MFF 2023 Starts for Me Today

I am very well aware I should have been going into better coverage for MFF 2023. But I had a lot of personal issues of late. Will not let that take over despite what some say is my favorite fur con. I will cover my actual experience both as an attendee as well as a volunteer. Whatever happens, both good and bad I will say something. But really as I mentioned previously there are some unusual Panels this year and I plan on being there for some. As in years past a daily report will be given which will end with a Vlog about my experiences.

One of which I know is NEVER get your badge on Thursday. Some have reported on waiting 40 minutes which is amazing compared to numbers in the past extending over 7+ HOURS.

I really wish I was making that up, but all you need to do is check social media on that one.

Speaking of which a few reported that the Staff had mentioned that they served 6,000+ yesterday. Which is already more than this time last year, speaking of which photos on Twitter of the Registration Line is mind blowing it was HUGE.

Maybe as a response to the light pole covered in stickers last year. MFF has set up 2 panels where you can place your own personal sticker. Mine will be there and I will post the photo here. These panels will be up for auction we will have to see what they sell for.

If everything goes right I will be meeting up with Romeo Rabbit of Radio Rabbit Hole for lunch today. I have been helping them out by posting videos on their Twitter. But this will be the 1st time we ever meet.

That’s it until tomorrow, with photos have a good day

Hey Syri! @ MFF

Sunday, December 4th at 8pm, start the dance night out right with Hey Syri! The closest thing to furry emo night out there! A fast-paced mix of pop punk throwbacks, dubstep, and hard dance to get you dancing, sweating, and singing along.


At 10pm on Sunday, December 4th, LaunchSix will be performing a dubstep set showcasing a variety of unreleased tunes. Expect nothing but high energy, high engagement and some of the best tunes the heavy scene has to offer!


Sunday, December 4th at 11pm, wrap up your con dance experience right with GOJII! Multi-genre sets and original content – Starting with dreamy dance tunes and moving into more uptempo rave styles to keep the energy going!

MFF Skybridge Map

This is the 1st of a series of helpful maps you can use while at MFF. Download and or even print them, I know from previous years there can be a bit of confusion on where something is located.

Nonstoppup at MFF 2022

Close out your Friday Night Dances at 1 am with NONSTOPPUP! A full throttle DJ set touching various corners and cultures of the world! All claws no pause full-throttle party music for you to thrive to!