Furry Migration Sets Sept 8-10, 2023 for next event

Furry Migration welcome’s Kellic as their next conchair and what new and promise exciting things are in store for attendees at Fantasy Disco, September 8-10th 2023!

Furry Migration 2022 Totals

The numbers are curiosity of Wikifur

They had in 2022: 1559 attendees and had 351 fursuiters.

Meanwhile in 2021: 1132 attendees and 252 fursuiters.

Based upon this I would say they had record numbers

Furry Migration 2022

The site is up and registration is open for Furry Migration 2022 runs from September  9, 2022 to September 11, 2022.

You can register HERE

Furry Migration 2022 Registration Now Open

As you can see the standard perks, but they added a Minor Level

Will be see this at other cons? Only time will tell LINK

Fur Con News: Furry Migration Reg for 2022 Now Open

Giving themselves an entire year Early Registration is now open for Furry Migration

Membership Levels

All memberships include entry to Furry Migration convention for all days of the convention (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), pre-convention events, all programming (appropriate for your membership age level), and con suite. Sponsor and Super Sponsors Memberships include additional perks and benefits which will be announced soon!Registration Options*

  •  Standard Membership ($45.00)Furry Migration convention membership includes admission to Furry Migration for all days, access to the Consuite and other standard membership perks. And also fun. Lots of fun!
  •  Sponsor Membership ($100.00)You get everything the full membership gets sponsorship gifts, eternal gratitude of the convention staff,and additional perks that will be announced as we approach the convention!
  •  Super Sponsor Membership ($190.00)You get everything the sponsor membership also get additional gifts,perks, super sponsor meal, eternal gratitude of the convention staff, and even more additional perks that will be announced as we approach the convention.
  •  Minor Membership ($30.00)Furry Migration youth membership is for individuals under 18 years old on the day the convention starts. This membership includes admission to Furry Migration for all three days (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday), access to Consuite and other standard membership perks.
  •  Minor Sponsor Membership ($100.00)You get everything the youth membership gets eternal gratitude of the convention staff, and additional perks that will be announced as we approach the convention!
  •  Minor Super Sponsor Membership ($190.00)You get everything the youth sponsor membership gets eternal gratitude of the convention staff, and even more additional perks that will be announced as we approach the convention!

Although there are no discounts for registering this early, it does have one advantage. You will have it, no one can really say if Registration will be open an entire year. Also depending on the number sold, are they going to put a limit on later. Right now it’s just far to early to know.

Fur Con News: Furry Migration Official Photo, Further Confusion Picnic

Wow! 252 Fursuiters in our #MnFM2021 parade! Official photo below! Can you spot yourself? They also has 1132 attendees

Further Confusion’s Oct 3 Picnic

You can register HERE

But please take note of their COVID Policy

Fur Con News: ACFI New Logo, Furry Migration Registartion

Alamo City Furry Invasion@FurryInvasion
· Alamo City Furry Invasion now has its OFFICIAL Icon and Logo! Thanks to the innovative minds among the staff and @TattaDoodles, we managed to form a perfect representation of what ACFI is! We are ready to progress into the future with this new look on all our accounts!

Furry Migration A reminder to Pre-Registar and save $15

Fur Con News: 4 Fur Cons Set COVID-19 Policies

Furry Migration

Mask Mandate

With the increased risk of the Covid-19 Delta variant Furry Migration has revised its mask mandate for Furry Migration 2021.

Masks will be required while in convention space. This does not include public areas of the hotel or private rooms. While in public areas of the hotel, you will have to follow the hotel’s guidelines.

But you also MUST be vaccinated

Full details can be found HERE

Wild Times (Germany)

Wild Times 2021 Will Be For Fully Vaccinated-Only (UPDATE!)

After talks with the health department we got to the (unavoidable) conclusion that Wild Times 2021 can only be held for those who are fully vaccinated (with only very few exceptions possible e.g. for health reasons).

Please keep in mind that you will need to be tested the day you arrive ADDITIONALLY to showing proof of vaccination. We will announce our plans in this regards soon (after more talks with the health department).

If you want to attend Wild Times and don’t have a slot yet, please keep in mind that you need to be fully vaccinated by the start of Wild Times. If you are not sure what this means and/or have problems to count as “fully vaccinated” you can always message @Kerubia. He can also add you to the notification list for open slots for Wild Times!

Thank you for your understanding,
Wild Times Orga (and of course Weasel

Original post can be found here

Tails and Tornadoes Fur Con


Originally posted to their Telegram

Fur Con News: CanFURence, Furry Migration

CanFURence opens Room Block

Furry Migration is excited to have special guest Avian Invasion this year. Join us on mainstage for an energetic dance set that will surely get your tails moving, in addition to showing us behind the bird brain of music production panels. Make sure you arrive on time, 11pm on Saturday night, for the invasion of sound and music.

Announced on both Twitter and Telegram

Fur Con News: Furry Migration Update, Barktober is Coming

Furry Migration for it’s 2021 con is Requiring Attendees to be fully VACCINATED

Due to a few factors we have elected to change our requirement on vaccinations. To attend FM21 you will be required to show proof of vaccination or a recent negative test. For full info please see our updated covid safety page at https://www.furrymigration.org/fm2021-covid-safety/

Barktober is coming and those in the Seattle, WA USA are especially lucky as this is happening in their area.

Location of event Union Lake