Bowling Meet Stolen – Takes a Nasty Turn

Let’s see in the last couple of weeks I had no choice but to block 15 people on Facebook for blatant harassment. It seems I have been under constant attack since my bowling meet was STOLEN on Feb 9…when I was severely ill. Lets see one of the admins of the thieves which stole my meet has been contacting my Facebook friends trying to convince them I am the most evil man alive. All the while they still claim the evidence they have against me is legit. Even though it has perfect grammar and I fully admit my grammar is bad.

Then things took a really nasty turn when I was threaten with arrest if I even show up at where the meet takes place, as well as have anything to do with the thieves. This has happened a total of 4 times. I think this shows how nasty they really are.

Not one to take chances I have been blocking anyone who has anything to do with this stolen meet.

Meanwhile I am still recovering after being seriously ill for 2 months.

A Special Message to The Staff at Weiss Memorial Hospital

I will be eternally grateful to the Doctors, Nurses and PCTs of Weiss during my recent health crisis. Some of you might of seen a previous post regarding the same thing, but something really happened beyond my control and I think you deserve an explanation. It is true that I had Colitis, (an infection of the colon). Both the infection and the meds really did a number on me. I lost weight, I couldn’t eat or drink, plus the vomiting was horrible. Well I was healthy for a week up until I got sick again with the same problems. I literally went to the emergency room 4 times at 2 different hospitals. But still nobody could figure out why I was sick and frankly after a couple of weeks I thought I was going to die.

Call it “Last Resort” which it really was. I contacted a GI doctor and made an appointment. He was in the same building as another doctor I see, and it worked out I made the appointment so I could see one then the other. In between this I got a blood test. Really I want to personally thank Dr. Steiner for having the wisdom to check me for Thyroid issues.

By the time I saw my second doctor of the day. I was half out of it and frankly way tooo ill to go home and I was checked in to the nearby hospital.

Now get this 2 hours later Dr. Steiner was in my room telling me that signs pointed to a Thyroid issue. By the next morning it was confirmed I was Hyperthyroid.

Those 4 days I spent in the hospital I went from a wreck to back to nearly I was before all of this started. I still a bit weak and it maybe a couple of days more before I could return to work. But I will recover and I will be able to inform all you furries and non furries out there.

Thank You All

Stolen Meet: The Revenge of The Thieves

A couple of interesting things has happened since I discovered my meet was stolen. First of all up until I refused to meet with “EA”, one of the thieves. They still wanted to meet up with me, and to top this all off “EA” actually accused me of harassment. Apparently “EA” knows nothing about either lawyers and how expensive they are or the actual law. Technically we only spoke over 4 days not even close to the statute.

Another thing that came up is I was from someone I honestly forgot about, one “TF”. Who after running my meet for nearly an entire year suddenly accused of stealing their meet. Then a former friend posted when was “TF’s” last meet was that the same bowling alley. March of 2016 a full year before I started my own meet, and clearly abandoned. I think this was another effort to bash me.

Like the 4 bot attacks on my Facebook.

In addition it seems “EA” and “NM” are trying to destroy my reputation, by claiming in obviously fake message supposedly by me. The reason is simple I admit I have bad grammar. But these messages of hate had perfect grammar. A friend who knows me well knew it was a fake instantly.

Even my friend could not figure out why “EA” wanted to show to these fake messages to my friend.

The more this continues the more I know I don’t want anything to do with these thieves.

Commentary: Malignant Narcissism (NPD) vs Anti-Bullshit Personality (ABSP) by Casey Thomas Lehman

So…. You know that “malignant narcissist” I talked about? Turns out we have a lot in common now. Because neither of us are malignant narcissists. We’re just anti-bullshit people. I’ve been called a narcissist multiple times, when in reality I was anti-bullshit. Though, I admit I nearly embraced it at one time.

This will be a short article, but I can say without a doubt that those terms are thrown around far too much nowadays… mostly by the people who have the personality disorders to begin with, such as the Alt-Right, Alt-Left, and many of the CEOs and big celebrities. I’m not saying they all have them, but the ones with codependency because of the treatment they have been given are the only people I feel sorry for.

…Welp, hope you enjoyed this little article – And remember – Before you label someone, please make sure you aren’t projecting.

The Draw of The Fur Con

I recently noticed of how Pre MFF several local furries said that they weren’t going to MFF. Main had some pretty good reasons, bad experiences, the crowds, etc, etc. But yet on social media without exception they had posted photos if not directly taken in front of the hotel at least nearby. Some say Animals hear the call of the wald, furries hear the call of the fur con.

What I Took Out of a Panel on Journalism

As I previous mention here I went to this panel on Journalism at MFF 2017 hosted by both Tantroo McNally and NightfOx which I really found informative and you will notice some improvements here. It really straighten me out on a couple of points, of course this doesn’t mean I am going all news site here. That really isn’t me, and trying to put everyone in the same box is crazy to me. Everyone has to be themselves right or wrong. I fully admit I have made tons of mistakes and I still came out a winner. Yesterday I had almost 600 views and I really get thanked by a lot of cons for the stuff I post about them…check out my Twitter feed. Furry Migration actually thinked me for a 360 view video I posted. Crazy for a one man operation but it’s true. You Live and You Learn.

But really even signing in to a news site were at least 90% of the items I see submitted are outright rejected. Really nothing I submitted to Flayrah was even accepted, not even my interviews and despite what was said at the panel I was NEVER told why. I know back when I was on Flayrah I would see post after post in their newsfeed of people wondering why they never heard back of anything submitted, of course they didn’t last long it seems the old editor would delete them. Really doesn’t make sense unless you know someone on that site personally they don’t want you, really my suggestion to any wannabe reporter. YouTube, or at least a podcast there. Believe it for not you will get more views in 1 day than I do. I think if I had to do this all over again Furry Times would be a podcast. But don’t worry I am keeping my blog I just renewed my domain name.

Who Killed America by Lowell Thompson

First of all Lowell Thompson is something of a minor celeb a man who can do just about anything. So why not a play…his latest project.

Link to the official site

I was at the first workshop the other day where his goal was trying to gather ideas for what I think is a good premise. Not exactly what killed America more like what killed the American dream. If your older than 30 and lived all that time in the US, you can see how things have changed and not for the better. Rise in hate groups, more violence, greed seemly everywhere, meanwhile the voters feel disenfranchised. Which is the main reason I feel why Trump was elected. There he came in with BIG promises and frankly despite what he and other presidents have said in the past, frankly there is very little they can do to change things. That is solely in the hands of the congress and the courts.

Can you even name 1 of your elected officials? Not local because they are on the news most of the time. But those we sent to Washington, DC . Which rare exception most frankly can’t why and this goes for a majority of them. They do nothing but vote on other peoples idea’s. I don’t know of 1 that ever kept a campaign promise.

I could get into greed in business but that is all over the news.

So in my mind who killed American it was our own elected officials.

Have your own ideas use the link above and send a message to Lowell Thompson