MFF Memories

This is something I am noticing more and more at cons, not just furry ones, where someone in some sort of costume has their own personal photographer.

MFF Memories: The Soda Machine

The Infamous Soda Machine according to Alkali Bismuth. The one that makes that bucking noise every so often, and will stop working for some reason then just as suddenly start working again.

MFF Observations

I know a lot has been mentioned about the crowd being up and the long wait times at Registration during MFF…so how was the rest of the con? Overall it really wasn’t that bad. I have been in the Dealers Area in the past when it was so crowded the pins on my backpack were literally squeezed off. But not this year, in fact, the only place where it did feel close was the Hyatt itself. Both the 1st and second levels were fairly crowded on the days I was there. Even on Sunday, I had to literally work my way through the crowd to get where I was going. Compared to last it when hardly anyone was there, is quite a big difference.

MFF Saturday Dec 1, 2018

The first thing you may be asking yourself, Is why no video? The simple answer is that I am just too tired and more on that later. Yesterday was my chance to meet up with a couple of friends and enjoy the con. My real highlights are Bingo, where I won something called a “Scuncii”, I didn’t know until I actually got home that it was actually a barrette…at least I won something even though it was the very last prize.

Charity Whose Lion was just as laugh filled as ever, everyone involved was GREAT.

Finally the Furry Variety Show, amazing talents all of them.

Went around with my friends and checked out both the Dealers and Artists Area. Also by accident my first exposure to Bad Dragon and it’s merchandise. Let me tell you that was an experience.

You can see why now this is written, I really can’t think of much to say. Other than I will do an overall piece later and maybe something tonight.

Now for the reason why I am so tired, and why I can’t believe I walked nearly 5 miles yesterday and that number came from a pedometer I happen to bring with me. It seems MFF has created a Con Goers Workout. It’s called traveling that corridor back and forth between the hotel and the convention center.

One more thing and this was only discovered after I lost my cell phone signal. Which is a normal problem at the MFF, it’s called too many in use. The Convention Center has FREE WIFI, meanwhile, at the Hyatt, it requires an access code and you must be a guest at the Hotel to get one.

It turns out Special One of a Kind MFF Theme Hotel Key Cards the Hyatt uses for some of the guests at the con are highly collectible and super rare because the hotel only has a limited number of these key cards.

That is all I can think of for now, later.

MFF Friday Nov 30, 2018 My Plans

Going to MFF today and like back at my very 1st back in 2013 I really don’t know what to expect. The main reason so much has been moved since the last con. There is one panel I want to see and I am not quite certain where Rosemont A is located, I think it’s next to the Con Suite but I’ll have to ask when I get there. Still, plan on taking a ton of photos and a couple of videos. I know some expect me to do interviews, but really I don’t come to MFF to work…I at least try and have fun. I am bringing my 3DS hope to do a little Spot Passing, don’t laugh at Anime Midwest my 3DS shook hands with 24 others. Hope to drop a lot of ads for my blog today, once these are gone I got a new design I really want to use for the next batch, and these will include my Twitter and Instagram accounts