Remembering Stan Lee and Fred Patten

The one thing you can say about Stan Lee that no one could argue that the man was unique.

There was and sadly only be 1 Stan Lee.

He will be missed…I kinda liked his cameos in the Marvel films.

There is a huge difference between reading the works of someone vs. actually talking to them like I did when I interviewed Fred Patten for a piece on my blog.

It was the behind the scenes stuff I wanted to include that I thought was the most interesting. It seems in his later years Fred Patten felt just plain felt overwhelmed by how the fandom grew and of also the sites like mine growing in popularity. One man operations butting heads with the Dogpatch Press and Flayrah. Mr. Patten actually wanted his reviews to be spread out among these smaller operations. But had already committed himself previously to both Dogpatch Press and Flayrah. Speaking of which I wonder like Mr. Patten did himself will these reviews still be used after his passing.

I will go on record asking that his reviews not be used. For a very simple reason, it just feels wrong.

Veteran’s Day

Since I have been volunteering over at the local VA Hospital here in Chicago the more and more I take the side of the Vets vs. our own government. Some might ask, Aren’t both the same? I am sorry to say the answer is a solid NO, Vets as much as our elected leaders tell us differently get the worse of it. Don’t get me wrong if they are an inpatient at the VA hospital they get great care and all their meds are 100% covered. But what I am talking about is the stuff I clearly see. The quality of care is institutional at best, you know there is sometimes a 4-hour wait or longer just to see a doctor, and getting their meds can sometimes take hours. What every Vet has ever said to me that they should get the option to see a doctor in their neighborhood. I know Trump made a big deal out of this last year when he signed that Executive Order. But the reality of it is quite different, it only applies if you live 20 or more miles away from a VA hospital, and even then everything has to be approved by a VA doctor and yes this has cost lives. But yet no one will do anything, like the food at the hospital in the cafeteria. I will admit it’s about average for any hospital…meaning if it was replaced by a McDonalds it would be a step up in quality. Nearly everything on the menu is loaded with FAT, SALT, and SUGAR and we are talking about a place where most of the patients are on special diets. You know most of the staff there gets their food delivered.

Given all the budget cuts the VA has endured it is a fact the Volunteers are taking positions that the VA staff once occupied.

But that is not what caused me to write this piece.

World War 1 Memorial Service Trump doesn’t show up because it is raining. He was the only world leader who never came. Okay, Trump supporters back him up on that.

G+ Is Shutting Down

I know to some this means nothing (shutdown info), but I do have a presence on G+ and I do moderate the Greymuzzle group there. So this news took me by surprise, and have caused me to make my own plans. Not that you will see any difference here, except for my interest in video games will be seen more here. I love certain games, I won’t bore you with purchases, just to tell you if a game I get is good, weird or just plain sucks. I have noticed more and more are interested in retro games. Certainly, the buyers of retro games at my favorite gaming store have gotten noticeably younger.

Policy Changes for Artists at Fur Cons

Recently another furry news site did an article on how MFF has recently banned fan art. Then gave a list of why this was wrong. On the other hand, I can give you 1 good reason why they did this, why other cons, not essentially fur cons have done the exact same thing and of why other sites such as Etsy has also recently banned fan art.

They just don’t want to get sued by the copyright holder. Nintendo is not the only one that has caused sites to change their rules about copyrighted material. In the last year, I had to delete some works due to a C&D. Really no one wants to be sued, and cons are simply protecting themselves.

Is The Chicago Furry Community in Crisis?

With MFF being around the corner and obviously the biggest furry gathering in the region. It seems specifically the Chicago Furry Community has gone into crisis. First, the facts what were usually 2 of the biggest regular gatherings namely the Downtown Chicago Furwalk and a bowling gather recently got so desperate for people to attend they were actually offering prizes for anyone who just comes. The on and off Downtown Furmeet which takes place at a Panera recently changed back from this one anime to a furmeet simply because no one was coming. Even then from reports, less than 6 are even coming now, from a record of 43.

The biggest news I actually found out today, the biggest zoo in the area namely The Brookfield Zoo in Brookfield, IL is going to have Boo at The Zoo the last 3 weekends in October. Usually, it is the largest gathering of furries and especially fursuiters pre MFF. There have been as many as 200 fursuiters, something I can say I saw firsthand. But this year there is not a single mention of any such gathering anywhere. The only reason I know the date is going to Oct 20th for the meet that a friend saw an event post for the gathering on Facebook. but interesting enough that event has been taken down, and before that, no one had responded to the post.

I know for a fact that there were some issues at the event last year. I wasn’t there but I heard that from another. But still, I find it strange that this once huge event is being so blatantly ignored.

I for one will be at the Brookfield Zoo that day and will give you a report later on what I have seen. Follow me on Twitter for LIVE posts @Dr_Timefox

Commentary on Cyberyiff 77

Really this is becoming something to ban someone about if they disagree? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and nothing will ever change that. This goes with what I have been saying for years. Don’t force your opinion down the throats of others who frankly don’t give a shit on what you say. Also please stop whining about something if you can’t get anyone to agree with you. I have seen the video and I will honestly say that there are things I both agree and disagree about with Mister Metokur the creator of the video had to say….and frankly I am not going to say which points. If you have a point say it, and it doesn’t take 40 pages to make a point you can say it in 1 paragraph.