MFF 2013 Con Book Cover

Since MFF recently had it’s 20th Anniversary I though it would be nice to show you covers from the past…at least ones I have been too.

Will Furries Ever Go Mainstream?

AKA The Rolling Stones article One reason why I waited to post this article was because of the word used in the title “Mainstream” A lot of people read that and assumed the who article was about how “Will Furries Actually Would Go Mainstream”. Which frankly it doesn’t even talk about, in fact, the entire article is about MFF 2019 and all the internet threats, furry YouTubers and etc, in other words, try to explain what MFF is and why it draws so many and not overlooking it faults, although they didn’t get into why some parts opened late.

They go into that Milo Y nonsense and why they might have backed down from all their threats. The article does point out that MFF is fun and why it draws so many. I swear after all these threats MFF 2020 is going to be BIGGER.

Usually, I would post snippets from the article. But really I have talked about the same points on this site during my MFF 2019 coverage.

But instead, read the article HERE

Now I will address the whole mainstream issue. It depends on your version of the mainstream? MFF and other fur cons are just as mainstream as any comic book, anime or any other type of con you can think of. Companies like Disney and Converse have marketed directed to furries and I know I am not the only 1 who thinks film, TV, and streaming services market directly to us furries. The 2 biggest examples Bojack Horseman and Disney +. Do I really have to explain it? Disney + is not out there because of nostalgia, it’s because Disney has so many things that are anthro the biggest example of these are Robin Hood and Zootopia that draws people to that service. I would not be surprised to learn that a majority of subscribers are furry. I have seen many a post from a furry subscriber.

I know some will disagree with me but to me furries are mainstream.

Found Art at MFF 2019

It was the very last day of MFF 2019 these 3 people just got up before I sat down at this table. That’s when I saw these…

Maybe to provide that this isn’t some lost art. These were on the back of this…