How To Get Yourself Banned from Multiple Fur Cons with Just 1 Post

It began when Den Fur made there announcement that they were holding an August fur con. When this idiot posted this. Original Post Deleted duh

As you can see Furbar Dog is clearly promoting the use of FAKE Vaccination Cards.

The fallout was quick

1st Den Fur

And with that banned from 3 fur cons

This virus is serious folks, people have died. To make light about this should get them banned.

MFF is associated with several other fur cons and if say you get banned from 1 you will get banned from all of them. This has happened to several furries, who discovered that they got a lifetime ban. I am not saying that will happen in this case. But I would advise Furbar Dog, don’t make any plans for anytime soon.

Changes to Code of Conduct Rules for MFF and Further Confusion

Please be aware of rule changes, no one wants to get kicked out

History of MFF: Midwest FurFest 2004

MFF 2004 took place at Hyatt Regency Woodfield in Schaumburg, IL on Nov 19 to 21, 2004

photo by Blue Heel
photo by Blue Heel
photo by Ysengrin

Total attendance was 959 up 159 over 2003

The Guests of Honor were:

The convention charity was Furry Friends Foundation for whom the convention raised a grand total of $7,000. I am sad to report since 2004 Furry Friends Foundation has since gone out of business.

Extra as reported by Wikifur

Midwest Furfest 2004’s theme was, “Around the world in 80 days.” This marked the first year in which the convention had a theme.

This year featured a unique, “one-time-only” joint show featuring Uncle Kage and 2 the Ranting Gryphon together on stage for almost two hours.

Personal note: That would have been an interesting show as their personalities are completely different.

Midwest Furfest 2021 Date Set

Midwest FurFest 2021 is scheduled for December 3-5, 2021. Our Guests of Honor will be illustrator and artist Kory Bing, fursuit creators Stuffed Panda Studios, and creature effects artist Lynette Eklund. Our 2021 theme will continue to be Intergalactic!

I want everyone to know the reality of this actually taking place. A lot really depends on numbers as in the sick and the dead. If and only if those numbers get low enough MFF will happen….fingers crossed

MFF Online

Just a brief word on MFF Online which is taking place both on and on their YouTube channel. Given it’s streaming and not in person they are doing a good job and what I have seen of it, has been excellent.

Not as good as being there…but you know

It did start 16 minutes late, which if you have been to a few Opening Ceremonies like me is typical. In 2019 it started 23 minutes late, let’s say it continues the tradition of a late start.

The Chat feature as it streams has been excellent, but one feeling still echos through “WE MISS THE REAL THING!!!” I included.

MFF Online Starts Today

The Official schedule is HERE


All times are CST

1:00 PMOpening Ceremonies
1:15 PM60mGuest of Honor Interviews
2:30 PM60mDigital Furry Art with Bunny-Boy From Nowhere!Bunny-Boy From Nowhere will be creating furry art, with an opportunity to make a drawing just for you.
3:30 PM30mFursuit Yoga with SladeDestress from the chaotic year of 2020 by doing some relaxing stretches and yoga at home.
4:00 PM60mAdvanced Fursuiting Outside the FandomThis panel will discuss some of the more advanced aspects of public fursuiting such as small group activities, optimizing your positive engagement and dealing with limited infrastructure.
5:00 PM60mTonya Song in ConcertTonya Song performs a mix of her original music and some covers as she sings and plays piano.
6:00 PM60mFurry Variety ShowIndependent acts performed by furry fans just like you!
7:00 PM60mFurry Musician Variety HourFeaturing Ratmos, Out of the Way, Exit Mouse, Winter Warburton, Bucker Fuskyote, and Skylos.
8:00 PM60mIntro to DJingFestival DJ RAZETH talks about the basics of DJing, and how you can get started!


9:00 PMToby Dingo
10:00 PMBrenda Banks
11:00 PMDJ Ear
1:00 AMDisko

A Brief History of MFF: The DucKon Years

From today forward I will do my best to talk about the history of MFF. Although I wish I could go into more detail, I am limited by what is available from public sources and what I have permission to use. This pandemic limits what info I could gather directly from MFF, who referred me to a book which has not arrived and will not arrive until much later. Also do to the pandemic, but I wanted to do something MFF related around the planned date of the 2020 convention, all we can hope for is that it will take place in 2021.

MFF got it’s start long before it’s very first convention in 2000.

Midwest FurFest got its start as the furry track for Duckon, a Chicago-based science fiction convention. The furry track was started at Duckon 3 in 1994 and was headed up by Robert King. The track grew larger each year and it was estimated that by Duckon 8 (1999) between one-quarter and one-third of the attendees were there due to interest in the furry track.

The track ran into problems because it was running out of room to expand without costing other parts of Duckon programming space and time. It was decided that the best course of action was to spin off into a new convention.

Thus Midwest Furry Fandom, Inc. was created and Midwest FurFest was born, to take place in November 2000, on the weekend before Thanksgiving. The parting was amicable, and Duckon lent a good bit of expertise and manpower to help make the first year of Midwest FurFest a success.

So what was Duckon? Duckon was an annual science fiction convention held every June in the Chicago area. The name is a reflection of the convention organizer’s suburban roots, a shortening of DUpage County KONvention (DuPage County being located just west of Chicago).

Duckon is a fundraiser for Super-Con-Duck-Tivity, an organization that has Golden Duck Awards for excellence in children’s science fiction literature.

According to first hand accounts you can think of it like a mini anime con. But being Pre 2000 more normal clothes than costumes. That was until The Furry Panel started to get more and more popular. It seems on the day it was held DucKon would get the most visitors. I have been told the crowd jumped as much as 60% vs other days at DucKon. By the time DucKon 8 happened it wasn’t just The Furry Panel everyone wanted to see. It was a full blown furry day, and according to my source they even had fursuiters. Dealers only there that day selling “Furry” merchandise and etc. It was like a 1 day fur con.

I wish I could post photos but I was unable to find any for this article.

By the time 2015 rolled around and I planned on attending DucKon for the first time. My source had informed me that Sunday was furry day. Which meant despite maybe few to no furry panels. It was a day fursuiters would literally take over. But unfortunately DucKon was cancelled.

In addition DucKon was held in 11 different locations during it’s 23 year long history. Ranging from Marriott Oak Brook where it started to Weston Chicago North in Wheeling, IL where it ended in 2014.

Even though the last DucKon was in 2014 there has never been a clear reason why it ended. Any guess on my part would only add to the rumors. It wasn’t like they were unsuccessful they were averaging around 600 per convention, and the hotel was happy who knows.

Sources: Wikifur and Wikipedia

Fed Up with 2020

I like the rest of you are done with 2020 already and it’s only mid September. If you follow my site you might have noticed I have done nothing this year. In fact because of the virus I canceled everything. Although I did not have any trip planned, the virus killed any ideas of even making any plans. I am bored, I am frustrated, hell I am even short tempted.

I read up on how this pandemic will end, coming from the experts and not any elected official. So far they are saying anywhere from 2 to 10 years before things get back to normal.

I miss fur cons, I know they are doing virtual ones and I thank all the furries behind them for going out of their way to even do such a thing. But I and one of the reasons you don’t see me talking about them. I just can’t get into them, I miss the real thing. The crowds, the fursuits, the one of a kind moments.

I recorded that while waiting in line for The Charity Whose Lion. That was so much fun, as time goes on and me getting more and more bored and etc. I have been going over both my photos and videos of various fur events and my own trips. I would say Amtrak is a 100 times better than Greyhound. Simply because you have the space to move around. I have been thinking about doing an Amtrak vs. Greyhound piece. Although I know I know of some who have had horrible experiences on both. I hadn’t on either just more inconvenience than anything else.

Hell I even miss the fursuiters even the weird ones. Here is one that thinks they are a real dog

Lets hope 2021 will be better…