A Book Review of Kindness Revolution by Vanessa Hill Millvele

A short book of 12 equally short poems

I may not be the most gifted and rhythmically inclined

Not saying they are Haiku, each of these poems are thought provoking, and dare I say, causes you to think. I know it’s odd that a book of poetry does that but Kindness Revolution actually succeeds.

Each little poem has it’s own thought and meaning.

They are very deep, and can recommend it to those who maybe are into poetry but is open to alternate views.

It’s gets a very solid 10 in my book, and best of all it’s free and can be found HERE

I think my cats a brat by Travis Brown

I think my cats a brat
I hate that stupid cat.
Its name is cricket
And I think of which at least
It isn’t scat.

I think my cats a brat
And I have a problem with that.
Cause it meows and meows
And I wish that how I could shut up that darn cat.

I think my cats a brat,
And I think I’m cool with that.
And I wish that I could at least tell a lie
But I like my bratty cat.

Dedicated to cricket, who Is a really old cat of mine who has been around almost as long as I have.