Quantum TV and The Act Man Isn’t The Only One

I know a lot have been made about Quantum TV and The Act Man, and those who support them on You Tube are getting restrictions put on their videos for supporting them.

That is the BIG story, there are 100s of little stories you just don’t hear about.

Take my own 2nd Blog PSP Hardcore you see despite the same it is a PSP fansite. I am a fan of that handheld and own almost 300 physical UMDs. For various reasons for the last few years I really hadn’t updated the blog… a lot of personal reasons. But will be getting back to it hopefully soon. But despite this I have gotten over 75,000 views. This is according to the Google Counter Widget, that itself Google provides.

So you think, “Why don’t I just monetize my site?” I have, about 5 times so far. All requests rejected, they claim I am violating the rules for monetization. HOW?!!! I may talk about the adult material that was available but I don’t show anything. I know all this stuff is minor compared to what really is going right now. But in a way it does, it exposes a bigger problem Google and Facebook both have. They are always dealing with the public and not having a single one you can actually talk, text or email. What you get are Bots. That have rejected US Govt Official ID Cards, that’s another matter.

But it is 100% true.

Nothing short of suing them I doubt would bring any response.

When 2 Furries Meet

I have known Scar the fur ever since we started talking on Twitter, after some issues they had in a recent layover I made an offer, and the way it turned out is almost unbelievable. when their train was just over 8 hours late. In fact it was the very last Amtrak train to pull into Union Station Chicago for the night.

Scar I found is so nice and friendly, oh sure it meant me staying up the whole night to make sure they catch a 7AM bus. We really had a lot to talk about, and frankly I was sad to see them go.

Of course when your a Greymuzzle and a morning person the lack of sleep really caught up to me. Frankly even I am amazed I was able to do so much. Before totally collapsing at 8PM.

But it was great meeting Scar and I hope to do it again.

The Texas Shooting

There is much I can say about what happened. But the only thing certain as of this moment that children are dead, while their loved ones cry their hearts out. There is only one thing I can say of how totally insane this world have gotten of late. We need to start thing about those left behind. I can tell you that when a family member such as my own brother dies… for whatever the reason. You feel that your life is gone forever. That there even might be a glimpse that suicide is the only way to stop the pain. But life goes on, and we really need to take it down a notch. Things are insane, plans have been changed even my own plans. You know I don’t even go out past sunset any more. Even at my job, we have people ready, will and able to use a gun to protect their co-workers. The High end shops now have armed security who act as doorpeople. Keeping the door locked unless someone wishes to enter.

Downtown Chicago is almost a Ghost Town. Bus drivers tell me that they rarely see anyone on the street at night anymore.

Do we really have to live like this?!!!

MFF Opens Today

Technically it’s been open since yesterday, but the official Opening Ceremony is today. I swear this isn’t going to be like any MFF I have ever covered before. The COVID-19 Policy, No Con Suite, the vaccination wristband, the QR code I got in an email yesterday. I swear I haven’t been this apprehensive about going to MFF since 2014, just one year after my first. Where I hoped to just get more into the con. There is a lot I just don’t know and am thinking I am going to make more videos than I planned.

So anyway, I will be covering MFF in depth and hope with all the extra stuff I have planned. To continue them as long as possible without becoming boring. Those reports will start tomorrow. All I can say for now is I plan on seeing more panels than I have in many years and still plan on going to my favorite events all while trying to give MFF fair coverage.

If you see me be sure to say “HI”, and you might get a gift. I really love talking to my readers

The Fur For All Question

Some might be wondering if I am going to cover Fur For All. The answer is a very solid NO. Reasons are simple Questionable Charity as well as Staff. In fact there charity recently closed as it was being investigated by local authorities. Some might think I am caving in because of opinion. It’s not that it seems both I and GFTV attempted to contact the Staff there. GFTV did get a response which was only referring them to their site. One other other hand I got nothing from them period. Which for the record was the very 1st time a con of any sort did not reply to an email. Honestly every con I contacted before this, were frankly open and honest with me. But this combined with all the stuff on social media from more than 1 source has convinced me not to cover them, expect in commentary videos or one stating the facts.

Shake It Off

Once again I hear NASTY rumors spread about me by the local furry fandom. Which only confirms what others as far away as Thailand have said to me directly. The Chicago Furry Fandom as it stands now is Toxic. It was back in 2018 and still is, and they blame me why they can’t get huge crowds at various meets. Really that isn’t a joke, I swear some have said I was the reason Trump was elected. If you check my Twitter posts, I hate the bastard, and have said this repeatedly.

If you expect me to rant away incoherently forget it.

But let me tell you what changed my mind as I was being eaten up alive inside by rage. I was sitting in this movie theater with a friend watching “Sing”. Thoroughly enjoying myself, Sing is a pretty good film. When the following song came on, “Shake It off”. That was when it hit me, I could do nothing to stop this and whatever hate they have for me. Will just have to burn itself out, and the best way to do this, and prevent me being maced. An actual threat made against me, was to just avoid them. Which is what I have been doing.

True Story: I almost ran into a couple of them at MFF 2019 and I successfully avoided them. They had no idea I was there until they either saw my ads, or this site. This avoidance will continue as long as it is necessary. I wish it could be different, by right now that is impossible.

My message to them, Watch this video:

Cancel Culture is HATE

You know there is very little difference between being a bigot and a member of the Cancel Culture. Namely because they both hate something or someone for their own reasons. And if say you follow someone on social media that has the word “Cancel” in their name. You Too are a member of the Cancel Culture.

I bet if I asked anyone who follows someone who is using the word “Cancel”. Do they agree with the one who created this? My guess is the answer is “I like what they say, but I have no idea who this someone is”.

Think I am joking, just look at any video that attacks someone on YouTube…even though those are against YouTube’s Term of Service these days. They are always going on about frankly someone I have never heard about. I tried watching one of these, and the more they spoke, the closer they got to a libel suit. Ask 20 people and I am sure they will say the same.

This person or thing is EVIL and they should be cancelled out.

Frankly and I include myself in this number. Looking at either the title of the description I would say about 93% of these people or places I never heard of before.

There is also a even bigger issue and I hate to say this is what happened to me. Accusing someone of a crime, now here is the problem. Do they have the facts to back this claim up, frankly when I confronted one. There answer was and I am not joking “Everything I say is the truth, so everyone believes me”. Huh?!!! Nobody is truthful 100% of the time. We lie sometimes to protect ourselves, or to save someone from hurt feelings. Or even not making them feel any worse, than they already do.

Tell the truth 100% of the time…never

Think I am joking, then go ahead tell your parents the 100% truth about yourself.

I can wait.

You couldn’t?

But that’s my entire point. Given the way Cancel Culture is, it really should be called Karen Culture. Because they are 100% the same.

Frankly there are just way too many examples of this on You Tube.

But I think the best of these was something you might have heard about. Like when this mother tried to get her son in this over 18 party at MFF. She even went so far as to call the cops, to force the furries inside to let her underage son to be apart of this party.

Mother and son were asked to leave by both the staff and the cops.

The following year I heard from a staff member that the Karen tried to get these furries banned. But they failed on all counts.

To me this is a prime example of Karen Culture and Cancel Culture being one in the same.

Don’t be a Karen and don’t support them.

Grasping At Straws: Having a Sense of Humor During These Times

Joe Strike, a man who I admire and who once did an interview for Furry Times. Recently posted an article on Dogpatch Press. Which hadn’t even gotten a comment or a Like on Twitter. Really it read out more like a rant against Jimmy Kimmel actually hinting that either him or his writers were furry haters. Then mentioning 2 incidents as an example, personally I thought the bit where Kimmel hinted that Mike Lindell that My Pillow Guy had a bunny suit deep in the back of his closet. I thought funny and you have to understand a bit of history and endure a Bugs Bunny cartoon to get the joke

In this 1955 cartoon Elmer Fudd and Bugs Bunny change places literally. Bugs is the Hunter and Elmer is the prey. If you watched that cartoon you will notice that Elmer is wearing a rabbit suit. Mine you this was long before anyone even knew what furry was. Up to now, no one has used the word fursuit. Traditionally a rabbit suit had been associated with crazy, you can find references in various comedies that date back to the 1930s. Not that there is anything wrong with rabbit furries. You just have to understand, there is an explanation for everything.

Also if you think this whole piece is silly, have a good laugh on me. I am not insulted of anyone laughs at this piece this is just done for fun anyway.

COVID-19 Report: Where Do We Currently Stand?

I know if you watch the news these days you get conflicting reports. One may say doom and gloom, but yet there is hope with the vaccinations. Meanwhile a few cons actually set dates.

So like I said where do we stand? In Illinois where I am based as of yesterday there were more than 1 million vaccinated. The CDC actually advised those who were vaccinated that, they could part with the masks. Meaning they actually had immunity, although do to the Federal and State Mandate they still said for now wear them.

I don’t have to work in a office to know more people are going back to work. My building sits on a main street, that pre pandemic we use to joke about that it was the 2nd Indy Track. Believe me it went from you could walk in the middle of it to heavy traffic which it is now. Even the buses and the subway seems more crowded.

Meanwhile like the elephant in the room, where does this crappy virus stand. Currently down, the numbers are falling in most areas. The reason we are hearing a lot about Brasil and their numbers. All I will say on that this is what happens when you got a govt whose leaders have said and I quote “The virus should burn itself out”. If you think I am kiddin’ look it up.

Maybe the US Govt is right, maybe by late summer there will be fun again.

In case your wondering how good is the vaccine, they are saying your immunity actually gets better over time.

I do advise everyone to get the vaccine.

When The Place You Had Your Very 1st Furmeet Closes

Yesterday a friend called me about this time, begging them to take them to the hospital because a piece of metal was sticking out of their foot. Really I did not think twice about being there for them. I was there, and they honestly told me “Thanks for being there”.

I wanted to say this because it will explain why I was in Downtown Chicago where I just don’t go these days, due to the pandemic. In an Uber passing by what use to be a Panera Bread Location. I know my haters are going to rip me a new one for posting this. But as we passed by and I saw the sign removed and the place empty it felt that part of my life is over.

I have so many good as well as bad memories about that one Panera. I guess my favorite would always be how this group of strangers welcomed me during a time in my life I was struggling. Seriously my brother only died less than a year earlier. I needed to be around people. It all was great, I even had a birthday there were I was given a piece of art. Which I still have hanging up on my wall.

I still really don’t know why it ended as it did. It was late December there was over 50 there. By that Jan only 3 showed up. I swear that is the truth, I was never able to find out why, it was a great meet.

Then there was that horrible attempt by me at starting my own meet. 8 at the most and I still say they were the nastiest group of furries I met up until then. You see we had a Brony in our group they they drove him and me out. I couldn’t stand that hate. It barely lasted 3 months.

Still love Panera, and still go when I can. I already replaced my Rewards Card twice.

But to see that one location closed, it feels as if part of me died.

Some might be asking, will I go to another local meet? That I can say in 1 word, NEVER AGAIN.

But who says it has to be local, You see apart of my Post Pandemic plans are to travel. For now I won’t say were, but they are out of state. I might go to one or two. But we will just have to see, I think the biggest question is will they restart? As right now no one knows.