MFF 2nd GoH: Wild Acai

Wild Acai found furry in 2013 and was incredibly fortunate to make amazing friends like Syber Wuff of Made Fur You. In 2015 she brought Wild Acai to life.

In a life-changing turn of events, Wild Acai discovered a huge interest in creating fursuits of his own and started Waggery Costumes in 2018. With over 20 years of previous business experience, this has been one of the most challenging and rewarding things he’s ever done.

MFF Guest of Honor #1

A warm welcome to one of our talented Guests of Honor for FurFest 2023, Jackaloo! Best known for The Interns comic series, Jack has been providing content for the fandom for over ten years.

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Last Chance to Get MFF Con Tee

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BBC’s FurFest: Inside the world’s ‘largest’ furry convention

Organisers are calling the event the ‘largest’ furry convention in the world. The 2022 Midwest FurFest hosted furry fans from six continents.

The FurFest was created to help form a sense of community and to celebrate art and performance. The majority of furry fans harbour relationships and connections online. The convention allowed many to meet face-to-face.

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MFF 2022: The Real Wrap Up

I can remember what I was doing at this exact minute a week ago as I prepared to commute to MFF for Day 2. What a convention and this is more the stuff I hadn’t talked about previously.

MFF is a great con and despite some problems it will always be that way to me. Although the crowd was a problem for me. Just take a look at any of the videos I posted, I was only able to hug one fursuiter and that was Keel and even then it was in a fursuit lounge hanging out with a friend.

I think as MFF is bigger it’s great there are places you can hangout with little by the way of crowds. I tend to battle claustrophobia even though it has gotten better over the years. Time to time I just need space enough to relax, and apparently what I saw. I am not the only one, as I saw more than a few sitting on one of the few chairs playing there Switch. It’s not like there is nothing to do… but when you need your space.

The usual things your just plain use to as any MFF are quietly disappearing. Fursuit hugs and photos unless your in a out of the way spot. Talking with friends, just too noisy almost everywhere.

It comes with the con, I only went to Anime Central once was due to the fact it was impossible to get through that Skybridge. It was easier taking the sidewalks, and I am sorry to say MFF has got to that point. I know a lot complain about it. But unless you got your coat or in a fursuit, going outside is not fun as it is usually in the 40s.

Crowds can be an issue and who knows how many are going next year. I just know I will be there.

MFF 2022: The Light Pole Controversy

I am very well aware I am stretching the title a bit. But really I am talking about the pole that holds the signal light on the NE corner of Bryn Mawr and River Rd in Rosemont, IL it’s the same block where the Hyatt Regency O’Hare sits.

All this started last year when furries and I include myself started to put stickers on this pole.

Naturally the hotel and the City of Rosemont didn’t like this, they thought it graffiti and with in 2 weeks all the stickers were gone.

Fast Forward to a week ago today when I snapped this photo

To quote a film “They’re Back”

Keep in mind MFF in order for this not to happen, place 2 panels up in what some call the “Fishbow” in the same area they have their offices.

Let me remind you this photo was taken Saturday morning, by the time both were at the charity auction I saw that they had no empty spaces left.

Due to circumstances I was unable to take a photo of the light pole on Saturday, but by Sunday we got this.

Notice something missing.

But wait there is more… When furries are involved…

I won’t say where this is, but it’s easy to figure out yourself. I wonder who many poles will be covered next year?

Was There A SWAT Truck at MFF 2022?

Photo by PK

This was in response to the protestors from my understanding. Everyone wanted to keep MFF safe

MFF 2022 Wrap Up: Ambulences We Got Them to Spare

Really I am not kiddin’ about there being 13 ambulances at MFF. By the some some say more, although I can’t verify the exact number beyond 13.

So why were they all there?

A couple of honest accidents, landing on a concrete floor is not fun, a few other medical issues. But it seems the main reason they were there might actually cause some changes. It seems a bunch of people ran out of breathable air in the corridor and passed out.

There was plenty of eyewitnesses who verified this.

This is why I say walk along the street, besides sometimes it actually faster than talking the corridor… when it is crowded.

One thing I did not touch upon is the pee in the corridor and the poo on the hotel floor. They both came from Service Dogs and not the furries

MFF 2022: Wrap Up… Not so Fast

By now I would be writing my wrap of MFF 2022, but not this year too many things happened. I really do think I need to address these based upon all available information.

First up is what about the protestors