Commentary on Cyberyiff 77

Really this is becoming something to ban someone about if they disagree? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and nothing will ever change that. This goes with what I have been saying for years. Don’t force your opinion down the throats of others who frankly don’t give a shit on what you say. Also please stop whining about something if you can’t get anyone to agree with you. I have seen the video and I will honestly say that there are things I both agree and disagree about with Mister Metokur the creator of the video had to say….and frankly I am not going to say which points. If you have a point say it, and it doesn’t take 40 pages to make a point you can say it in 1 paragraph.

This Sordid Little Business

I want to state I have posted the following statement out of context for a reason.

If you were warped, you tried to hide it, and good for you if you did. If you were going to polish your rod to autopsy photos or bugger a Shetland pony, you did it in the privacy of your own sick, sad home. No one else, especially not me, had to know, and that was great. The best part was, if you decided to crawl out on the roof and inform the neighborhood via midnight megaphone that being urinated on got you hot, you would be told, in no uncertain terms, how very diseased you were. Most people I know don’t have too much trouble distinguishing between a “lifestyle choice” and a “warning sign.” Yep, in many parts of the world, the idea of making love to Andy Panda is still regarded as somewhat misguided. Most parts, that is, except “Furry Fandom.”

When do you think this was posted online? Some would say quite recently given the current state of the furry fandom. But what if I told you that statement is over 10 years old. Doubt me check my source for this on Wikifur It was originally said by Squee Rat one of the founders of The Burned Furs. Also check out this link

I post this for only a historical reference and to show you as much as things have changed in the fandom. Somethings really hadn’t, and really did you expect them too? Given what has happened at too many cons to name where bad behavior has caused some to be banned. I just don’t mean the hate groups, I mean idiots who toss dirty diapers everywhere, walk around a hotel so drunk and naked that maybe they should be brought to a hospital for alcohol poisoning or something else equally stupid.

Really everyone what happened at Rainfurrest and other cons should be a wake-up call to everyone to behave better. Remember these cons do not own the space for the convention they rent it. Which means a code of conduct we all must follow…beside there are kids around. Do you really want a video of you posted online of you doing something very stupid that could get you permabanned from your favorite con? Well, do you?

Before someone thinks I would post such a video, think about this. Every cell phone has a camera and is capable of making videos. Now think about that…if that finally sunk in think about this. A simple Gmail account also gives you access to YouTube.

Really do I need to say anymore…just watch yourself.

The Biggest Non News Story of The Week—Furries and the FBI

You might have seen the post on social media or the subject on some sites of how the FBI did not investigate the Furry Fandom, and how someone found proof.

I kid you not that is longer than the actual post. But everyone is making this out to be a huge deal, me I just don’t get it. Why just ask yourself this why would the FBI conduct a criminal investigation of the Furry Fandom?

You can’t come up with an answer, can you? Neither can I but I know something that the other sites have either missed or just plain forgot. Remember that gas attack on MFF a few years back, I learned from one of the staff and I won’t say whom for. Told me that the FBI did check out the fandom, but in order to see if we had any enemies. They wore actual fursuits to some conventions bought furry items in the dealer’s area at certain cons and online.

There was no actual investigation they wanted to check out the fandom in general and see if some of the rumors were true.

Amazing no one even talks about that except for little me.

Affordable Housing Why We Must Have It

I hear of how Republicans and Conservatives are against affordable housing. Which is kinda funny considering how the rich are complaining that they can’t find anyone that will work for them. The same can be said of a lot of places San Diego, Aspen, Jackson Hole, Las Vegas, frankly, there are more places that I can even think of where there is an actual shortage of workers as many positions go unfilled. It isn’t like people are turning down the jobs because of working conditions or employers are terrible. The real reason people and that includes illegals are turning down these jobs is simply that people can’t afford to live there. Did you know at the military base near Las Vegas they had to actually build housing for its civilian employees after they threaten to quit because none of them could afford to live there? Really many who actually work in Vegas don’t live there, and the number of places outside of those cities and towns where someone could afford is actually getting smaller and smaller. I ran into someone I once worked for recently after telling me they live in Mexico. I found out why this US born citizen actually lives in Mexico. Because it’s cheaper the number of people actually commuting across the border is growing larger and larger. But yet this country is doing nothing about it. I heard tell that Disney is considering on building housing for its employees for the exact same reasons I mentioned. Orlando is getting expensive.

Why Blocking Someone on Twitter is STUPID

Really this all began yesterday when I first heard of a terrific episode of Lucifer…really a Genuine FURRY episode that has gotten praise from the fandom. So this morning I tried to track down which episode so I could review it for my readers. That was when I discovered something that made me laugh…really I laughed. It seems Dogpatch Press blocked me on Twitter. I admit there is no love between us, we have had issues with one another since we became of each other existence. There have been things said on both sides and allegations have been made by both sides as well as 3rd parties. So Dogpatch Press blocking me should not really be a big surprise.

Truthfully I only block anyone on Twitter if they messaged me hate or something crazy. But even I know I can’t block them from seeing my page…WHY? The block only works if you are logged in and if you use a different browser on your PC the block simply doesn’t work.

I have 3 browsers on my PC I won’t say which one I use regularly but that is the one I use for both my blog as well as my Twitter page.

With block (actual screenshot)

And Without, I used a different browser (actual screenshot)

I have been told it’s episode 25, but we have to see who is right. Either way, you can see it on Hulu right now…and Fox if I am wrong. Let you know later…

Reason Why People are Leaving Facebook

I saw a commercial on Facebook yesterday claiming after all the improvements have taken place Facebook will be a happy fun place once again.

I have 3 words to say about that.

They are delusional.

Really 90% of why most people don’t like Facebook is completely beyond their control. I break the problems down to their numbers.

45% Hardcore political
30% Haters
10% People who will only listen to themselves
5% Fighting a cause

Leaving only 10% who had enough of this crap. Who only use Facebook for what it’s original purpose to make friends and share interests, talk to friends and relatives.

Facebook Is Not the Same

Here is proof that 2.8 million people left Facebook last year

So why are people leaving Facebook, and why I am debating about leaving. Is because it really isn’t the same place it was a couple of years ago. These days and mind you this is totally based upon my own experiences it is almost impossible to not get clickbait, hardcore political opinions, bots, and bullies. The worst thing is Facebook only listen to Facebook glorious leader Mark Zuckerberg I think on purpose made himself look like a money grubbing bastard when he was question by congress recently. Which he is, frankly I feel Mr. Zuckerberg only cares about his bank balance, here they go promising to get rid of the clickbait, and what do I see. Clickbait, I don’t know about other members but the amount of clickbait I seen NEVER went down. In the last few days it actually went up, and when I tried to report them, my account was temporarily suspended. Meaning which I got a message saying my account is under review and when I clicked on there link it was working again.

And when I adware scanned my PC over 1,000 pieces of adware and including over 400 tracking adware. I got in the habit now of scanning my PC for adware everytime I go on Facebook.

As for the haters and bullies I am actually banned from every local fur group on Facebook. They actually punished me for stuff I said on Google Plus, and my blog even though I did not mention them by name.

I have my account set for friends only, and I still get friend requests from bots.

Now there are rumors that Facebook maybe become a paid site, if they did I know I would leave.