Indy Fur Con 2022 Volunteer Swag

I know there are some of you who like collecting everything they can from a particular con. But let me remind all of you fur cons often have items you only get if you volunteer enough hours.

Indy Fur Con 2022 Con Tee

If you follow me you know I am not hyped on every con tee I see. But the one for Indy Fur Con 2022 is mind blowing

I know some of you might not get the reference to

Amazing isn’t it

OK I teased it before but here you go… this year’s tshirt art from GOH @PlsFeedTheBear!

Indy Fur Con 2022 Hotel Update

This year’s Indy Fur Con looks like it might set a record.

Indy Fur Con 2022 Registration Open

You can register here

Fur Con News FurDu Regs Opens, Indy Fur Con numbers

FurDu (Australia) Registration Now Open and Dealer applications are now being accepted

DEALERS 2022 APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN! All the info can be found in the form below (no this is not the special announcement stay tuned)


Registration Opens


Indy Fur Con numbers

Indy Fur Con Online By The Numbers

Indy Fur Con Online is LIVE

You may have missed it’s first day, but you have this weekend to make up for lost time

Megaplex, Indy Fur Con Online Update

Megaplex Updated It’s Donation to charity

Reminder everyone Indy Fur Con Online starts this Friday Aug 28, 2020

Reminder Indy Fur Con Online Aug 28 – 30

Indy Fur Con Virtual Gaming Tournament