MFF: Furry Variety Show and TikTok

MFF is doing something because of the pandemic that is really unique. They are doing their auditions for the Furry Variety Show by email and possibly TikTok. Really I hope more take part after all the prize is usually a Sponsor Badge for next year. Also this year for the first time in years. There are no major events opposite it. Being a HUGE fan of the Furry Variety Show, I always enjoy myself and personally invite others to do so. Besides it’s something to do before the late night dances, so please take part. The furry fandom is filled with so much undiscovered talent.

Nordic Fuzz Con Stats

There are cons that just list there stats and that’s it. Not Nordic Fuzz Con as it seems they broken everything down.

All I can tell you is that they had 1749 in attendance and the rest you have to check out for yourself HERE

MFF Releases their schedule HERE usually I don’t talk about schedules as pretty much everyone does as they want. It’s just a fact, so why is it mentioned here? Largest fur con, pandemic is happening, and a lot of pre lims were done online. Namely those who wanted to be in the Furry Variety Show. Which usually gets passed by a lot due to the fact it is usually on at the same time as the Fursuit Dance Competition. But not this year. Even if you don’t normally look at the schedule, maybe this year you should.

History of MFF: Midwest FurFest 2017

Midwest FurFest 2017 was the eighteenth iteration of the Midwest FurFest convention. It took place over November 30 – December 3, 2017,[1] at the Hyatt Regency O’Hare in Rosemont, Illinois, USA. The theme was “Grimm’s Fairy Tales“.

The Guests of Honor were:

  • Latin Vixen
  • VivziePop
  • RemyWolf

The convention saw 8,771 attendees and was able to raise $85,000 for their charity, C.R.I.S.P.

My bonus that year I picked it up for $5 during the line for the closing ceremony.

This is the year MFF became the #1 fur con in the US

MFF News Dealers List, and Charity Announced

The reason I posted the layout of dealers, is that everyone one of those blue rectangles is a Dealer and there is about 218 of them. To list just 1 would be a total shame, I often find checking out the smaller dealers are the most interesting and I will be doing the same this year. Except there are 2 I will be keeping my eye on, as these 2 actually depend on this year’s MFF to survive.

One of which is Goal Publications, who is on the verge of going under. It’s either sell a lot or there will be 1 less furry publisher and a victory of sorts for Amazon. You are aware Amazon is the largest seller of furry material.

LINK to list

Mission Companion Paw is more than a rescue organization for pitbulls and other misunderstood dogs: it describes itself as going beyond rescue and adoption to “use the international language of art to imprint compassion for animals into urban youth culture.” 


Based in Chicago, MCP has rescued hundreds of dogs since 2016 and helps beyond the adoption process, supplying pet food donations to food pantries, and directing families to low cost spay and neuter services. 70% of MCP rescues are considered hard to adopt dogs such as pit bulls, seniors, special needs animals, and extreme medical cases.

According to MCP, “Every dog deserves to have their existence acknowledged, their personality shine and their heart breathe. MCP teamwork brings life, light and love to the ones that everyone may not be able to hear or understand.”

MFF attendees will get to meet MCP’s volunteers and even some potential adoptees at our Dealers’ Den and bid for donated items to benefit MCP during silent and live auctions over MFF weekend. 

Stay tuned to see how to donate through MFF, and please visit

I will agree with their mission statement pitbulls are a misunderstood breed.

In my life there were 3 pits that were special to me. First up was Bruno, a pet of my boss and would always climb in my lap. Next up was 8Ball a bit of a temper but a good dog and lastly.


They all were good dogs, and I dearly miss them as all of them have passed on. This is why pits are very special to me.

MFF’s Hotel Lottery Now Open

Finally, new this year, all reservations will be booked through Midwest FurFest’s room booking service, provided by Cvent. This service will allow attendees to manage their own reservations through a centralized portal, allowing them to manage roommates, special requests, and more. MFF is splitting the cost of this service with all attendees and a non-refundable fee of $4 will be charged for each night booked.

Feeling like you’ve learned enough? The lottery will be open from September 27th through October 4th and click below to enter.

Site for details and to Enter

MFF Pre-Registration Now Officially Open

It seems after an unofficial opening of Pre-Registration on Sept 16, where complaints about being overcharged were everywhere. Meanwhile those impatient like me found this on Twitter

Finally yesterday Sept 17th MFF Pre-Registration finally opened Officially and can be found HERE

So what should you know, it’s more expensive than last year, and that there will be a mask rule at the con PLUS you will need proof of being vaccinated.


$60 – early bird pre-registration through September 30, 2021
$65 – normal pre-reg October 1, 2021 through November 22, 2021
$70 – at the door

This includes admission to Midwest FurFest and a copy of our Program Book and Pocket Program.



A Sponsorship shows that you think the con is kind of awesome and you’d like to help us make it happen. As a Sponsor, you will receive all of the benefits of a membership, as well as the following gifts:

  • Priority seating for some of our most popular events
  • Early badge pickup Thursday afternoon for preregistered sponsors
  • Sponsor Brunch
  • Sponsor Badge Ribbon
  • T-shirt
  • Sponsor Pin
  • And MORE!



A Shiny Sponsorship is for those who not only really, really like the convention, but wish to provide that something extra to help us continue to bring you the best convention that we possibly can! As a Shiny Sponsor, you will receive all of the benefits of a membership, as well as the following gifts:

  • Priority seating for some of our most popular events
  • Early badge pickup Thursday afternoon for preregistered sponsors
  • Sponsor Brunch
  • Guest of Honor reception
  • Shiny Badge Ribbon
  • T-shirt
  • Sponsor Pin
  • Polo
  • And MORE! 

What the And MORE! will be once I know I’ll give you an update.

As for Yours Truly

I will be there and as a volunteer, not during the whole con of course. Only during times when there isn’t much for me to do…which will be interesting.