will be there, and will they be able to do anything? Your guess is a good as mine.

Cameras will be at the ready and I advise everyone to keep your handy, you might need it.

Furry Fanzine Collecting

Collecting Furry Fanzine is difficult, even more so posting them online because some believe it’s a copyright violation. They are hard to find period, the last few I added came from Furbid and that was over a year ago, that I saw anything that I would be interested in.

Then came this email out of the blue from this guy saying he is willing to help. Something I will not turn down, but their offer of cash, I did and mainly because I can’t guarantee I find anything. Next thing I know I get another email from them locating 3 of them on eBay; 2 for $100 each and the 3rd for $50. Look I would get them if the price was cheaper and the way this was handled I am very positive that they were the Seller and tried to get me to spend $250 on just 3 issues.

I can’t tell you how much to spend for any of these fanzines…but I know what I am willing to spend and it isn’t $250 for just 3 pieces. Maybe $50 tops but no more.

Collecting fanzines are like any other sort of collecting, you know what your willing to spend.

Countdown to MFF 2019

In just over a month MFF starts, you may think you all set. You got your room, your fursuit is nice and clean and you know more or less what you are going to bring.

I hate to spoil it for you but that is only the beginning. There is still a lot of things you still need to figure out.

1 The Panels

Yes, I am very aware some go to MFF and party. I have a friend who has made that point very clear to me. But if you do go to any of the Panels maybe I might be making a bigger point than most but since the schedule is up you need to check it out.

2 Food and or Booze

Unless you have a lot of money to spare both can be expensive at the hotels. Last year I spent $24 with the convention discount for just 1 meal. The convention last 4 days and some are there for 5. Yes, there are some options and what works best for you can be found on Google Maps and MFF is promoting some nearby restaurants that are less than a 10-minute walk away. Plus you should know that there is a Mariano’s (A local grocery store chain) have a store just north of the Cumberland stop at 1900 S Cumberland Ave, Park Ridge, IL 60068. They serve hot food, and it’s pretty good and you can get a good amount of food for under $10. You can either drive or take the local subway, there is a stop located just north of the Hyatt Regency. Cumberland is one stop to the east.

3 Keep it Clean

I am on social media too and I see the complaints about fursuiters who smell worse than their real-life counterparts. Bring soap, shampoo, and products like Febreze that kills odors in fabrics. Also a change of clothes…PLEASE

4 Artist Alley and The Dealers Den

Before you say it I will, you are going to spend your paycheck for the next month on getting what you want. Look I am guilty as the rest of you. I spent $300 on one MFF and I am cheap. But really think about what you are going to buy, and will you use it past this one furcon?

5 Don’t Cause Problems

If you haven’t heard that MFF expects problems this year, you should know this by now. There has been a couple of threats made, I can even say some have decided to postpone their MFF experience until next year because of this. Either way, everyone is going to be on their toes. Also, know that both the hotel and convention center is home to over 1,000 security cameras. Security at Anime Midwest informed me that even during MFF. That it will take no longer than 90 seconds before security or the staff to arrive at the trouble spots anywhere in both the hotel and convention center. There are also Security Alarm Call Buttons scattered throughout both. I know where all of them are located and they are not that difficult to spot. So DON’T.

This applies to the Hyatt Regency’s famous Balconies. Don’t toss anything off period. You may think tossing cash would be harmless.

You could be permanently banned and made to see a judge. Be aware hotels talk to each other, it could mean sleeping in your car vs a nice room. So think about it…PLEASE

Boo At The Zoo Follow UP: Chicago Furry Drama

Ever since I posted my honest opinion on the recent Boo at The Zoo that took place at the Lincoln Park Zoo. I have been getting a lot of complaints from the Chicago Area Furry Fandom. Keep in mind this is the same group that banned me from 3 groups on FB after my own bowling meet was stolen. I was also banned from every local furmeet for speaking out. This is the same group that told everyone I was dead when people wondered what had happened to me.

I have also found at least 6 videos on YouTube that have lashed out at me for the harsh crime of speaking out against the wrongs that were done to me. All made by local furries.

If it wasn’t for me being active on both this blog and on Twitter, those lies would have gone unchecked. I told my side when no one wanted to listen. I still consider myself an Outcast to the local fandom. Only reinforced by the direct threats made against me on FB and I am sorry to say on Twitter. When someone you don’t know threatens to spray MACE someone on sight. You tend to get defensive.

Here I was getting my health back from my near-death illness in 2018, took most of 2019 to recover. I decided to once again make friends (if possible) with the local furries. What did I get in return…labeled a troublemaker and accused of sex offenses which I will not repeat here? Once again they label me a troublemaker. The last local furry meet I ever been to was my own and before that, I was at Boo at the Zoo in Brookfield after the photo was taken and that was in 2017. I had pulled back from the local scene during all of this. It isn’t me causing this drama to look towards your own people. This will stop, when they stop making false allegations.

For the record, you can not ban someone from a public place, or ask security to remove someone who has not caused any problems.

Also attacking someone on sight will only lead to the attackers, arrest, and conviction. Not to mention getting sued for damages.

Milo The Nazi Hype

Social media is all a buzz over Milo (I refuse to post his last name) The Nazi possibly coming to MFF. I for one think all of this was just to get their name out. Or how else do you explain on the same day in fact? They are both going and flat broke. There isn’t a single one of us who doesn’t know to go to any con can be expensive and MFF is no exception. The lack of cheaper places to eat around the con being the biggest reason people actually take food to their hotel. Personally, I don’t think they are coming. I can’t say if they are preregistered…but if they are as broke as they say I doubt it.

Opinion vs. Fact : Cats 2019

Recently the Chicago Reader did this article on the upcoming Cats film. A large portion of that article contains opinions from Patch O’Furr of Dogpatch Press speaking as if he represents the entire furry fandom. I encourage everyone to check out that article. To me it looks more like Patch is building up his own ego than anything else. After major setbacks on his own site, like losing half his number of views with the rumored arrest of his partner, and him openly supporting Cub Porn which came out earlier this year. Despite those posts being taken down, they have survived on Archive.org

In my own survey of furries, I found their opinions about the Cats film are like everyone else. Some will see it, some will avoid it, some will wait to it comes to some streaming platform. Me I think the film looks weird, and if I find it on a streaming service I might check it out…of curiosity.

Google’s Stadia

When Google finally revealed the price and the monthly plan I thought it was going to be great. $129 for the Stadia device is rather cheap and so is the $9 a month plan for the Pro Plan. But when you start digging into it an see the Bandwidth and Data Caps this country has for Internet use you see HUGE problems with it, and I totally agree with others that this country isn’t ready for Cloud Gaming and whose fault it is, not the Gaming companies, nor the developer’s, not even Google. It’s the politicians who like ISP’s getting all they can from their customers.

Let me remind everyone when the FCC allowed ISPs to put restrictions on the Internet. Those people who voted for this was appointed by Trump and the Republicans. Don’t believe me check it out for yourself.

Also, the Internet in this country is a joke. Did you know on average we pay more for less bandwidth than any other country? I did an informal survey a few years ago and found on average in Europe they pay less for broadband than we do. Back then they were paying $20 for 50MB service and no data caps. In Africa, it’s a bit more for less speed $30 for 40MB service. Meanwhile, in Japan, they got 1GB service as a standard 4 years ago and it’s available even in rural areas. Meanwhile in the US Dial-Up is slowly being replaced by Cellphone Internet. Why no fibre comes down to politics The Republicans actually killed a plan for fibre in rural areas. Mitch McConnell actually called it a waste of money.

But is it?