Furry Migration Sets Sept 8-10, 2023 for next event

Furry Migration welcome’s Kellic as their next conchair and what new and promise exciting things are in store for attendees at Fantasy Disco, September 8-10th 2023!

Knotty Works by Night Eyes Day Spring Now Avialble


‘Knotty Works’ is a collection of twelve gay erotic stories from NightEyes DaySpring. Sexy tales from the irreverent and silly to the serious and thought-provoking, each story offers a unique perspective on the slice of life narrative.

If you have a knot to take care of, a need to work out some kinks, or the open road calls to you, you’ll find something relatable inside. ‘Knotty Works’ is here to help you relax, ease the tension, and keep you entertained.


  • Foxing for Pizza
  • Making it Fit
  • Splatters
  • Loosening Up
  • Unknown Stains
  • The Fluffer
  • A Moment of Darkness
  • Unsatisfied
  • The Road to Midnight
  • Mile High
  • Loving You is Wrong
  • Silk and Sword

Was Midwest FurFest 2022 Dangerous?

I helped out with the above video, when Lumin City interviewed me, that is how I wound up featured in this video. But I feel like I have to say something. MFF is a BIG CONVENTION and not everyone sees or hear everything. In fact Lumin City had to research social media just to get the full story.

I think what furries should do about That Skybridge is what happens at the anime cons in those same locations. Take a water bottle of some kind with you, or when it really gets crowded and that is always later in the day. Walk along the sidewalks, and yes I know it’s cold. I live here.

Cold MFF improve things? YES I am not going to say what in this forum. But as a lot of us has been saying for years. They need to add ventilation to The Skybridge.