Did A Member of the Insane Clown Posse Goto MFF 2018?

Did Violent J of the Insane Clown Posse attend MFF 2018 as some reports have stated? The honest answer is….I don’t know. I know it looks as they did, but when you see reports coming from just 1 source and that same source has been accused of promoting a hoax in the past both on social media and YouTube. To me that source cannot be trusted, and when I was at MFF. I actually looked for them based upon the photos I saw online. For the record, I will not repost them, as I don’t want to be accused of promoting a hoax. Seriously even armed with a photo taken off the internet I could not find anyone who actually saw them, except for this 1 person who has been talking about this. I find it interesting that there isn’t a single photo of them taken at MFF. Really I invite you to look for yourself, I searched for 3 days and found none actually taken at MFF. In my opinion that the outside photo of Violent J in their fursuit wasn’t even taken in Rosemont, IL because the one standing nearby is dressed in a T-shirt. Let me tell you from someone who was actually there, IT WAS TOO FUCKIN’ COLD to wear a T-shirt. I wore a heavy coat, gloves and even a knit hat to MFF. Plus check the weather reports it didn’t even get out of the 30s F or single digits C, all during the con and it rained almost the full day on Saturday. There was snow on the ground Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and even parts on Sunday why aren’t they in that photo? Frankly, there are just too many questions to believe this report is real.

Unless I see a photo of them actually taken in Rosemont, IL as I know that town well. I will not believe that they were there.

Tumblr will ban all adult content on December 17th

The Verge recently did an article on how in 10 short days Tumblr will be banning all adult content. The article can be found here

So as a blogger I thought I throw in my thoughts about this. Even though I don’t post that much adult content, I can say that at least somewhere around 70% of all blogs are adult content sites. In search of material for this blog, I have seen just about everything and I include things that you will not find on Porn Hub and I am serious about this. Banning such content and making those posts private will either kill or cause about 70% of the blogs on Tumblr to move. The ones that aren’t being updated regularly will simply shut down.

If you think I am over exaggerating, just search the internet on your favorite search engine and type in adult blogs then look at the number of hits you get. The number is truly staggering, like any of my posts I ask you to check them out and see if I am right. This will just about kill Tumblr in my opinion.

Huffington Post Rudolph the Racist Reindeer (& heteronormative cisgender bigot) – Ben Shapiro Reacts

As time goes on more and more I consider myself a liberal and yes conservatives can be just as nutty as liberals. Like the one that wants to bring back public hanging and slavery for illegals. I am not making this up as this is far to easy to double check. I have watched Rudolph since I was a kid. I look at the story that he is rejected because he is different. Nothing more than in that other animated special, The Sissy Duckling. Rudolph is tame compared to others I could name. Look up A Wish for Wings That Work and tell me different. The world is crazy, and I know I am not the only one who believes this. Look we have a President who gave massive tax cuts to business and people are losing jobs, plus I am worried about my own healthcare. Tell an insurance company that you have a pre-existing condition, and watch them hang up the phone on you. Puerto Rico is part of the US and it gets ignored by Washington. I am a Liberal who believes everyone even illegals should be treated fairly. Also, that immigration in this country has been broken for decades and no elected official has the guts to fix this mess. Wherein Legals do get deported, usually without a good reason or warning. Also taking power away from an elected official only because your candidate lost is just plain wrong no matter which side of the aisle your on.

Bush Memorial Day

All I did yesterday was go off to my Volunteer job at the local VA hospital and it turns into one of the nuttiest days in my entire life. Let us start with this, Did you know yesterday was, in fact, a Federal Holiday. It was in honor of the Late Pres. Bush which our even nuttier president put the order through on Sunday and almost no one had ever heard about. Not the doctors or the patients at the VA hospital and also go for about 80% of the staff there. Some of which as soon as they found that their dept was closed just turned around and went home. At least the director there decided to keep some depts open instead of closing for the day like Trump wanted. Yes, Trump wanted the VA hospitals to be closed as well. Which would of left 100s of Vets making a wasted trip, many of whom have to watch their pennies. I know I was not the only volunteer who showed up there. I don’t even know the untold number who just had to go home again. Here we are out of the kindness of our hearts helping out Vets in need just to turn around and go home. I am one of the also untold number who stayed and finally went home at 3 PM. Earlier than my usual time, thanks trump.

Amazon Delivers?

I know this time of year with the holidays rolling around and as Christmas nears we think of presents and in these times were the brick and mortar store is slowly becoming a thing of the past we generally get our orders from Amazon. I admit I am an Amazon Prime member but I have had my share of problems with Amazon, in fact, every other company has a better track record of deliveries than Amazon. Truthfully I never get about 10% of my orders, and they all have the same pattern. Amazon says on their site the package was delivered to the mail room. When in fact we don’t have a mail room, the packages can be usually found in my landlord’s office…if they are left somewhere else by an Amazon driver. Take the other day when my landlord found a package delivered by Amazon left on the sidewalk in front of my building. I was told that directly by my landlord.

But packages being left on sidewalks are fairly common in my area I generally see one left about every 2 weeks. Amazon says Packages are only left on the sidewalk because the receiver wants it left there. My own informal investigation says the opposite. In one case where a package was left outside the business. The store owner actually put a sign on their door directing the package be delivered to a nearby business that was open. But it was left on the sidewalk and as it turned out also stolen. We have Amazon Lockers nearby but good luck in getting a package sent there. They are always FULL, the same with every other Amazon Locker I checked.

Speaking of which I recently had an order from Amazon that if you guessed was stolen you would be right. Amazon said the package was delivered to the mail room, and all I got was a refund. I would not be so pissed off if it wasn’t a special gift for a good friend. I literally found the same thing for $1 less plus free shipping on eBay.

When roughly 10% of your orders never arrive, and all the while on Amazon it says they were delivered is it no wondered I picked up for the same price an item as Amazon at Target who was having a Black Friday sale. I went there because I wanted to make sure I got it.

Really that is one thing I am noticing more and more, people are getting fed up with Amazon. What this will mean only time will tell.

Thanksgiving Complaint

Really you know what is my BIGGEST complaint about Thanksgiving. Is when someone literally stacks your plate with food. Not letting you pick and choose what you want or even how much food you want. I was at someone’s home one year when they literally stacked 3 inches of food on my plate. That’s 3 inches high from the surface of the plate, and the entire width of that same plate. I ate it…eventually but I was so full I did not eat anything until the next day.

Really what is the point of stuffing yourself to the point of making yourself sick? I just don’t get it. I rather have a normal size serving and if I could I rather serve myself. It would make less work for those who are running it. But really the whole point of this day is to be with family and friends if possible, and not take to delight is torturing with weird and twisted tales just so you can get out of the event.

What’s so wrong in telling them that your suffering from a touch of the Black Death and you don’t feel like going. That was an actual excuse I know someone actually used. If you don’t want to go be honest. Frankly, if I got a call today from one of 3 that I kind of sorta knows. I would not go for any reason under the sun, as I can’t stand to be around them.

Eat what you want and be where you want to be. Be happy on this day if possible.

Veteran’s Day

Since I have been volunteering over at the local VA Hospital here in Chicago the more and more I take the side of the Vets vs. our own government. Some might ask, Aren’t both the same? I am sorry to say the answer is a solid NO, Vets as much as our elected leaders tell us differently get the worse of it. Don’t get me wrong if they are an inpatient at the VA hospital they get great care and all their meds are 100% covered. But what I am talking about is the stuff I clearly see. The quality of care is institutional at best, you know there is sometimes a 4-hour wait or longer just to see a doctor, and getting their meds can sometimes take hours. What every Vet has ever said to me that they should get the option to see a doctor in their neighborhood. I know Trump made a big deal out of this last year when he signed that Executive Order. But the reality of it is quite different, it only applies if you live 20 or more miles away from a VA hospital, and even then everything has to be approved by a VA doctor and yes this has cost lives. But yet no one will do anything, like the food at the hospital in the cafeteria. I will admit it’s about average for any hospital…meaning if it was replaced by a McDonalds it would be a step up in quality. Nearly everything on the menu is loaded with FAT, SALT, and SUGAR and we are talking about a place where most of the patients are on special diets. You know most of the staff there gets their food delivered.

Given all the budget cuts the VA has endured it is a fact the Volunteers are taking positions that the VA staff once occupied.

But that is not what caused me to write this piece.

World War 1 Memorial Service Trump doesn’t show up because it is raining. He was the only world leader who never came. Okay, Trump supporters back him up on that.